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News - May 2013

Please send items for the News to Brian Pitkin

April 2013
News Archive

Basking Sharks in Cornwall
Website of the Week - Charles Erb
The Seas Strangest Square Mile goes viral
It's International Day for Biological Diversity
Website of the Week - Martin Edge
Focus On - Abstract - May 2013 - Results
Website of the Week - Earth in Focus
New Olympus PEN mirrorless camera
Pacific North-West Diver - Latest issue
BSoUP Meeting - May
Creative Cloud Furore
Orphan Works
Website of the Week - Len Deeley
NUPG - Next Meeting
BUPG - Next Meeting

RPS Print Competition
UwP - Latest Issue
World Shoot Out
Shark Trust Photography Competition
ScubaFest - Splash-in
Beneath the Waves Film Festival
HP Red Sea Online Competition 2013
2020VISION Street Gallery Exhibition
2020VISION Roadshow
The British Wildlife Photography Awards
British Underwater Underwater Championship

Basking Sharks in Cornwall A quick update on the situation by Charles HoodThe water is unseasonably cold but the top layer is warm so there is loads of plankton around, which has started to bring the sharks in. We had a fantastic encounter on Saturday with a 4.5m male, well over 2 hours! He was so intent on feeding that he was completely oblivious to our presence and for some strange reason appeared to like swimming around the RIB!

Other contacts are also reporting shark sightings as well. The forecast is for plenty of sun so fingers crossed we will have larger numbers immanently. Due to a cancellation I have spaces this Sunday and a few odd days during the week in June are still available - see for details.

Basking sharks in Cornwall
Basking Sharks in Cornwall © Charles Hood

Charles Erb
Charles Erb

Website of the Week - Charles Erb

Charles is a school Science teacher based in the middle of England with a passion for UK diving and underwater photography. His favourite locations are along the UK's South West coast, Western Scotland, West Wales and the North East coast. His website exists to showcase some of his favourite images and communicate some of the passion behind their creation.

He is a member of Worcester Divers and the British Society of Underwater Photographers, as well as a sometime contributor to Dive Magazine. His regular dive buddies are Trevor Rees and Rob Bailey.

Charles regularly give talks about UK diving, the challenges and excitement of underwater photography and dispelling the myth that there is little of beauty or interest to see beneath the waters around UK waters.

To learn more about Charles and see some of his images please visit

The Seas Strangest Square Mile goes viral

Filmed by John Boyle, Shark Bay Films, The Seas Strangest Square Mile has gone viral.

Filmed in the Lembeh Straits, Sulawesi, Indonesia, which is known to divers as the the planet's most intriguing and bizarre square mile of ocean floor, the video features the extraordinary behaviour of some of the bizarre inhabitants of this diverse habitat.

Watch the video here

World's Strangest Squre Mile
The Seas Strangest Square Mile
© John Boyle, Shark Bay Films

International Biodiversity Day
International Biodiversity Day

It's International Day for Biological Diversity!
Water wonderful world
Today, 22nd May, is International Day for Biological Diversity, an annual event aimed at increasing our understanding and awareness of the worlds biodiversity. This years theme is 'Water and Biodiversity, coinciding with the United Nations International Year of Water Co-operation 2013 and highlighting the role and importance of water to biodiversity and vice versa.

Water is our planets most precious natural resource, providing us with food and energy, as well as supporting economies and regulating our climate.

Website of the Week - Martin Edge

Each week we are highlighting a BSoUP member's website.

Martin Edge's website is this week's choice. An honorary life member of BSoUP, Martin is one of the leading underwater photographers and educators in this country. His book, The Underwater Photographer is in its fourth edition and remains a reference in our field. Martin organises regular courses and trips overseas.

Visit Martin's website at

If you are a BSoUP member and your website is not included on the BSoUP member's websites page, please send the URL of your site to the BSoUP Membership Secretary, Pash Baker.

