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Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition 2006

Swimming for life
Highly commended - The Underwater World
Willem Kolvoort
The Netherlands

Swimming for life - Willem Kolvoort

This newly hatched green turtle on Aldabra Island, in the Seychelles, had a bleak outlook. Even if it had managed to climb out of the pit it was stuck in, it would then have had to scramble over a sand ridge and cross a wide beach before facing sharks in the shallows. But when the weary turtle was rescued from its hole and released into the sea, it seemed to perk up. 'I swam out with it, beyond the blacktip reef sharks I was photographing,' says Willem. Following the baby turtle into deeper water, he took lots of pictures of it using a fisheye lens, 'and then watched it disappear into the blue beyond'.

Nikon D70 with 10.5mm fisheye lens; 1/800 sec at f14; 200 ISO; Seacam housing.

The Natural History Museum’s Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition is open to the public from Saturday 21 October 2006 – Sunday 29 April 2007.

The Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition is owned by the Natural History Museum and BBC Wildlife Magazine, and is sponsored by Shell.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year

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