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The British Splash-In Championship - 2010

Organised by the British Society of Underwater Photographers

Mount Batten, Plymouth, Devon on Saturday 3rd July 2010

Sponsored by


Diving in Plymouth

Sport Diver
AP Valves
Ocean Visions
New Holland

The British Splash-In Championship - 2010, organised by the British Society of Underwater Photographers (BSoUP), will take place on Saturday 3rd July at Mount Batten, Plymouth, Devon. All underwater photographers are invited to participate, whether they are members of BSoUP or not.

Prizes, trophies and individual awards will be presented for winning images in each category as judged by the audience present (see below for full details). In addition, a grand prize will be awarded by an independent panel of judges for the image selected as the best taken in local waters.

Viewing and judging of the images entered will take place at the Hotel Mount Batten on the Saturday night.  Instead of a barbeque as we have had in recent years the Hotel will be putting on a substantial buffet for us.


If you want to participate in the Buffet on Saturday evening please register your intention to attend by Wednesday 23rd June latest (sooner if possible). If you have not registered in advance we cannot guarantee Buffet tickets.

If you want to take part in the Splash-In, but do not want the Buffet, you may register on 2 or 3 July, although we would prefer you to register in advance.
Please register by one of the following methods:

registering online

emailing with a completed entry form

sending an entry form by post to Martha Tressler at the address on the entry form


Download either On-the-Day.doc OR On-the-Day.pdf


There are four categories:- Close-Up, Wide-Angle, Animal Portrait and Humorous.
A maximum one entry per category is allowed.

Images entered in the Close-Up, Wide-Angle and Animal Portrait categories will also be entered in the overall competition for the grand prize to be chosen by a panel of judges.

Splash-In category definitions

1. Close-Up - photograph taken of an area in front of the camera A4 size or less.
2. Wide-Angle - photograph taken of an area in front of the camera greater than A4 size.
3. Animal Portrait - photograph in which a fish or other marine animal is the main focus of the image.
4. Humorous - any form of image manipulation including composite images (several images joined together) is allowed as long as all of the components were taken in the sea.


In addition awards will be made to the Best Beginner in each category, and to an overall Best Beginner as selected by the audience. A beginner is defined as someone who has not come first, second or third in a national or international competition, such as BSoUP's Open and Beginners Portfolio Competitions, BSoUP or St Abbs splash-ins, Image, BUIF, U/W Photographer of the Year, Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Marine Conservation Society etc.  Please identify yourself on the entry form if you qualify.

1. Each competitor must be at the Hotel Mount Batten in the bar between 8.30 -10.00 pm on Friday 2 July to enter and pay their entrance fee, demonstrate that their memory card is empty and take a photograph of the numbered BSoUP identification card(s). If a competitor cannot arrive on Friday night and wishes to enter on Saturday morning this can be arranged but must be specially requested in advance.

2. Competitors may take as many images as they wish, as long as they are on memory cards, which have been registered (more than one memory card may be used). Images may be taken in any format but entries must be entered in JPEG format (see 5 below for more details).

3. Competitors must hand in their chosen images in on Saturday afternoon between 16:30 and 18:00 in the Hotel Mount Batten bar. NO IMAGES WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER 18:00.  Images may be downloaded to the competitor's own computer to check quality, and to perform any whole image optimisation as defined below, prior to downloading to BSoUP's computer.

4. MINIMAL digital manipulation using sharpening, colour correction, brightness and contrast adjustment may be made to the whole image ONLY except in the Humorous category (see below). No cropping is allowed. The BSoUP committee members present at the event reserve the right to examine the original untouched image. Their opinion as to whether an image submitted for the competition is eligible will be final. In addition, the judges for the grand prize also reserve the right to examine the untouched images on their shortlist to determine whether the amount of postproduction affects their choice.

5. Images should be submitted in JPEG format in the same size and resolution as they were taken - no change to size or resolution should be made. File names should comprise the category, competitor number and photographer's name, e.g. WA_15_JoeBloggs.jpg, CU_15_JoeBloggs.jpg, etc.  If downloaded straight from a card, they will be renamed and rotated as applicable in Photoshop by the organisers.

6. Original, unchanged images must be kept on the card and the card brought to the evening event.  For all winning and runner-up images, including Best Beginners, the original, unchanged image will be downloaded by the organisers at the end of the evening to ensure that they were taken on the competition day and have not been changed other than as allowed by the rules.

7. Submitted entries will be projected later in the evening at the Hotel Mount Batten and judged by the audience present. At the same time the winner of the grand prize will be chosen from all entries in the Close-Up, Wide-Angle and Animal Portrait categories by an independent panel of judges.

8. BSoUP reserves the right to publish winning images both in the society magazine and on the website. Winning images may also be used in future promotional material such as magazine publications for the event royalty free, but copyright remains with the photographer.

9. The organisers' decision on any matters arising from these rules shall be final.

A total of 4 trophies and 11 individual awards will be awarded.

1. All entries in the Close-Up, Wide-Angle and Animal Portrait competition categories will be eligible for the grand prize of a 7-day liveboard holiday for two in the Maldives (exclusive of flights and taxes) courtesy of Maldives Scuba Tours, which will be selected by an independent panel of judges.

2. The winning Close-Up image will receive the Sport Diver Trophy and an Olympus Mju Tough 8010 marine camera courtesy of Olympus UK.