Martin Edge
Martin Edge

Debbie Henshaw
1st © Debbie Henshaw

Focus On - Abstract - May 2013 - Results

Congratulations to Debbie Henshaw who was this month's winner of our Focus On Competition with an image of colourful crinoids taken at Nuweiba, Red Sea (f/16 1/200 ISO 200).

Congratulations also Mark Drayton and Warren Williams, who came second and third respectively.

There were a total of 24 entries.


How the top six scored:

Position Photographer Points Firsts
1 Debbie Henshaw 33 2
2 Mark Drayton 29 6
3 Warren Williams 28 7
4 Joss Woolf 24 5
5 Mark Atwell 18 4
6 Kirsten Harris 18 1

The top six may be viewed in the Gallery

Mark Drayton
2nd © Mark Drayton

Warren Williams
3rd © Warren Williams

BSoUP Members only may view all the entries (enlarged images and with named photographers) in the Slideshow Archive. You will be asked to login if you have not already done so this session.

If you were not one of the top six and would like to know how you scored, please contact Brian Pitkin.

Next month is the Focus On Competition theme is Predation. The competition is open to BSoUP Members only. Please read the Rules and guidelines before entering via the Competition Entry Form. Deadline is Sunday 9th June at one minute to midnight.

Website of the Week - Earth in Focus

Earth in Focus champions the photography of Adam Seward, Matt Doggett, Richard Shucksmith and George Stoyle - a result of our shared interest for photography and the natural world. We all met whilst studying at university and discovered our shared interest in photographing the natural world.

We use our professional and scientific knowledge to tell insightful and captivating stories, generating a unique blend of science and creative vision.

Earth in Focus images have excelled in a number of international photographic competitions and appeared in books, magazines and newspapers around the world. Our images are used to promote the valuable work of national and international conservation organisations.

Any of our images are available as high resolution digital files for commercial, corporate or editorial use and can be purchased through our Stock Library. High quality prints are available in a variety of media. Please contact us if you have particular requirements that you cannot find on the site.

Earth in Focus
Earth in Focus

Olympus PEN EP-5
Olympus PEN EP-5 mirrorless camera

New Olympus PEN mirrorless camera

Olympus has announced the release of a new flagship model in their PEN mirrorless range. The EP-5 features Advanced 5-Axis Image Stabilization, high-speed response FAST AF and 1/8000s maximum shutter speed. Controls can be accessed via a new 2x2 Dial Control with a control lever which may help accessing functions in a housing and the VF-4 viewfinder is now detachable. The PEN EP-5 will be available from May at a retail price of $999.99 in the U.S.A.

More by Adam Hanlon at wetpixel

Pacific North-West Diver - Latest issue

Featured photographers and videographers are: Robert Roy from Vancouver, BC shares his images and techniques; Scott Stevenson based in Victoria, BC writes about Race Rocks; Russ Ricketts, a Wenatchee resident, describes river snorkeling. Rockfish Divers, located on Brentwood Bay outside of Victoria, BC, is our featured operator.

The Technical Corner contains information about camera sensors: how to tell if they are dirty, and how to clean them in the field.

Also in this issue: Archives: The 1935 San Pedro High Suicide Club; Marine Life Sanctuaries Society award from the Vancouver Natural History Society; Draft Giant Pacific Octopus harvesting rules; Making a Pole Cam, Part 2.

Pacific North-West Diver
Pacific North-West Diver. Cover Image: Robert Roy

Travel opportunities in 2013: Monterey Bay & Pt Lobos: May; Six Gill Shark Week at Barkley Sound: August; Adams River Sockeye Salmon: October; La Paz Whale Sharks, Sea Lion, & Critters: October; Grey Whale Moms & Babies: Bahia Magdalena: 2014

To donload you FREE copy please visit:

Paul Morgan
Paul Morgan

BSoUP Meeting - May

The next BSoUP meeting takes place on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 at 7.30 for 8.00 p.m. at our new venue, in Room G.01 in the Royal School of Mines, Imperial College, South Kensington, London, SW7 5BD [Directions]. New and prospective new members will be welcomed from 7.30 p.m. See Welcome.

