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News - March 2014

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February 2014
News Archive

Website of the Week - Ken Sullivan
Theme Portfolio Competition - Results
BSoUP in the Press
Website of the Week - Laura Storm
Cover Shot - Robert Bailey
BSoUP Meeting March 2014
Website of the Week - Terry Steeley
Pacific North-West Diver - Latest issue
Nudibranchs of South West England
UPG - Next meeting
BUPG - Next meeting

Website of the Week - Richard Smith
Nudibranch Photo Competition 2014
UwP - Latest issue
Google Ocean Street View - Oceans
Ellen Cuylaerts - World Champion
Website of the Week - Neil Rosewarn
British Wildlife Photography Awards
DEEP Indonesia
World Shootout 2014
THE VISION Theatre Show

Website of the Week - Ken Sullivan

Ken has been diving for over forty five years after a friend encouraged him to join the Stevenage Sub-aqua Club in 1964..When he made his first dive 'on the reef' in the middle of Swanage Bay on the south coast of England in 1965, he could not have possibly imagined that diving would become a central theme throughout his life.

Early diving was a big adventure; home-made wet suits, weight belts and backpacks. Cylinders and life-jackets were ex-RAF and there were no contents gauges. It all seems a far cry from today's diving, which is warmer and safer with easy access to worldwide travel.

Ken Sullivan
Ken Sullivan

His first dives were made for adventure and exploration so it wasn't long before he was diving along the wreck strewn coasts of the UK. If there was a wreck between 10 and 100 ft deep, the club would dive it and enjoy a good rummage looking for small items lost by the unfortunate passengers and crew of the luckless vessel. Ken had been diving for almost twenty years before he took a camera underwater. Whether it was his desire to show the family where he had been all weekend, or an increasing interest in his underwater surroundings he is not sure. He ˜borrowed' his wife's Kodak instamatic camera, built a plastic housing in his home workshop and took it diving.

The early pictures were challenging and if anything recognisable appeared on the film there was a great sense of achievement. Replacing flash bulbs underwater was an art form. If you went too deep they would implode and if you let one go whilst taking it from its holder and trying to push it into the bulb holder it would take off to the surface like a missile. Misfires were common and back scatter was normal. Then, in the early eighties, he bought a Nikonos III on a business trip to Hong Kong and he was hooked. It took several years and one of Martin Edge's legendary weekend underwater photo courses before the odd acceptable shot ˜came off the roll'.

Since the early years of designing, building and customising underwater camera kit, Ken is still absorbed by this activity to this day. Between dive trips one can find him enjoying a few days helping his friends and contacts get the most out of their underwater camera kit by some serious customisation. Today, Ken dives with his camera, family and friends, selecting dive venues for their attractive reefs and fascinating animal life

Robert Bailey
Winner: © Robert Bailey

Theme Portfolio Competition - Results

Congratulations to Robert Bailey who was the winner of this year's Theme Portfolio Competition. Rob's portfolio comprised images of grey seals taken in the Farne Island. He was presented with a voucher for 250 by Tony Backhurst of Scuba Travel.

Congratulations also to Len Deeley and Trevor Rees who came a close second and third with portfolios of Whale Sharks taken in Djibouti and British soft corals and sea pens taken in Loch Linnhe, Scotland respectively.

How the top six scored:-

Position Photographer Points Firsts
1 Robert Bailey 42 7
2 Len Deeley 41 6
3 Trevor Rees 39 7
4 Martyn Guess 33 6
5 Mark Drayton 26 3
6 Arthur Kingdon 25 3


Len Deeley
Second: © Len Deeley

Trevor Rees
Third: © Trevor Rees

The top six may be viewed in the Gallery.

If you were not in the top six and would like to know how you fared please contact me.

BSoUP Members only may view all of the entries in the Competion Slideshow Archive. You will be asked to login if you have not already done so this session.

Next month's Focus On Competition - People is now open for entries. Please read the Rules before submitting your entry online.

BSoUP in the Press

The April issue of DIVER Magazine features a three-page report on the Red Sea PhotoCall Competition organised by DIVER in association with BSoUP to promote diving in the Egyptian Red Sea.

