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News - April 2016

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March 2016
News Archive

Alex Mustard receives ADEX Award
NUPG/GNDS 2016 Print Competition
Website of the Week - Josef Litt
Focus On - Crustaceans - Results
Cover Shot - Joss Woolf
Website of the Week - John Liddiard
BSoUP Membership Subscriptions
April BSoUP Meeting
Website of the Week - Cathy Lewis
Pacific North-West Diver - Latest Issue

Guide to Raja Ampat & Northeast IndonesiaWebsite of the Week - Peter Ladell
ADEX, Singapore
Environmental Photographer of the Year
British Wildlife Photography Awards 2016
Great Northern Dive Show
Website of the Week - Arthur Kingdon
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Alex Mustard
Alex with the award presented by John Thet

Alex Mustard receives ADEX Award

BSoUP Committee member Alex Mustard recently received the ADEX Award for “Extraordinary Contribution to Underwater Photography” during his visit to the show in Singapore. The Asian Diving Expo (ADEX), this year attracted 57,793 visitors, making it one of the biggest dives shows in history. 

Alex was presented with the award by John Thet, the publisher of Asian Geographic Magazines and the Organiser of the ADEX shows. The award is in recognition of Alex’s accomplishments in underwater photography, specifically including his new book Underwater Photography Masterclass.

NUPG/GNDS 2016 Print Competition

The 23rd & 24th April 2016 marked the inaugural Northern Underwater Photography Print Competition in association with The Great Northern Dive Show. Underwater photographers were asked to enter print images into 4 categories which were then mounted and displayed at the event for the general public to vote on.

Over 400 people voted in the competition over 2 days, and it was a tough job for all those that perused the display. Some fantastic images were on display, and the voting in some categories was very tight. Images from around the UK caught the eye, with shots from all around our amazing coastline, and our fresh water sites. Alongside these, images from around the world, from Australia to the Caribbean showed off the amazing marine life, wrecks and caverns that divers get to experience. More ..

Mark Thomas

Winner: Mark Thomas. Mauve Stinger Jellyfish
from Connemara

Website of the Week - Josef Litt
Josef Litt

Website of the Week - Josef Litt

Josef Litt is a passionate photographer enjoying underwater, land-based and recently aerial photography. After a long break from his photographic film adventures in early teens using equipment of eastern european provenance, he took his first underwater photograph in 2007. Today Josef's portfolio includes photographs from locations around the world. His pictures featured in many publications and on front pages of diving magazines.

Josef is a proud member of the British Society of Underwater Photographers (BSoUP)

Conservation and environmental protection is very close to Josef's heart. He provides non-profit organisations with photographs for their publicity and often supports good cases, e.g. Sea Shepherd, Coral Reef Alliance, Archelon or Seacology to mention some of many. Josef also runs facebook page Help the Seas!

"I believe photographers play an important role in education about nature and conservation issues. Yet being very close to fragile eco-systems there comes a responsibility not to cause harm by own activities!"

Focus On - Crustaceans - Results

Congratulations to Charles Hood whose image of a lobster on Dead Man's Fingers was the winner of this month's Focus On Competition. Charles image was taken in the Farme Islands with a Nikon F801 on Fuji Velvia (film, remember?) f11 @1/15s.

Conratulations also to Joe Daniels and Kirsty Andrews who came second and third respectively. Joe's image of a Coleman Shrimp was taken in Ambon, Indonesia with a Canon 7D, 100 mm macro lens, Sea&Sea YSD1 strobes at f 7.1 @ 1/125s, ISO 100. Kirsty's image was taken in Scotland with a Nikon D7200 with a 105mm lens at f22 @ 1/80s. ISO 320.

A total of 43 images were submitted and these were judged by Alex Mustard who provided feedback at the meeting.

Charles Hood
1st -Charles Hood

Joe Daniels
2nd - Joe Daniels

The top six:-

Pos. Photographer Subject
1 Charles Hood Lobster at night
2 Joe Daniels Coleman Shrimp
3 Kirsty Andrews Squat Lobster
4 Nick Robertson-Brown Spooky Lobster
5 Gabriel Jimenez Mantis Shrimp
6 Joss Woolf Hinge back shrimps


The top six may be viewed on the Home Page

BSoUP Members only may view all the entries enlarged in the Competition Slideshow Archive. You will be prompted to login if you have not already done so this session.

Next month's competition is Focus On - Shoals - An image portraying the coordinated behavior of fish swimming in unison. The competition for BSoUP Members only will open shortly. Please read the Rules. Some entries are still being submitted at more than 72 pixels per inch.

Kirsty Andrews
Kirsty Andrews

DIVER - April 2016 - Joss Woolf
DIVER - April 2016
Cover shot by Joss Woolf

Cover Shot - Joss Woolf

The April issue of DIVER magazine features and image of a diver with Red Snapper by BSoUP Member Joss Woolf.

The April issue also includes ALex Mustard's reguler contribution 'Be a Champ' which focuses on transforming surroundigs into beautiful backgrounds.

