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BSoUP's Theme Portfolio Competition 2007

Fifth: Sam Bean

1. JP Trenque
2. Shannon Conway
3. Alex Mustard
4. Martyn Guess
5=. Sam Bean
5=. Jane Morgan
Sam bean's Theme Portfolio


by Sam Bean

All images were taken with Nikon D70 camera in a Sea and Sea housing. 

Bohar snappers by Sam Bean The Bohar snappers were captured in the Red Sea using a 60mm lens, 1/125s at f8.
Pyjama nudibranchs by Sam Bean The pyjama nudibranchs were from Sipadan and were captured using a 105mm lens at 1/60s f18.
Cardinal fish by Sam Bean The cardinal fish were taken in the Red Sea using a 60mm lens, 1/20s at f36.
Masked butterflyfish by Sam Bean The masked butterflyfish were also from the Red Sea and were captured using a 20mm lens at 1/125s, f11.
Anemone fish by Sam bean The image of anemone fish was taken in Sipadan using a 105mm lens, 1/60s at f20.
Bannerfish by Sam Bean The bannerfish were captured in the Red Sea using a 105mm lens at 1/320s and f10.

BSoUP Theme Portfolio Competition

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