3. The winning Wide-Angle image will receive the Alan James Digital Image Trophy and a Mju Tough 8010 marine camera courtesy of Olympus UK.

4. The winning Animal Portrait image will receive the BSoUP Trophy and a Mju Tough 8010 marine camera courtesy of Olympus UK.

5. The runner-up in the above three categories will receive a copy of the 2009 edition of Dive Atlas of the World by Jack Jackson, donated by New Holland Publishers.

6. The winning Humorous image will receive the AP Valves Trophy and a Buddy BCD donated by AP Valves

7. The overall Best Beginner will receive a choice of a canvas print of one of their images or a free place on a one-day course run by Maria Munn of Ocean Visions.

8.. The best beginner in each category will receive a copy of the book ‘Underwater Photography for Compact Camera Users’ by Maria Munn, donated Maria Munn

Sponsorship for running costs of the competition is being provided by Sport Diver magazine 


1. The winner of the grand prize will receive an acrylic trophy.

2. The winner and runner-up in each category, excluding Humorous, will receive individual acrylic trophies.

3. The winner of the Humorous category will receive an individual acrylic trophy. 

4.  The Best Beginner in each of the Close-Up, Wide Angle and Animal Portrait categories, and the overall Best Beginner will receive individual acrylic trophies.


Wednesday 23rd June

Deadline for voluntary advance registration for the Splash-In.

Deadline to book Saturday evening Buffet meal tickets.

Friday 2nd July


Participants register their digital cards in the Hotel Mount Batten bar.

Saturday 3rd July


Digital entries at Hotel Mount Batten


Buffet meal


Projection of images and judging at Hotel Mount Batten


Announcement of results and presentations of prizes


The Society would be pleased to hear from any member or guest who will be at Mount Batten on the day of the competition and would be willing to help in any way. Volunteers are required to hand out voting slips, count votes, answer enquiries etc. Please contact any committee member if you would be willing to help your Society on this busy weekend.

All participants are reminded that diving safety is their responsibility. BSoUP recommend that all diving be carried out in accordance with currently accepted codes of practice. BSoUP cannot accept liability for any incident arising from the event.
If you are diving in Plymouth Sound you should use a Surface Marker Buoy at all times.

BSoUP extends its thanks to Maldives Scuba Tours, Olympus UK, AP Valves, Ocean Visions, New Holland Publishers and Sport Diver.

BSoUP also extend its thanks to Alan James Photography, Sport Diver and AP Valves who have each provided trophies for the competition.


BSoUP's Splash-in Competition Winners

Digital (overall and category winners)

2014 Overall Winner - Cathy Lewis Mankind in the Sea - Terry Griffiths Marine Life - Cathy Lewis
  Best Compact - Colin Whyte    
2013 Overall Winner - Dan Bolt Mankind in the Sea - Dan Bolt Marine Life - Alex Tatttersall
  Best Compact - Paula Bailey Reflections - Dan Bolt  
2012 Overall Winner - Tim Priest Mankind in the Sea - Charles Erb  
  Best Compact - Paula Bailey Crustacea - Rob White  
2011 Overall Winner - Dan Bolt Mankind in the Sea - Derek Haslam Abstract - Rob Cuss
    Marine Life - Dan Bolt  
  Best Compact - Colin Yule Compact - Mankind in the Sea - Martin Rishton Compact - Abstract - Mark Brooke
2010 Overall Winner - Charles Erb Close-up - Julie Kaye Animal Portraits - Cathy Lewis
    Wide-angle - Martin Davies  
2009   Close-up - Rick Ayrton Animal Portraits - Jim Garland
    Wide-angle - Neil Skilling  
2008   Close-up - Cathy Lewis Animal Portraits - Helen Wehner
    Wide-angle - Charles Erb  
2007   Wide-angle - Arthur Kingdon Fish - Alan James
    Close-up - Alan James  

Film & Digital (overall & category winners)

2006 Overall Winner - Dave Peake Film Wide-angle - Martin Davies Film Close-up - Jan Maloney
    Digital Wide-angle - Trevor Rees Digital Close-up - Alan James
2005   Film Wide-angle - Martin Davies Film Close-up - Jean Manson
    Digital Wide-angle - Charles Erb Digital Close-up - Charles Erb

Film (category winners)

2004 Macro - Cathy Lewis Wide-angle - Dave Peake Fish - Peter Ladell
2003 Macro - David Stevens Wide-angle - Dave Peake Fish - Peter Hewitt
2002 Macro - Ken Sullivan Wide-angle - Len Deeley Fish - Bill Hewitt
2001 Macro - Tom Cowan Wide-angle - Guy Middleton  

Film (overall winners, no categories)
  2000 Ken Sullivan 1991 Kevin Cullimore 1982 Peter Salmon
  1999 Derek Haslam 1990 Kevin Cullimore 1981 Warren Williams
  1998 Pat Morrisey 1989 Paul Clark 1980 David McBride
  1997 Peter Tatton 1988 Peter Rowlands 1979 Warren Williams
  1996 Linda Pitkin 1987 Warren Williams 1978 Dave Nance
  1995 Dave Nardini 1986 Peter Scoones 1977 Geoff Harwood
  1994 Dave Peake 1985 Kevin Cullimore 1976
  1993 Brian Pitkin 1984 Les Kemp 1975
  1992 John Souness 1983 Peter Hewitt 1974 Warren Williams

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