To view other cover shots by BSoUP members please visit /Covers.

If you are a BSoUP Member and have one of your images featured on a magazine cover not included in our collection, please send an image at 300 pixels wide and 72 pixels.inch to me.

Website of the Week - John Liddiard

"I am a freelance diving photographer and journalist. I travel, go diving, take pictures, write about it, and make an income from publication and licence fees for my photography and writing. This site is mostly an on-line library of my photographs.

My work appears regularly in Diver Magazine and has appeared in all the other UK diving magazines and many more general magazines. I have also worked for many European diving magazines and a selection of diving magazines worldwide.

I was born on 25 February 1960, live in Bristol, England, and my nationality is British. I am married to Lyn who is also a diver, but not professionally (she has appeared in published photographs). For those who are into astrology, my sign is Pisces. I learned to dive in 1978 with the University of Bristol BSAC branch whilst studying for a degree in Physics. I graduated in 1981. More ....

John Liddiard
John Liddiard

BSoUP Membership Subscriptions 2016

BSoUP Membership Subscriptions 2016

The annual BSoUP Membership subscriptions fell due on 1 February 2016. The majority of members have paid already. Our thanks for doing so.

Please would those who haven't yet done so make life a little easier for our Membership Secretary and either pay your subscription now or, if you aren't renewing, please let her know.

If you haven't renewed by the end of this month, sadly your name will be removed from our Membership list and we will no longer contact you, send you magazines or give you access to our Members pages and Members-only competitions.

Subscription rates remain unchanged from last year. Please see Join.php on cost and methods of payment.

April BSoUP Meeting

The next BSoUP meeting takes place on Tuesday 19th April at 7.30 for 8.00 p.m. in Meeting Room 3, Union Building, Beit Quadrangle, Imperial College, South Kensington, London SW7. Entrance via Prince Consort Road (Directions). New and prospective new members will be welcomed from 7.30 p.m. See Welcome.

Alex Mustard: “Underwater Lighting Masterclass”

Light is fundamental to photography. I think we’d all immediately agree on that. But often as underwater photographers we tend to take it granted, always shooting images with the same strobe positions and failing to get the optimum quality of light on the subject. The aim of these two talks is to encourage you to get your strobes moving. Not aimlessly moving them around, hoping by chance to land upon the perfect strobe position, but by introducing a philosophy of lighting which will give your pictures a stand out quality, and provide a logical and easy to follow framework of strobe positions to enable you to achieve it.

Alex Mustard
Alex Mustard
Focus On - Crustaceans
Focus On - Crustaceans

Alex's talk is designed to complement some of the content of his new book, Underwater Photography Masterclass, presenting the same ideas with different words and some alternative images. Alex’s book will be on sale at BSoUP for £20. He will arrive early for the meeting to leave more time for signing copies.

Focus-on competition – Crustaceans

The competition is now closed. BSoUP Members may view the 43 entries in the Competition Slideshow.  You will be asked to log in if you have not done so this session. The competition has been judged by Alex Mustard.  At the meeting all entries will be shown and Alex will present his winners with some feedback about how he chose them. 

Alex, who hardly needs any introduction, has been taking underwater photographs for 30 years and has worked as a full-time underwater photographer for the past 10 years, leading underwater photography workshops world-wide.  Previously, he worked as a marine biologist at the UK's National Oceanography Centre in Southampton.

Apart from pioneering many new techniques which he shares through magazine articles, talks and workshops, his images have won many awards worldwide including, on no fewer than five occasions, BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year.  In 2013, Alex was named GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

Underwater Masterclass
Underwater Masterclass

Cathy Lewis
Cathy Lewis

Website of the Week - Cathy Lewis

I was introduced to diving in 1984 by my adventure-loving friend Tina, who took me to Wast Water in the Lake District on a freezing cold November day. The hail was horizontal, my wetsuit didn’t fit, and there was nothing to see. I thought she was mad. Luckily for me a beginner’s course in Port Douglas, Australia during a year’s travelling changed my mind. I joined Clifton Sub Aqua Club when I returned and never looked back.

Photography seemed a natural progression, to add another element to my diving. I loved seeing the images other photographers had taken and wanted to show non-diving friends some of the spectacular life and scenery beneath the sea. Having no photography experience I had to master the unforgiving Nikonos 5 camera from scratch - a challenge for a non-techy person like me.

It took some help from experts Alan James, Gordon James and Martin Edge (thank you!) to achieve anything I was relatively happy with. I progressed on to an SLR Nikon F90X film camera and now use a Nikon D7000 digital SLR in a Nauticam housing. For lighting, I use twin YS110 Sea and Sea strobes. Favourite lenses include the Nikon 60mm and 105mm macro, 10.5mm fisheye, and occasionally the 18-50mm, 12-24mm, and 20mm portrait lenses.

Pacific North-West Diver - Latest Issue

The issue of the FREE Pacific North-West Diver is now available to downlaod.

