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Videos are arranged in chronological order by date posted to YouTube or Vimeo - most recent first. All may be viewed full screen by clicking on the enlarge button. Not all are HD and pixellate when viewed full screen

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Basking Sharks - Land's End

Basking Sharks - Land's End - 2012

by Charles Hood

A short compilation of video clips of basking sharks which he shot whilst testing a video mask. All the images were shot on one day this month.

2.09 mins - August 2012

First Place Video Snapshot: Jo Horrocks - Moray Ballet
from NCUPS on Vimeo.

Moray ballet

by Jo Horrocks

This video snapshot of Moray eels won the Northern California Underwater Photographic Society Video (NCUPS) Video Snapshots category.

0:18 mins - March 2012

Second Place Video Snapshot: Jo Horrocks - Mischievous Seal from NCUPS on Vimeo

Mischievous Seal

by Jo Horrocks

This video snapshot of a grey seal came second in the Northern California Underwater Photographic Society Video (NCUPS) Video Snapshots category.

0:19 mins - March 2012


In search of Scottish Baskers

by Jo Horrocks

This was my first diving trip to Scotland. We were accompanying Alex Mustard on one of his 2020 Vision photographic assignments to the Inner Hebrides ( ), with the aim of photographing Basking Sharks. This short film is a trip report of how it went. Nature being nature does not appear to order. The scenery and wildlife of the islands was stunning and the week was topped by the appearance of the Basking Sharks. Definitely somewhere I want to dive again in the future.

7:15 mins - Sunday 19th February, 2012

Fish feeding in Great Ouse

by Tony Rood

GoPro pinhole video shots of fish feeding in the Great Ouse.

1:23 mins - 29 September 2010

Dolphins swim past

by Peter Rowlands

Dolphins swim past Alex Mustard in the Red Sea.

0:12 mins - 17 August 2010

Lemon Shark swimming past

by Peter Rowlands

Lemon Shark swimming past in the Bahamas

0:10 mins - 17 August 2010

Manatee in Crystal River

by Peter Rowlands

A manatee in Crystal River appreciating a tummy rub

0:45 mins - 17 August 2010

Grey seals on Lundy Island

by Peter Rowlands

Grey seals on Lundy Island in the Bristol Channel, England filmed with a Greenwater Magic Filter in July 2010

1:44 mins - 17 August 2010

Sharks in Focus 09: Sharks and Rays

by Jo Horrocks

Short clips of some of the sharks and rays I've seen over the last 2 years, showing the ease at which they move around in their environment. Location: Borneo and Egyptian Red Sea.

1:00 mins - 10 October 2009


Sharks in Focus 09: Leopard Shark Resting

by Jo Horrocks

Leopard Shark (Stegostoma fasciatum) resting on the bottom. We were about to do our safety stop and saw this guy on the bottom, we watched him for 10 minutes before he decided to leave us. Late back again...oops!!

0:53 mins - 10 September 2009

Exploding lobster

by Peter Rowlands

A lobster in UK waters explodes in front of our very eyes

0:25 mins - 23 February 2008

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