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BSoUP's Theme Portfolio Competition 2012

My Winning Theme Portfolio

By Keith Lyall

Keith Lyall's Winning Theme Portfolio 2008

The theme for my portfolio this year was Seals. These creatures are always a popular subject with divers due to their characteristic playfulness and are a joy to photograph.
All images were taken when diving Lundy Island off the North Devon Coast. During my last trip in 2011 there were no images that initially jumped out as particularly pleasing; however reviewing my images at a later date, and with the help of Jo, we identified a series of images that had the possibility of working as a portfolio. Previously I have made the mistake of including "complex" images; I now go for high impact easily recognisable subjects as the view time is limited when the portfolio is presented to the voting audience.

I started the portfolio with the top centre image - the combination of sunbeams and surface reflections drew me to this shot and epitomised the graceful lines of the seal in its natural environment. The top left and right images worked in terms of symmetry and colour. Similarly the bottom left and right images balanced in terms of colour. In all cases the corner images were positioned with the seals looking towards the centre to direct the viewers focus into the portfolio. As always the last image was the hardest to choose. As the original shot was against a darkened background I thought this would work without a frame and give a slightly different look to the portfolio without being excessively different.

On the evening, looking at the other portfolios I thought mine did have a change of a top 6 placing and when it was not mentioned up to position 2 I already thought "Oh well next year perhaps". When it was voted as the top portfolio on the evening I was gobsmacked but delighted at the same time, particularly as this category has been won by other underwater photographers whose work I have admired and aspired to over the past few years.
Images were taken either with a Canon 20D in an Ikelite Housing or Nikon D300 in a Subal housing with twin Inon D240 strobes. Images were shot in RAW with Lightroom processing where appropriate. All shots were taken in 2 metres of water using a combination of natural light and strobes. 

Camera Settings, clockwise from top left:
1. Canon 20D + 10-22mm @ 21mm, 1/320 @ f4.5, ISO 400
2. Nikon D300 + 10-17mm FE @15mm, 1/200 @ f8.0, ISO 200
3. Canon 20D + 10-22mm @ 21mm, 1/320 @ f4.5, ISO 400
4. Nikon D300 + 10-17mm FE @15mm, 1/160 @ f6.3, ISO 200
5. Nikon D300 + 10-17mm FE @17mm, 1/200 @ f6.3, ISO 200
6. Nikon D300 + 10-17mm FE @17mm, 1/100 @ f5.0, ISO 200

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