The winning images by Rob White, Jackie Campbell, Saeed Rashid, WIll Clark and Nadya Kulagina are reproduced and further details about them and their images are included.

Also in this issue is Alex Mustard's column 'Be a Champ' looking at Pygmy Seahorses.

The cover image is by BSoUP Member Matt Doggett.

DIVER - April 2014.
Cover Image: Matt Doggett

Laura Storm
Laura Storm

Website of the Week - Laura Storm

Laura Storm is an accomplished and passionate wildlife photographer quietly ambitious but nevertheless in hot pursuit of that perfectly captured moment in time! Laura grew up in Kenya, a land of incredible contrasts, where her love for adventure, extremes and wildlife flourished. It was in Africa that she first learned to dive at the age of 12.

Now a Trimix diver, she led the Angels Technical Dive Team through seven years of challenges, supporting a number of major International and National Freediving events, before disbanding in 2010 to pursue other dreams. She was awarded Diver Magazine's ˜Buddy of the Year' in 2006 for her contribution as a support diver.

Her images have appeared in numerous publications and online including Diver Magazine, WAVEFORM (Silvertip), Sport Diver, Gazette (John Lewis), Port Macquarie News (Australia), the South London Press, Inside Sport Magazine (Australia),, Google Oceans, The Shark Trust and many more.

Cover Shot - Robert Bailey

BSoUP Member Robert Bailey's image of an Anemone Shrimp features on the cover of April's SCUBA magazine.

For other cover images by BSoUP members please visit Covers.

If you have a cover shot which is not included on the BSoUP website, please send a copy at 300 pixels wide with details to me.

SCUBA April 2014
SCUBA April 2014. Cover: Robert Bailey

Alex Mustard
Alex Mustard

BSoUP Meeting March 2014

The next BSoUP meeting takes place on Tuesday 18 March at 7.30 for 8.00 p.m. in Meeting Room 3, Union Building, Beit Quadrangle, Imperial College, South Kensington, London SW7 [Entrance via Prince Consort Road] (Directions). New and prospective new members will be welcomed from 7.30 p.m. See Welcome.

Alex Mustard: 10 Years As A Pro. Alex took his first underwater photographs 30 years ago, this year, and has been working as full time as an underwater photographer for ten years, this month. Established wisdom is that it is impossible to make a living as a full time underwater stills photographer. He hopes his talk disproves the theory! I will cover how I have made it work, including building and maintaining a portfolio, reputation, client base and income streams. Although this is a personal story, I hope it will be useful both to those with ambitions of going pro, and those who simply would like a greater return from their investment.

Alex is the current European Wildlife Photographer of the Year. His writing on the techniques of underwater photography is in demand around the world. He currently writes the IMAGES feature each month for Sport Diver (USA, the world's largest circulation diving magazine), the Be The Champ feature for DIVER (UK), the Fisheye column for Wild Planet Photo Magazine (UK) and contributes to the quarterly Masterclass Column in Ocean Geographic (Australia). He will be one of the featured photographers in the forthcoming book celebrating fifty years of the Wildlife Photographer Of The Year.

Theme Portfolio Competition for the BSoUP Theme Portfolio Trophy - a portfolio of 6 images. The competition is now closed. There were 20 entries so no shortlisting was required. BSoUP Members only may preview the Competition slideshow. You will be asked to login if you have not done so this session.

The winner will recieve a voucher for 250 towards a diving holiday courtesy of Scuba Travel

Theme Portfolio Competition
Theme Portfolio Competition

Steve Jones
Steve Jones

Steve Jones: Frontier Photography - Deep wrecks.Taking a camera on a deep, dark wreck dive may appear at first to be a total waste of time.  However in this talk, Steve will explain how, by altering your technique and pushing the limits of your camera, you can succeed in these most challenging of photographic conditions. Steve will not only cover tips and techniques that can be applied by all wreck photographers regardless of depth, but also talk through the post processing methods he has mastered to really bring out the colour, even when shooting with only ambient light in deep water. These revealing techniques can be applied to a multitude of underwater conditions.

