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BSoUP's Theme Portfolio Competition 1997

Winner - Anne Owen

by Brian Pitkin

At our June meeting there was a theme portfolio competition to celebrate the International Year of the Reef.

All underwater photographers, whether members of the Society or not, were invited to submit a portfolio of six slides taken on reefs anywhere in the world.

The only constraints were that the photographs submitted should not have won first, second or third place in a national or international competition and that the photographs has to have been taken underwater by the photographer.

This year's winner was ANNE OWEN. Anne joined the BSAC in 1969 and has been diving ever since! For many years she was involved in Branch diving and in the Instructor circuit, qualifying as a First Class diver in 1979 and a National Instructor in 1986. Nowadays, however Anne really dives purely for pleasure, especially since she became really interested in photography.

Since 1990 Anne has made a lot of overseas trips, firstly to the Caribbean and Red Sea and more recently to the Pacific, including Palau, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Cocos and of course, Galapagos. Her husband, David dives with Anne, though not to take photographs (he's brilliant at finding critters!) and for several years they have travelled with the american underwater photographer, Stephen Frink. Anne learned a lot from Steve, including how to hanker after ever more exotic kit, unfortunately. Anne said "he's a great guy to dive with"

Anne uses a Nikonos V, usually with either the 20mm or 15 mm lenses for wide-angle stuff, and an RS with the 50mm lens for close up and macro work. She uses two SB103 strobes with the RS, and almost invariably all the electronic wizardry that Nikon pack in. After all, Anne thinks that once you've done all the work of hiking round the world, getting under water, finding your critter and getting it framed - you deserve to get a picture! She greatly respects those who can get great images with manually controlled kit. As to film Anne always uses Velvia for macro and close up work, and Sensia 100 for wide-angle.

Anne called her portfolio 'Home, Home on the Reef' and used the theme of animals in their hideaways. Most of the pictures were taken in Fiji's Bega Lagoon, which has some of the best macro subjects she has ever seen. In fact, the long-nosed hawkfish and the shrimp on bubble coral were actually taken within a few frames of each other on the same dive!

Anne's personal overall favourite is the tiny goby peeping out from his coral fortress. This was taken in Kimbe Bay, PNG. Anne only had once chance - as soon as the strobes fired he was gone.

Anne very much enjoys the BSoUP meetings and was very excited to win the Theme Portfolio trophy on her first attempt.

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