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Winning Imaes by Paul Colley

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Underwater Excellence


First prize: BSoUP trophy


'Underwater Excellence' is a competition for a portoflio of three images, open to BSoUP members only.

As the name suggests we are looking for a variety of excellent images to include at least one wide-angle image and one macro/close-up. The images do not need to "work" together and do not need to be related. Images can be from around the world, or from a single location but must show a range of photographic techniques.

The competition is designed to replicate and help BSoUP members prepare for important international portfolio competitions, such as those at the Antibes Festival and Epson Red Sea competitions. At these events portfolios are judged and scored as sequences and photographers are rewarded for having a variety of excellent images in their entry.

All entries will be projected on the night.  The nominated judge will have seen them in advance and have chosen the winners.  At the meeting, the judge will explain the process and rationale for choosing the top three, why the next three didn't quite make it, and possibly select one or two other entries to comment on.  Not forgetting the desire to keep the audience involved, there will be an opportunity for questions.  Those present will still be able to see whether their favourite images were selected by the judge and, if not, hopefully understand more about why.

The judge’s comments on the winning images and any others shortlisted will be made available to Members only - after the meeting.

The winner will receive an acrylic trophy.

Winner 2019
Mark Drayton



Members of the British Society of Underwater Photographers and those who participate in the Society's competitions are expected to observe the Underwater Photographers Code of Conduct

1. All entries must have been taken underwater.

2. The entrant must be the photographer.

3. Swimming pool and aquarium shots are not eligible, unless specifically allowed in a special competition.

4. Images entered must not have come first, second or third in a national or international competition, such as the British and Irish Underwater Photography Championship, the St Abbs Splash-In, BSoUP/ Diver Print Competition, Image, U/W Photographer of the Year, Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Marine Conservation Society, Antibes festival of underwater images, etc. Within BSoUP competitions, images that have won any competition cannot be re-used in subsequent BSoUP competitions.  However, individual images in any BSoUP portfolio that did not win may be re-entered in Focus On. Similarly, individual images that haven’t previously won a Focus On competition may be entered as part of a subsequent portfolio. Bear in mind the judge may be looking for new images.

5. The competition is judged anonymously so please do not include your name on the image, but feel free to include your copyright information in the file metadata.

Competition Image Requirements

1. Entries must be digital and in JPG format. No PowerPoint or other formats will be accepted.

2. Images sizes must be

Maximum 1400 pixels wide and 1050 pixels high at 72 pixels/inch

Files which are not in this format will be disqualified. Larger images will be rejected by the server. Smaller images may not look sharp when projected.

See the 'Re-sizing Images for Competitions' for more details but please NOTE that individual image sizes given are for guidance only

3. As the image will be projected, it is advisable to convert it to sRGB, which is a better profile for projections.

4. File names should include the entrant's name (e.g. John_Smith_1.jpg, John Smith_2.jpg, John Smith_3.jpg). Please capitalise the first letter of your given and family names as this is how your name will appear as a caption in the Competition Slideshow Archive. Please DO NOT include the subject or any other details except your name in the image file name.

Competition Entries

1. All entries for competitions at the monthly BSoUP meetings must be received by 10 p.m. on the Sunday 9 days before the event.

2. Images must be submitted to on the BSoUP website


Copyright of all images submitted remains with the photographer. BSoUP reserves the right to use the winning images on its website, in its magazine 'in focus' and in press releases in connection with the 'Focus on'' competition. Any such images will be credited to the photographer.


2019 Mark Drayton

2018 Susannah H. Snowden-Smith

2017 Pedro Vieyra

2016 Nicholas More

2015 Martyn Guess

2014 Joe Daniels

2013 Martyn Guess

2012 Trevor Rees

2011 Jane Morgan

2010 Joss Woolf

2009 Ross Gudgeon

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