BSoUP member Steve Jones spent most of the 90's working as a professional instructor and dive guide in the Red Sea, Indian Ocean, Med, Caribbean and North Atlantic. Specialising in guiding professional underwater photographers, Steve's own work was first recognised and published by Germany's Unterwasser magazine in 1996 and subsequently his images and articles have gone on to be published in over 25 countries. An allrounder as a photographer, Steve is a field editor at the Ocean Geographic Society and a member of the Ocean Artists Society

Website of the Week - Terry Steeley

A digital imaging expert, Terry has worked alongside Adobe, Apple, Wacom, X-Rite and Hewlett Packard as a presenter at seminars worldwide. He is also the creator of the highly-acclaimed seminars: Capture Edit Print, Creative Suite Essentials, Totally Colour Managed and Photoshop for Photographers.

An active and passionate diver since 1997, it was not until the Spring of 2012 that Terry first took a DSLR camera into the water. Immediately hooked, he describes himself as ˜no longer a diver. I am now an observer, and the oceans, rivers and lakes are my studio.'

Terry Steeley
Terry Steeley

His love for underwater photography led him to take a work sabbatical in 2013, choosing to challenge himself to shoot in many different environments to further his knowledge and experience. During this time Terry travelled to the Bahamas, Maldives, Philippines, Egypt, South Africa, Alaska, Thailand and Wakatobi.

Although his sabbatical is, sadly, not permanent, and mouse, monitor and keyboard must replace fins, mask and camera as his work tools, Terry will continue to take time each year to return to the water and further expand his portfolio and his knowledge of the fascinating underwater world which will always hold new discoveries for him.

Pacific North-West Diver
Pacific North-West Diver
Cover: Stellar Sea Lion at Race Rocks © Pat Gunderson

Pacific North-West Diver - Latest issue

The latest issue of the FREE Pacific North-West Diver is now available for download.

This month's issue showcases a variety of styles and techniques: from DSLR, to some very unique GoPro video, to the newer "Mirrorless DSLR." Race Rock's sea lion colony is also highlighted.

To download your copy please visit

A Photographic Guide to Nudibranchs of South West England

After many weeks and months of hard work by the authors, and no small amount of patience by all our interested parties and friends; Dan, Terry & Bernard are delighted to be able to announce that their new book 'A Photographic Guide to Nudibranchs of South West England' is now available!

This new book takes extensive knowledge of diving in the south west and combines it with the most up to date scientific information available about nudibranchs. Using over 500 photographs to identify 65 species of nudibranch (including 4 potentially new species), as well as several similar marine animals, there has never been a more complete look at the variety of slugs to be found off the south west coast of England.

Bernard Picton is a leading authority on European nudibranchs, and along with co-authors Dan Bolt and Terry Griffiths, can claim nearly a century of diving experience between them.

Nudibranchs of the South West
A Photographic Guide to Nudibranchs of South West England
The book is more than just a detailed listing of species descriptions; with a foreword by Dr.Alex Mustard and chapters looking at habitat and how to spot and identify your nudibranchs, it is also a thoroughly good read. Features such as interactive, clickable images are used alongside galleries of photos. There is even a My Nudibranchs widget where you can keep track of all the species you have spotted.

Northern Underwater Photography Group

NUPG - Next meeting

Monday, March 10th

The next meeting of the Northern Underwater Photography Group takes place on Monday 10th March at 8.00 p.m. in the Gurkha Grill, 198 Burton Road, West Didsbury. Manchester, M20 2LH (Map).

A Review of Anilao in the Philippines by Colin, Gail, John and Sue

A First Date With Lightroom Michelle and Alex

Competition Theme Spikes

Further details at

BUPG - Next meeting

Tuesday March 11th

The next meeting of the Bristol Underwater Photography Group is on Tuesday 11th March (start time 2000hrs) at The Casson Centre, Rodway Road, Patchway, BS34 5DQ (Map)

Competition theme: 'Monochrome'

Main event: Macro Workshop

Further details:

Bristol Underwater Photography Group

Richard Smith
Richard Smith

Website of the Week - Richard Smith

Richard learnt to dive in 1996 and has since logged over 2500 dives and training up to Dive Master status. Diving allows Richard to indulge his love of natural history and through his skills as a photographer he is able to communicate his love to a wider audience. Richard graduated with a BSc (Hons) degree in Zoology from the University of Southampton, England in 2002 and an MSc in Ecology and Evolution from the University of Queensland, Australia in 2005, for which he was also awarded the Deans Commendation for High Achievement. Combining this academic knowledge of the ocean's environments with his photographic skills, Richard is able to document the marine habitats with unique and stunning images.

