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The British Splash-in Championship - 2007

Organised by the British Society of Underwater Photographers in association with the National Marine Aquarium 

Mount Batten Centre and the National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth, Devon Saturday 7 July 2007




Entries for the Print Competition must be sent by post to Mike Russell at the address on the entry form to arrive no later than Wednesday 23 May 2007. They may also be brought to the May BSoUP meeting on Wednesday 16 May 2007. The Print Competition will be on display at the National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth from 16 June, for judging by Aquarium visitors (see below for more details).


Entry forms may be downloaded as an Adobe PDF file


OR they are available from: 


As last year we have teamed up with Plymouth's National Marine Aquarium to stage a major, four-week exhibition and competition, opening on 16 June. The prints entered into the competition will be displayed at the Aquarium and judged by the many members of the public who visit there from 16 June to 7 July, and will then remain on display until 14 July (with the photographer's name added to the display for this last week).

This year only one copy of each print is required.

There are three categories in the Print Competition:

British and Irish (images taken in UK and Irish waters)

Overseas (images taken in overseas waters)

Advanced (images taken underwater anywhere in the world)

Advanced competititors must enter that category (see below); all others may enter the British and Irish and the Overseas categories.

The Advanced category is for anyone who has:

won a major national or international underwater photographic competition such as BSoUP’s Open Portfolio competition, Antibes, BUIF, U/W Photographer of the Year or Wildlife Photographer of the Year

takes or has taken underwater photographs for a living

or is otherwise significantly involved in commercial underwater photography.

Anyone who is uncertain whether they qualify as Advanced should consult the BSoUP Committee whose decision is final.

The competition is being staged in association with The Wildlife Trusts, which is seeking an image for its Marine Bill campaign. The current face of the campaign is Paul Naylor’s well known tompot
blenny, and they are looking for an equally striking image to take forward the campaign in 2007-08. The purpose of the campaign is to ensure that the Marine Bill (to be drafted by Government later this
year) contains strong and effective measures to protect marine habitats and wildlife, including a suite of Marine Reserves. The photographer of the image(s) selected (in either the British and Irish category or the Advanced category) will be asked to allow his/ her image to be used for purposes of the campaign.


1. Images entered must not have come first, second or third in a national or international competition, such as BSoUP's Open Portfolio or Beginners' Portfolio Competitions or the BSoUP or St Abbs splash-ins, BUIF, BSAC Travel Club, U/W Photographer of the Year, Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Marine Conservation Society etc.

2. All images must have been taken within the three years prior to Saturday 7 July 2007.

3. One copy of each print should be supplied, unmounted, and will be mounted by BSoUP. Please note that when the print is mounted approximately 5 mm will be lost on each edge so a border of 3-4mm should be provided.

4. Prints (including borders) must either be A4 size or 7” by 10”.  No other sizes will be accepted.

5. Prints shall be genuine underwater photographs i.e. not from outside a fish tank.

6. The entrant must be the photographer.

7. A maximum of three prints may be submitted per entrant, two in any one category (three in the Advanced category).

8. Prints will not be returned.

9. On the reverse of each print along one edge you must put an arrow clearly showing which direction is up.  Do not write anything else directly on the reverse of the prints.

10. Attach a post it note or a piece of paper using a small piece of sellotape to the reverse of each print with  the entrant’s full name and an identifying number 1 to 3.

11. In addition, a single piece of paper must accompany the prints, headed with the entrant’s full name, and containing for each print (using the identifying number referred to above) the category it is entered in, the subject, the location taken and the camera used.

12. All entries must be sent to Mike Russell, 69 Moffats Lane, Brookmans Park, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, AL9 7RT with a completed entry form to arrive no later than Wednesday 23 May 2007. Entries may also be brought to the May BSoUP meeting on Wednesday 16 May. Payment must accompany entries.

13. The entries will be on display at the National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth from 16 June, for judging by Aquarium visitors. Entries will also be judged by the participants in the Splash-in and other attendees at the Saturday evening event at the Aquarium on the day of the Splash-in competition.

