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All articles are reproduced from BSoUP's magazine 'in focus'.

Photo sites are arranged alphabetically by country. Articles are arranged chronologically within each country, so that the most recent is first under each country. Click on a country below or browse using the right-hand vertical scroll bar.


  Country Author(s) Source



Underwater at Daintree, Queensland

David Yendall

in focus 47. March, 1993


Great Barrier Reef encounter

Denise Bray

in focus 20. February, 1987


Great Barrier Reef

Den Lewis

in focus 14. February, 1986

Bonaire (Dutch Antilles) Bonaire    
  Bonaire - an island paradise? Mark Webster in focus 67 February 2000
  Bonaire - A Martin Edge Photographic course Pat Morrissey and Anne Owen in focus 63 October, 1998

Bonaire - an island paradise?

Mike Valentine

in focus 6. March, 1984

Borneo, (Malaysia)


  Diving Layang Layang Ken Sullivan in focus 64 February 1999

The saga of Sipadan - the invasion of Borneo

Ken Sullivan

in focus 58 September, 1996


Sipadan - members' views

Colin Doeg, Anthony Holley, Malcolm Hey, Hilary Driscoll, Peter Rowlands

in focus 57 April, 1996




Filming reefs of steel

Andrew Bell

in focus 58 September, 1996


Beautiful British Columbia

Brian Pitkin

in focus 42 November, 1991

Canary Islands (Spain)

Canary Islands

  Night and Day (Lanzarote) Alan James

in focus 48 June, 1993


Photosub Tenerife

Mark Webster

in focus 42 November, 1991



Frederick Butt

in focus 9. April, 1985

Cayman Is. Cayman Is.    

Photographing marine life in the Cayman Islands

Linda Pitkin

in focus 35. January, 1990

Corsica (France)


  The secrets of Levezzi Is. Mark Webster in focus 66 October, 1999

Who said the med is dead?

Mark Webster

in focus 56 January, 1996




CMAS World Championships, Cuba

Linda Pitkin

in focus 46 December, 1992




How not to shoot an octopus

Benny Sutton

in focus 26. March, 1988




How the other half dive

Pat Morrissey

in focus 73. April, 2002

  A bad taste of Paradise Gordon Beddis in focus 67 February 2000
  Seasons in a desert sea Mark Webster in focus 68 June 2000

Hurghada update

Jan Siedlecki

in focus 34. September, 1989


Hurghada, Egypt

Den Lewis

in focus 18. October, 1986


South of the Sinai

Mark Webster

in focus 9. April, 1985


Sally's workshop [Gulf of Aqaba]

Mark Webster

in focus 45. August, 1992

Hondurus Hondurus    
  Inn of the Last resort, Roatan Julie Clark in focus 65 June 1999


  Banda Sea, East Indonesia Anthony Holley in focus 69 October 2000
  Southern Sulawesi - Operation Wallacea Ken Sullivan in focus 63 October, 1998
  Northern Sulawesi Malcolm Hey in focus 63. October, 1998


Brian Pitkin

in focus 45 August, 1992


The Tulumben wreck, Bali

Paul Kay

in focus 51. March, 1994




An underwater kibbutz

Mike Glover

in focus 20. February, 1987


Underwater Photography in the Red Sea or Why go further than Eilat?

Peter Rowlands

infocus 18. October, 1986


Lemon-yellow frog fish. [Gulf of Aqaba]

Georgette Douwma

in focus 17. August, 1986


Red Sea Visit

Jenny George

in focus 4. June 1984

Italy Italy    
  Algheromar, Sardinia Les Kemp

in focus 43 February, 1992



  Manta magic Mark Webster in focus 68 June 2000
  Maldives Adventure Brian Pitkin

in focus 41 August, 1991


Maldives - Desert Island Diving

Brian Humphreys

in focus 9. April, 1985


Diving the Maldives - Villi Varu

Mark Webster

in focus 1. December, 1983


Diving the Maldives - another point of view

Mike Glover

in focus 2. February, 1984

Malta Malta    
Mauritius Mauritius    


Mike Maloney

in focus 30. January, 1989

Norway Norway    

Impressions of underwater Norway

Brian Pitkin

in focus 56 January, 1996




Destination Oman

Mark Webster

in focus 47 March, 1993




Diving in Palau and Yap

Trudy Kelly

in focus 56 January, 1996

Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea    

Papua New Guinea update

Lilian Hayball

in focus 30. May, 1988

  Diving Papua New Guinea

Lilian Hayball

in focus 27. May, 1988




Lawson Wood

in focus 45 August, 1992

Spain Spain    

Catalan Diving

Robert Dinwiddie

in focus 11. August, 1985


The Balearics

Kevin Cullimore

in focus 3. April. 1984



  Andaman adventure Linda Dunk and Hilary Driscoll in focus 67 February 2000

Thailand diving

Jack Jackson

in focus 32. May 1989


Tony Aylmer

in focus 15. April, 1986

Turkey Turkey    
  Turkish delight Jan Siedlecki

in focus 22. June 1987




Crystal gazing [Florida]

Mark Webster

in focus 46. December, 1992

United Kingdom


  Diving Southwest Britain, Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and the Scilly Isles Jason Roseveare DiveSearch website Spring 2009
  Hard hat diving at Megavissey Mark Russell in focus 77 Winter 2003

Farne Islands revisited

Peter Tatton

in focus 59 February, 1997

  Swanage Pier [Dorset] Kevin Cullimore

in focus 58 September, 1996

  Ardmair Bay [near Ulapool] Jean and Walt Deas

in focus 43 February, 1992


Workshop workout [Salcombe, Devon]

Mark Webster

in focus 30 January, 1989


A less than glamorous assignment [Falmouth docks, Cornwall]

Mark Webster

in focus 20. February, 1987


H.M.S. Napier [Isle of Skye]

Jan Siedlecki

in focus 5. August, 1984


Mulberry Harbour [Pagham, Sussex]

Mike Maloney

in focus 7. December, 1984

Venezuela Venezuela  

Los Roques

Robert Pickett in focus 70 February 2001
Yap Yap    

Diving in Palau and Yap

Trudy Kelly

in focus 56 January,1996


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