Further details

Nudibranch Photo Competition 2014

Deadline: Wednesday, 2nd April

The Nudibranch Photo Competition 2014, sponsored by Nauticam UK, has been founded to celebrate nudibranchs and their allies. There are just two categories in this inaugural contest: British Nudibranchs and Nudibranchs of the Rest of the World. The prizes have been specially selected to appeal to nudibranch photographers.

The winner of each category will receive the brand new Super Macro Converter from Nauticam. Photographers can enter up to 10 images in total, split between the categories. The judges are Alex Mustard, Bernard Picton and Constantinos Petrinos.

For full details visit

Nudibranch Photo Competition
Nudibranch Photo Competition 2014.
Image © Alex Mustard

UwP 77. Cover: Uwe Schmolke

UwP - Latest issue

The latest issue of the FREE UwP is now available to download.

Issue 77 includes Editorial, News, Travel & Events, New Products, Photo Competitions, Product reviews, Marine life, Locations, Book/App reviews and Parting Shot.

To get you copy please visit

Google Ocean Street View

Google has added more underwater locations to its Oceans Street View. The underwater portion of Street View was first launched in September of 2012. There are now more than 16 countries included in these virtual scuba dives.

The new locations include Cozumel, Monaco, Cancun and the Whale Sharks in Mexico.

Read the full article here.

Google Street View
Google Ocean Street View

Ellen Cuylaerts - World Champion

Congratulations to BSoUP member Ellen Cuylaerts who was unanimously voted the World Champion 2013 in the competition.

"While presenting winning images in almost every category of the competition, it is clear that Ellen, from the Cayman Is., especially stands out in the field of wide angle behavior shots. This award is very well deserved after a year in which Ellen consistently submitted breathtaking images to almost every category of the contest and took an active part in our community".

Congratulations also to BSoUP member Paul Colley who was the runner-up in the Creative - Manipulated category.

See Medal winners and Champions and Daily Mail

The photo contest is the longest running and most prestigious online, or off. If you want to make a name for yourself it is THE place to do it. One of our medals is the reward for all the hard work underwater photographers put in chasing those great shots in far-flung destinations. It's the industry's most coveted prize because it says you succeeded in the most competitive environment there is, against the top talent of the moment.

Some numbers for 2013 - A total of 7,850 entries from which 1,269 incredible hotshots have been chosen by our trusted members. The top 181 shots have reached the final round out of which 93 were awarded medals or runner-ups in 17 categories. 50% of the entries are macro shots and over 25% taken in Indonesia or Egypt.

2020VISION Images in Russia

In partnership with Nature Picture Library, an exhibition of 2020VISION images, entitled "Wildlife of the UK", was recently shown at "The Undisturbed Russia" festival in Moscow, as part of a cross culture year between Russia and the UK. It's great to see people all over the world enjoying 2020VISION!

The exhibition includes prints by BSoUP Members Alex Mustard and Linda Pitkin

2020VISION Wildlife in the UK

Neil Rosewarn
Neil Rosewarn

Website of the Week - Neil Rosewarn

Neil Rosewarn has enjoyed a passion for photography and art for the past 20 years. He studied photography at Portsmouth University and during his time there had an overwhelming urge to take his camera underwater.His first project was to photograph swimmers during their daily training sessions at Portsmouth Northsea swimming club.

Being passionate about art, design and photography as well as nature, outdoor pursuits and travel; underwater photography provides Neil with a perfect medium in which to work. Travelling to Egypt, Malaysia, Seychelles, Cayman, Philippines, Micronesiaand of course the Cornish coast provides a feast of visual opportunity.

Neil is an active member of the British Society of Underwater Photographers (BSoUP) and regularly enters competitions. His most recent and significant achievment to date is winning the Scuba Pro Young Photographer Award in the British Underwater Image Festival. He has also reached the semi final of the 2007 Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards as well as 2nd and 3rd in the best photo of 2006 BSoUP Focus On competition. He uses a Nikon SLR camera with a Sea and Sea housing.

