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BSoUP's Theme Portfolio Competition 2007

Fourth: Martyn Guess

1. JP Trenque
2. Shannon Conway
3. Alex Mustard
4. Martyn Guess
5=. Sam Bean
5=. Jane Morgan
Martyn Guess' Theme Portfolio

Discovery - Red Sea wrecks

by Martyn Guess

Martyn Guess All but one of the photographs in my portfolio were shot last year on a Martin Edge trip to the Red Sea. We had the opportunity of diving extensively on  three classic wrecks, The Carnatic, Ghiannis D and Chrisoula K - basically one day for each which meant that we could photograph the same wreck in different light. Perhaps most importantly we knew from our first dive on each wreck what we wanted to photograph next and could plan how to take the shots for each subsequent dive. There is something about wreck diving, the mystique, the history, the sadness - for me wrecks symbolise the under water world.
Carnatic by Martyn Guess

The Carnatic - the diver in the background is my wife Sue. Fuji S2 Pro Subal housing, 10.5 fisheye, magic filter, 1/30 @F9.5 ISO 400, natural light

Carnatic by Martyn Guess

Carnatic - Fuji S2 Pro 1/45 @f11 ISO 400 10.5 fisheye natural light

Carnatic and diver by Martyn Guess

Carnatic and my wife Sue with glass fish. - Fuji S2 Pro 1/45 F8 ISO 100, 10.5 fish eye .twin Inon's on manual to light the foreground

Ghiannis D by Martyn Guess

Ghiannis D - the diver is Sylvia Edge. Fuji S2 Pro 1/30 @F9.5 ISO 400 10.5 fish eye  natural light

Tug boat by Martyn Guess

Tug boat, Abu Galawa - with divers from Hurricane  - Fuji S2 Pro 1/90 @F8 ISO 100 10.5 fisheye natural light

Chrisoula K by Martyn Guess

The Propeller of the Chrisoula K with my hard working model Sue in the background. Fuji S2 Pro1/60 F8 ISO 100, 10.5 fisheye and twin Inon's to light the prop.

BSoUP Theme Portfolio Competition

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