The Spring 2016 issue includes featured photographers Mazyer Jalayer, Kent Forsén, Teresa Hedderich, and Katie Morgan, PAC Adventures: Hood Canal, Papa Flash, Video Series Part 6: Camera Moves, Fluoro Photography Explored, Printing On Aluminum, Back Button Focussing and more 

To download your copy please visit

Pacific North-West Diver
Pacific North-West Diver. Sprng 2016 Issue

Diving and Snorkeling in Raja Ampat

Diving & Snorkeling Guide to Raja Ampat & Northeast Indonesia

Diving or snorkeling in Raja Ampat, or anywhere else in Northeast Indonesia, is a life affirming, bucket-list-topping experience!

This region at the edge of the Pacific Ocean, abundantly rich in marine life, is proving to be a gift for divers that keeps on giving. Raja Ampat is the superstar destination, but other areas such as Cenderawasih Bay, Triton Bay and Southwest Halmahera are shining brightly too and acquiring similarly mythical status.

This richly illustrated, detailed and informative guide is the first to cover all of these incredible places! It tells and shows you - the adventurous travelling diver - what to expect from this remote, fascinating and often downright astonishing part of the world.

It will help you plan your trip, enhance your experience when you get there and provide you with the best possible souvenir of your visit.

To purchase via Amazon see Books

Website of the Week - Peter Ladell

"I began taking pictures Underwater in 1983 with the Nikonos system, progressing to Pentax and Nikon SLR film cameras. Since 1993 when I won my 1st major National competition, I have continued to have success in many other National and International events, including a commended in the BBC wildlife photographer of the year. I now shoot with Nikon and Olympus digital cameras."

"While I personally use Nikon equipment, I have worked with many other camera systems including Hasselblad, Pentax, Olympus and Panasonic. Many of these in my own custom made housings, together with special purpose macro and wide angle ports. As well as other accessories including remote triggers for both strobes and cameras."

Peter Ladell
Peter Ladell

Adex 2016

ADEX Singapore

April 15-17 2016

ADEX 2016 will be held in Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre. Suntec Singapore is a world-class venue located at the heart of Asia's most integrated meetings, conventions and exhibitions hub, which over the last 16 years has hosted more than 18,000 events.

ADEX is the longest running and the largest dive expo in Asia celebrating its 21st year in 2016. A must-attend event for anyone interested or involved in the world of diving, the event has seen a continuous increase in visitors over the past few years, with ADEX 2015 attracting a total of 41,053 visitors over three days.

Alex Mustard is the Head Judge for the ADEX Voice of the Ocean Competition 2016 and will be speaking at ADEX

For further information please visit ADEX 2016

Environmental Photographer of the Year

Deadline: April 18 2016

The Environmental Photographer of the Year competition is once again calling for entries from environmentally conscious photographers and filmmakers of all ages, nationalities and abilities. We are offering you the chance to use your photographic and filmmaking talents to promote an understanding of contemporary global environmental and social issues including climate change, sustainable development, biodiversity and human rights. If successful, your work will be featured by major global media and at high profile events around the world. The competition offers prize money of £6,000 and is FREE to enter.

The works will be displayed at the Royal Geographical Society in London in June 2016, followed by a tour to forest venues nationally, supported by Forestry Commission England.

Full details at

EPOTY 2016
Environmental Photographer of the Year

British WIldlife Photography Awards
British Wildlife Photography Awards 2016

British Wildlife Photography Awards 2016

Deadline: 30th April 2016

BWPA are delighted to announce the 2016 competition is now open. Whether a characterful portrait, dramatic behaviour, atmospheric woodland scenes, or the secret world that lives in the undergrowth we want to see your pictures and films. Share your vision with us and compete for a chance to win a prestigious prize and the opportunity to be featured in a touring exhibition launching in London. Reaching millions through National Media.

Be part of a competition that is supported by the UK's major conservation charities and celebrates excellence in wildlife photography

More at

Great Northern Dive Show

Event City, Manchester

Saturday 23th & Sunday 24th April 2016

You are invited to the launch of the very first
Great Northern Dive Show

The North boasts some of the biggest diving
manufacturers in the world; our coastlines offer
amazing diving opportunities including The
Farnes Islands, Anglesey, Scapa Flow, the Isle of
Man and Eight Acre Lake to name a few.

Divers travel for miles to well known quarries for
people to train and dive in. Throw all this in the
mix with a dash of Northern Hospitality and we
have a solid foundation to make an unforgettable event bringing all aspects of diving together under one roof.

Further details:

Great Northen Dive Show
The Great Northern Dive Show

Arthur Kingdon
Website of the Week - Arthur Kingdon

Website of the Week - Arthur Kingdon

"My interest in photography began many years ago when I was around fourteen. My father was an accomplished amateur photographer with his own darkroom and I remember being fascinated as the monochrome images would slowly appear in the developing tray.

As I was also interested in aircraft, I thought there could be no better career than to join the Royal Air Force as a photographer. After serving my photographic apprenticeship, I enjoyed some two and a half years photographing all manner of interesting stuff before applying for and being accepted for aircrew training."

More at

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