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BSoUP's Splash-in Competition 1984

by Brian Pitkin

Reproduced from in focus 4 (June 1984)

Participants in the 'On the Day' section of our Annual Underwater Photographic Competition at Fort Bovisand were taken by surprise this year. Instead of the usual poor to appalling conditions, the sky was blue, the sea flat calm and the visibility in excess of 10m.

A record fifty-nine underwater Photographers collected a roll of 64 or 200A. SA Ektachrome from the reception area in the morning and set off either by boat or fin to dive on sites as far away as the Eddystone Lighthouse or the James Eagan Lane or just plopped over the harbour wall. Once on site they set about taking some hopefully winning shots for projection and judging that evening.

Above: Humphead wrasse by David George, which won the Black and White prints section.

Above: Yolande by David George, which came second in the Black and White prints section.

Whilst the Plymouth waters resounded with .he clicking of shutters, the entries for the black and white and colour sections were on display for the general public to admire and, if they chose to, vote for their favourite three in each section. The choice, particularly amongst the colour was difficult, as the overall standard was very high.

The unusually good visibility had encouraged many participants to try something completely different in order to win the award for the Best Contrived / Humorous / Novelty shot. I saw everything from chests of gold, to swords, microchips and sunglasses hauled furtively out of cars and into dive bags to be taken surreptitiously beneath the mirror surface of the sea to play the star role in some photographers fantasy. The more serious minded concentrated on scenery or the wealth of marine life, such as jellyfish, wrasse, sea hares, ton riot blennies or crabs which had turned un for the competition right on cue.

At the end of the afternoon all but three of the exposed films had been handed back for processing and people dispersed to sunbathe, eat and drink whilst the volunteers in the dark room worked flat out.

Above: Snorkeller by David George, which came third in the Black and White prints category.

Above: David George receiving the Ocean Optics Trophy for the best Black and White Print from Ian Irvine, BS-AC Chairman

The processed films, comprising nearly 2,000 images, were returned to their respective owners along with two slide mounts each, in which to mount their best shots. and what shots they were! Eighty-two slides with subjects as diverse as wrecks, seascapes and close-ups of marine life were submitted for projection in hope of winning the coveted BSoUP Trophy for the Best 'On the Day' slide. The audience present, some 150 people, were invited to vote for their favourite three slides and the slide they considered to be the Best Contrived. Whilst the votes were counted the bar filled up and did some very brisk business.

The new BSAC Chairman, IAN IRVINE who took part in the competition (as MIKE GLOVER's buddy and model) volunteered to present the prizes to the winners.

Above: Seascape by Linda Pitkin. The original won the Colour Prints category

Above: Moray eel by Jimmy Wilmot, which came second in the Colour Prints category.

Each competitor in the black and white and colour print sections had been allowed a maxim, of three prints per section. DAVID GEORGE's black and white entries took first, second and third place! The winning shot (Front cover) was a Humphead Wrasse. The wreck of the Yolande and a diver over soft coral against a sunlit sea were the subjects of David's other two winners (also reproduced in this issue). David won the Ocean Optics Trophy plus a five-day holiday at Fort Bovisand, a close up lens and a Nikonos service, a year's subscription to Sub Aqua Scene and a BSoUP Sweat Shirt.

Above: Blue spotted ray and grouper by George Ristich, which came third in the Colour Prints category.

Above: Ian Irvine presents a medal to George Ristich for his Colour Print, which came third.

In the colour print section LINDA PITKIN won with an almost surreal seascape and was presented with the Greenway and Morris Trophy and a Sunpak Marine 32 Flashgun. Second place went to JIMMY WILMOT with a very smart Moray Eel, which won him a Mini C Lite and holder and a BSoUP Sweat Shirt. Third place went to GEORGE RISTICH for his shot of a Blue spotted Ray and a Grouper. Mention should also be made of MICHAEL PITTS and KEVIN CULLIMORE who were only a point or two behind George, who won a year's subscription to Sub Aqua Scene.

