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Underwater Excellence Competition - September 2011

Runner-up - Martyn Guess

Martyn Guess
Martyn Guess

Martyn Guess is a  commercial property developer based in Dorking Surrey. He started diving over 25 years ago and has from school days had an avid interest in photography. His first forays into underwater photography were with a Nikonas film camera in Grand Cayman with Cathy Church but for many years has embraced the world of digital photography. And currently uses a Nikon D300 and Subal housing with twin Inon strobes

He is a good friend and former student of Martin Edge and has travelled the world with his 'model' wife Sue seeking out new underwater photo opportunities. A self-confessed warm water diver his ambition is to get into UK diving!

His images regularly appear in dive magazines and travel brochures including the current front cover of this competitions sponsors Divequest.

Martyn Guess
Nudibranch © Risbecia tryoni
Kima Bajo, Indonesia
Martyn Guess

In the last couple of years I have got into super macro and use Keri Wilks Sub sea magnifiers. I have also spent a lot of time with Snoots, firstly using my own version built from plumbing supplies from various DIY stores. I currently use a fibre optic snoot made by Ken Sullivan for Macro shots (myself and Martin Edge were Kens guinea pigs) and I love the moody and selective lighting that it is possible to achieve. This nudibranch was crawling over a rock raised from the sea bottom in Kima Bajo Sulawesi and this enabled me to get the front on and upward angle you can see. I also used a 10x magnifier with my Nikon 105mm lens not easy in a current when 7 out of 10 shots were completely black where the snoot lighting completely missed the subject. Patience is a virtue!!

Martyn Guess
Diver at Boo Windows
Misool, Raja Ampat
Martyn Guess

This is a very photogenic site but can be difficult in the surge and strong currents present. I have seen a lot of images from Boo and decided to try and do something a little different and have backlit the fan in the foreground. My wife Sue is the model and I still don't know how she managed to stay in the centre of the main window in the strong current while I stayed low and relatively protected. For some reason she completely ignored my signals to 'go round again'!

Martyn GuessPink Anemone with Anemonefish
Misool, Raja Ampat
Martyn Guess

I had never seen a pink anemone until I visited Raja Ampat. The vivid colour of the host and the extremely shy clown fish created a unique opportunity to achieve this image. Too much strobe light and the anemone burnt out, not enough and the fish detail would be lost. I spent a long time in a massive current achieving this result. A few meters away from this subject was a large white anemone with pink tips and a few meters further a bright yellow version - this area of the world really is amazing!

To see more of Martyn's images visit

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