One issue with our new venue is a lack of any local source for liquid refreshment, so we suggest you bring something for the break, some bottled water or something more substantial.

Paul Morgan: Developing a workflow system. In this third instalment of our technical talk series Paul will provide guidance on developing a workflow system for yourself, from planning your trip to getting back safely with all your fabulous pictures. The emphasis will be an overall workflow rather than detailed steps with software. Getting and keeping great pictures!

Paul is a former BSoUP Committee member and current member of the in focus magazine production team, a keen underwater photographer, silver jeweller, magician, camper van addict and also retired with five grandchildren.

Focus On ï - Abstract: The competition is now closed. There were a total of 24 entries. BSoUP Members only may view all the entries on the in the Competition Slideshow. You will be prompted to log in if you have not already done so this session.

Alex Tattersall: Creating Memorable Images. With the proliferation of underwater images in the digital age, it is becoming more and more challenging to create images which have that wow-factor. This talk will draw on numerous images in an attempt to draw together categories that take photos a step beyond the norm. The hope is that you can reflect upon these during your own photographic endeavours to help your images 'stand out from the crowd.

Focus On - Abstract - May
Focus On - Abstract - May

Alex Tattersall / Underwater Visions
Alex Tattersall / Underwater Visions

Alex learned to dive in Venezuela in 2000 although didn't really fall in love with the sea until going to Egypt in 2002. He became a Dive Master in Byron Bay Australia in 2003 and worked in Queensland and Western Australia guiding dives. He first picked up an underwater camera in 2006, an Olympus mju300 and was immediately hooked. He spent a year in Taiwan in 2007 and began helping a local underwater photography retailer as a means to practice Mandarin Chinese and to get discounted toys.  After returning to the UK to finish his PhD in Chinese culture, to justify his repeated dive trips to his wife, he set up Underwater Visions, now UK distributor for Nauticam, Fisheye, iTorch, Cameq, Stix products. Alongside this, he also leads photography trips for Oonasdivers and Divequest, both keen supporters of BSoUP. 

Adobe creates a furore over its Creative Cloud plans

The Adobe MAX address on Monday focused on Adobes roadmap for the future regarding ownership of software. Their traditional distribution of software via bought versions has been abandoned and replaced almost entirely with a subscription based model. In addition, the Creative Suite labeling has been dropped, with the suffix CC (for Creative Cloud) being added to the software product. Hence the next version of the Creative Suite would have been known as CS7, but will now simply be CC.

Adobe Creative Cloud
Adobe Creative Cloud Furore on wetpixel

As Creative Cloud versions will automatically update each release for as long as the owner is subscribed, the number label has become defunct, with the CS6 variant being the last. Subscriptions to the full Creative Cloud will be $50/month assuming a years commitment, although there are incentives and deals available for those joining for the first time.

In conjunction with the above, Adobe plans to release a series of updates to the apps within the Creative Cloud. These will be available from June. For video editing, Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC and Speed Grade CC all receive additional or updated features. Photoshop CC will add 10 new or updated features including Camera Shake Reduction, a revised Smart Sharpen filter, Intelligent upsampling and version 8 of Camera Raw. More by Adam Hanlon at wetpixel

DAM - Orphan works
Six Ways to Keep your Digital Images from Becoming Orphan Works

Six Ways to Keep your Digital Images from Becoming Orphan Works

By David Riecks May 07, 2013

"Orphan Works" are a legitimate problem for many galleries, libraries, archives and museums that have acquired various works over the years, as without knowing who created each artwork, its hard to know whether copyright is still in effect. However, since the UK has recently passed the Enterprise & Regulatory Reform Act by royal assent, this pushes the issue to the forefront, since it includes a method by which Orphan Works can be exploited.