Above: Urchins by Bill Hewitt. The original colour slide won the Aquamatic Trophy for the best Contrived shot 'On the Day'

Above: Bill Hewitt receiving the Aquamatic Trophy for the Best Contrived shot 'On the Day' from Ian Irvine.

The Best Contrived shot taken on the day was by WILLIAM HEWITT who's Sea Urchin in sunglasses, seemingly addressing urchins of lesser rank. William won the Aquamatic Trophy, a BSoUP Sweat Shirt and a Fuji Professional Film Voucher.


Above: Les Kemp, winner 'On the Day' receiving the BSoUP Trophy from Ian Irvine, BS-AC Chairman.

Above: Diver by Les Kemp. The original colour slide was winner 'On the Day'

We are also very grateful to all our sponsors - Fujimex, Greenaway Marine, Kodak Ltd, Macdonald and Co (Publishers) Ltd, Ocean Optics Ltd, Ocean Publications Ltd, Plymouth Ocean Projects Ltd, Sea and Sea Ltd, Spirotechnique (UK) Ltd and C.Z. Scientific (Intruments) Ltd and especially to Ian Irvine for presenting the prizes and Alan Bax and all the staff at Fort Bovisand for making us all so welcome once again. Thanks also to all those who came along and supported the event. See you all next year!

BSoUP's Splash-in Competition Winners

Digital (overall and category winners)

2014 Overall Winner - Cathy Lewis Mankind in the Sea - Terry Griffiths Marine Life - Cathy Lewis
  Best Compact - Colin Whyte    
2013 Overall Winner - Dan Bolt Mankind in the Sea - Dan Bolt Marine Life - Alex Tatttersall
  Best Compact - Paula Bailey Reflections - Dan Bolt  
2012 Overall Winner - Tim Priest Mankind in the Sea - Charles Erb  
  Best Compact - Paula Bailey Crustacea - Rob White  
2011 Overall Winner - Dan Bolt Mankind in the Sea - Derek Haslam Abstract - Rob Cuss
    Marine Life - Dan Bolt  
  Best Compact - Colin Yule Compact - Mankind in the Sea - Martin Rishton Compact - Abstract - Mark Brooke
2010 Overall Winner - Charles Erb Close-up - Julie Kaye Animal Portraits - Cathy Lewis
    Wide-angle - Martin Davies  
2009   Close-up - Rick Ayrton Animal Portraits - Jim Garland
    Wide-angle - Neil Skilling  
2008   Close-up - Cathy Lewis Animal Portraits - Helen Wehner
    Wide-angle - Charles Erb  
2007   Wide-angle - Arthur Kingdon Fish - Alan James
    Close-up - Alan James  

Film & Digital (overall & category winners)

2006 Overall Winner - Dave Peake Film Wide-angle - Martin Davies Film Close-up - Jan Maloney
    Digital Wide-angle - Trevor Rees Digital Close-up - Alan James
2005   Film Wide-angle - Martin Davies Film Close-up - Jean Manson
    Digital Wide-angle - Charles Erb Digital Close-up - Charles Erb

Film (category winners)

2004 Macro - Cathy Lewis Wide-angle - Dave Peake Fish - Peter Ladell
2003 Macro - David Stevens Wide-angle - Dave Peake Fish - Peter Hewitt
2002 Macro - Ken Sullivan Wide-angle - Len Deeley Fish - Bill Hewitt
2001 Macro - Tom Cowan Wide-angle - Guy Middleton  

Film (overall winners, no categories)
  2000 Ken Sullivan 1991 Kevin Cullimore 1982 Peter Salmon
  1999 Derek Haslam 1990 Kevin Cullimore 1981 Warren Williams
  1998 Pat Morrisey 1989 Paul Clark 1980 David McBride
  1997 Peter Tatton 1988 Peter Rowlands 1979 Warren Williams
  1996 Linda Pitkin 1987 Warren Williams 1978 Dave Nance
  1995 Dave Nardini 1986 Peter Scoones 1977 Geoff Harwood
  1994 Dave Peake 1985 Kevin Cullimore 1976
  1993 Brian Pitkin 1984 Les Kemp 1975
  1992 John Souness 1983 Peter Hewitt 1974 Warren Williams

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