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BSoUP's Open Portfolio Competition 1996

Winner - Linda Dunk

Reproduced from in focus 59 (February 1997)

Softly-spoken Linda Dunk will assure you she is just a middle-aged mother with two teenage daughters and a husband to care for.

That in itself is enough for many people. But she also runs her own business and finds time to take award-winning underwater photographs to such effect that she has completed the remarkable hat-trick of winning BSoUP's annual open portfolio competition for the third year in succession.

Her entry comprised six slides taken in the northern Red Sea and Belize.

One of them, showing a clownfish amidst the tentacles of an anemone in the northern Red Sea, was taken while a Titan Triggerfish was gnawing at one of her feet!

Linda enjoys taking pictures in British waters and, like her friend and dive buddy Hilary Driscoll, has a great affection for Swanage Pier.

At the same time, she favours the northern Red Sea for much of her photography.
Israel and Egypt are a comparatively short flight from the UK and the time difference is not significant so she can make her trips extremely productive.

'In many ways it is easier to take pictures in places like the Red Sea , the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean. The light is so beautiful. For me, the delight of being underwater and the thing which keeps me taking pictures is the way the light passes through the water. You can get the most fantastic effects and they are never the same from one day to the next.

It matters a lot to me to be able to portray the extra-ordinary life underwater. People treat the sea as an unknown quantity. Because of that, they abuse it and have no conscience about it or real knowledge of the life that exists there. They zoom around quickly, underwater tourists who never really see the wonders of the world they are visiting.

I take pictures because of what is down there. The sights are beyond belief! I want to show them to everyone for them to enjoy as well.'

As is demonstrated by her remarkable run of successes, Linda can photograph most subjects but she finds the natural portrayal of fast-moving subjects like manta rays, dolphins and especially sharks to be difficult, as distinct from setting up an artificial situation by feeding them.


Open portfolio competition for six slides taken underwater anywhere in the world.

1. Linda Dunk, 61 points.

2. Pete Atkinson, 43 points.

3. Malcolm Hey, 26 points.

4=. Linda Pitkin and Ken Sullivan, 20 points each.

Nineteen portfolios were entered.

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