Neil wants to use his abilities as an underwater photographer to celebrate the amazing diversity of life that our planet holds. Hopefully people will see and enjoy his work and do their best to protect and preserve the coral reefs and eco systems.

In an effort to counteract the carbon emissions generated by travelling to these exotic and incredible locations Neil has decided to offset the carbon emmissions. This is done through the Climate Care website. Anyone reading this is encouraged to do the same

British Wildlife Photography Awards

Deadline: 3 May 2013

The sixth annual British Wildlife Photography Awards competition is inviting entries, with the promise of fine prizes and exposure through publishing and display.

An overall prize fund worth up to 20,000 includes products from lead sponsors Sky and Canon, and the overall winner bags a cheque for 5000.

The competition, for terrestrial and aquatic photography in Britain by amateurs and professionals, covers stills - including a new section for black and white images - and video. Divers enter the Coast and Marine category, sponsored by WWF-UK.

British Wildlife Photographer Awards 2014
British Wildlife Photography Awards
Category winners and commended entrants have their work showcased in a book and touring exhibition. They also attend an awards ceremony in September at London's Mall Galleries, hosted by naturalist and TV presenter Chris Packham.

The competition highlights the talents of photographers practising in Britain and the great wealth and diversity of Britain's natural history.

More -

DEEP Indonesia
DEEP Indonesia

DEEP Indonesia

Deadline: March 10th, 2014

The prestigious DEEP Indonesia International Underwater Photo Competition is part of a unique series hosted by DivePhotoGuide & Wetpixel, in association with DEEP Indonesia, Indonesias first-ever diving, adventure travel and extreme sports expo.

Photographers will compete in seven themed categories to win over $40,000 in prizes, including underwater photo equipment and premium dive travel packages to some of the top photo destinations in the world.

The DEEP Indonesia competition is part of a unique series, that together with the Our World Underwater competition, has a prize pool of over $90,000. The prestigue of these contests means that winners also achieve the glory of being named some of the worlds best underwater photographers. Esteemed judges include leading professional underwater photographers and magazine editors from around the world.

Winners will be announced online, published by our media partners worldwide and exhibited during the DEEP Indonesia Expo.

The fee to enter is $10 per image. As with all events, 15% of entry proceeds will be donated to marine conservation efforts.

World Shootout 2014

The World Shootout is on and will continue during January-July, 2014!

Cash and prestigious prizes, 9 creative categories, 3 winners on each category and complete freedom to choose your own diving destination!

Submit your best and most impressive underwater images, taken anytime and anywhere in the world, and win some of the most valuable prizes ever awarded to underwater photographers, including a $5,000 check for the 1st prize!

Further details at

World Shootout 2014
World Shootout 2014

2020VISION Roadhsow
The 2020VISION Street Gallery

The VISION Roadshow
THE VISION Theatre Show

THE VISION Theatre Show

St George's, Bristol

24 March 2014

WithAndy Rouse, Alex Mustard, Peter Cairns and Bertie Gregory. In association with the John Muir Trust

The stunning images, film and sound gathered by the 2020VISION team forms the basis of 2020VISION's main output, a multi-city ˜roadshow˜ whose centre-piece is a street gallery exhibition accessible to millions of people nationwide, at locations throughout the UK between 2012 and 2015. The exhibition is supported by a series of events including an outdoor audio-visual show and THE VISION! theatre show featuring several of the 2020VISION photographers. Some venues have also chosen to host a launch event to kick the roadshow off in style and maximise media attention.

The Roadshow aims to increase the relevance of nature to a wide audience, communicating the value of repairing and reconnecting our natural habitats and encouraging people to actively engage with natural landscapes whether in the wilds of our mountain ranges or in a small pocket of wildness in our towns and cities. More at

Linda is the author and photographer of four books, and a number of articles. Her stock photography features widely in books, newspapers, magazines and journals, including Professional Photographer, BBC Wildlife, Nature, and leading diving magazines. Other uses of her photographs include calendars, brochures, cards, advertising, and in an IMAX multi-screen presentation. Linda also undertakes commissioned photography.

She serves occasionally on juries for photography competitions, and has been a jury member for BAFTA (The British Academy of Film and Television Arts), for the 2002 Television Craft Awards.

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