14. BSoUP reserves the right to publish winning images both in the society magazine and on the website. Winning images may also be used in future promotional material for the event royalty free, but copyright remains with the photographer. BSoUP may ask for a digital or slide version of the image to be provided.

15. A maximum of 140 prints can be displayed at the Aquarium.  The committee reserves the right to pre-select images for display if more entries are received than can be displayed.

16. The organisers' decision on any matters arising from these rules shall be final.


A total of 3 trophies and 7 individual awards will be awarded.

The winning Overseas Print will receive the Alan James Photography Print Trophy, a £250 voucher to spend at Cameras Underwater, and a year's family membership to the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth.

The winning British and Irish Print will receive the Ocean Optics Trophy, a £250 voucher to spend at Ocean Optics Ltd, and a year's family membership to the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth.

The winning Advanced Print will receive the Greenaway Marine Trophy, an Olympus SP-550 digital camera donated by Olympus and a year's family membership to the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth.

The winner and runner-up in each category will receive individual acrylic trophies.

The runner-up in each category will receive a book kindly donated by Edge Underwater Photography or by Ultimate Sports.


BSoUP's Splash-in Competition Winners

Digital (overall and category winners)

2014 Overall Winner - Cathy Lewis Mankind in the Sea - Terry Griffiths Marine Life - Cathy Lewis
  Best Compact - Colin Whyte    
2013 Overall Winner - Dan Bolt Mankind in the Sea - Dan Bolt Marine Life - Alex Tatttersall
  Best Compact - Paula Bailey Reflections - Dan Bolt  
2012 Overall Winner - Tim Priest Mankind in the Sea - Charles Erb  
  Best Compact - Paula Bailey Crustacea - Rob White  
2011 Overall Winner - Dan Bolt Mankind in the Sea - Derek Haslam Abstract - Rob Cuss
    Marine Life - Dan Bolt  
  Best Compact - Colin Yule Compact - Mankind in the Sea - Martin Rishton Compact - Abstract - Mark Brooke
2010 Overall Winner - Charles Erb Close-up - Julie Kaye Animal Portraits - Cathy Lewis
    Wide-angle - Martin Davies  
2009   Close-up - Rick Ayrton Animal Portraits - Jim Garland
    Wide-angle - Neil Skilling  
2008   Close-up - Cathy Lewis Animal Portraits - Helen Wehner
    Wide-angle - Charles Erb  
2007   Wide-angle - Arthur Kingdon Fish - Alan James
    Close-up - Alan James  

Film & Digital (overall & category winners)

2006 Overall Winner - Dave Peake Film Wide-angle - Martin Davies Film Close-up - Jan Maloney
    Digital Wide-angle - Trevor Rees Digital Close-up - Alan James
2005   Film Wide-angle - Martin Davies Film Close-up - Jean Manson
    Digital Wide-angle - Charles Erb Digital Close-up - Charles Erb

Film (category winners)

2004 Macro - Cathy Lewis Wide-angle - Dave Peake Fish - Peter Ladell
2003 Macro - David Stevens Wide-angle - Dave Peake Fish - Peter Hewitt
2002 Macro - Ken Sullivan Wide-angle - Len Deeley Fish - Bill Hewitt
2001 Macro - Tom Cowan Wide-angle - Guy Middleton  

Film (overall winners, no categories)
  2000 Ken Sullivan 1991 Kevin Cullimore 1982 Peter Salmon
  1999 Derek Haslam 1990 Kevin Cullimore 1981 Warren Williams
  1998 Pat Morrisey 1989 Paul Clark 1980 David McBride
  1997 Peter Tatton 1988 Peter Rowlands 1979 Warren Williams
  1996 Linda Pitkin 1987 Warren Williams 1978 Dave Nance
  1995 Dave Nardini 1986 Peter Scoones 1977 Geoff Harwood
  1994 Dave Peake 1985 Kevin Cullimore 1976
  1993 Brian Pitkin 1984 Les Kemp 1975
  1992 John Souness 1983 Peter Hewitt 1974 Warren Williams

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