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BSoUP's Theme Portfolio Competition 2010

My Winning Theme Portfolio

By Martyn Guess

Arthur Kingdons' Winning Theme Portfolio 2008

My Portfolio

by Martyn Guess

My theme for this portfolio was sunbeams.

All the images were taken at St Johns and Dangerous Reefs in the southern Red Sea last year on a Photo trip with Martin Edge. The diver in the three bottom shots is my wife Sue who has become a really good underwater model and can follow my erratic hand signals!

To get the best sunbeams the shots were taken around midday. We stayed at the sites for 2.5 days and I dived probably 7or 8 times so I got to know the various caves well and where the best sunbeams were likely to be.

I use a Subal housing for my Nikon D300 with twin Inon Strobes. The lens used was the Tokina 10-17mm. I used an ISO of 400 in the darker caves and combined this with relatively slow shutter speeds to maximise the impact of the sunbeams in the darker caves. In the cave with diver shots I used a smaller aperture to get the blue of the background sea correct.

The images are pretty much what came out of the camera with a little levels and curves adjustment in Photoshop CS3 having first selected the images and converted the raw files and sharpened the images in Lightroom 2

From left to right across the top of the portfolio:

Image 1 ISO 400 1/20th at F6.7  lens at 10mm

Image 2 ISO 400 1/15th at F8  lens at 13mm

Image 3 ISO 400 1/20th at F6.7  lens at 10mm

Image 4 ISO 200 1/90th at F6.7 lens at 14mm

Image 5 ISO 400  1/30th at f6.7 lens at 13mm

Image 6 ISO 200 1/125th at F8 lens at 14mm

"I was delighted to win the Theme portfolio competition this year having come 5th last year and 4th in 2007".

Martyn specialises in underwater photography although he is also a keen landscape and animal photographer too. He has been diving for over 15 years and has taken photographs underwater since 1997.

He is a Martin Edge student and has been on many photoquest trips with Martin to some exotic locations around the world.

Based in Dorking Surrey Martyn is a property developer. Due to tough market conditions over the last 2 years I have found myself with more time on my hands to search through images taken on my various trips and to build my website and plan the next diving trip.

To see more of Martyns images please visit

BSoUP Theme Portfolio Competition

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2013 Martyn Guess

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