Over on the PhotoMetadata blog, I list six ways you can prevent your images from being considered as "Orphan Works" (a work for which the copyright owner can not be identified or contacted). While written for a photographer audience, these guideline are general enough to be of value for anyone to find of use (including image collection and DAM managers).

For the full details, see the Six Ways to Keep your Digital Images from Becoming Orphan Works post on the PhotoMetada blog.

Website of the Week - Len Deeley

Len has been involved in photography, underwater photography, and Audio Visual productions since the early 1980's. He regularly gives presentations of his photos and audio visuals as well as organising photographic trips and workshops.

In February 2000, after 29 successful years with an American bank, Len took redundancy, which has given him the opportunity to concentrate on his photography and diving. He regularly organises diving trips for underwater photographers to locations worldwide, such as Red Sea, Indonesia, French Polynesia, Galapagos, Cocos Islands, South Africa, Mozambique, Philippines, Cuba, etc.

By building up successes with entries in various British Photographic Exhibitions affiliated to the BPE Crown Awards scheme Len achieved the BPE1 award certificate in March 2007, BPE2 in April 2007 and BPE3 in May 2008.

Len Deeley
Len Deeley

In 2009 Len was commissioned with a dive friend Karen Gargani to produce a book. The book, called Ultimate Diving Adventures, was released in UK in October 2009 with world wide publication thereafter.

In March 2011 Len was awarded AFIAP distinction with the Federation Internationale Del'Art Photographique.

To learn more about Len and see some of his images please visit

Northern Underwater Photography Group
Northern Underwater Photography Group

NUPG - Next Meeting

Monday, 13th May, 2013

The next meeting of the Northern Underwater Photographers takes place on Monday 13th May at the Gurkha Grill, West Didsbury, Manchester (map).


Competition Anything Goes. Anything taken anyway in the world and you can use software to manipulate the image as much as your imagination allows.

Image clinic bring along a few images to show and discus.

For further details about NUPG please visit

BUPG - Next Meeting

Tuesday 14th May, 2013

The Meeting (start time 2000hrs) will be at our normal venue - The Casson Centre, Rodway Road, Patchway, BS34 5DQ (map).

Competition - 'Abstract'.

How to Be an Underwater Photo Instructor - Paul Colley

Presentation - Sea Urchins - Trevor Rees

Foto Forum - Predation - Arthur Kingdon

For further details about BUPG please visit

Bristol Underwater Photography Group
Bristol Undrewater Photography Group

RPS Print Competition
The Royal Photographic Society Print Competition

RPS Print Competition

Deadline: Friday, 17th May 2013

The Royal Photographic Society (RPS) invites professional, student and amateur photographers worldwide to submit their work for the RPS International 156. This year, the RPS is delighted to announce that for the first time in its history, digital entries may be submitted alongside print entries.

The Royal Photographic Society's annual International Print Exhibition is the longest standing exhibition of its kind in the world. During its long history of over 150 years, it has gained a reputation for showcasing a wide range of genres and styles of photography. Entry is open to everyone (whether an RPS member or not). Entrants can submit up to 4 images online or as prints, into one of two groups: Over 30s and Under 30s.

For further details and to apply online, visit:

UwP - Latest Issue

The latest issue of the FREE UwP magazine is now available to download.

Issue 72 includes Editorial, News, Travel and Events, New Products, Product Reviews, Techniques, Marine Biology, Locations and Parting Shots.

To download your copy please visit

UwP 72
UwP 72 : Cover Image: Atilla Kaszo

HP World Shoot Out
World Shoot Out - Underwater Grand Prix

World Shoot Out - Underwater Grand Prix

First Prize $3,000

Participating in Images of the World categories doesn't necessarily mean you have to get wet again!

Select your best and most impressive underwater images and video clips, taken anytime and anywhere in the world, and submit them to any of the following four Images of the World categories.

Best Wrecks of the World
Video Clip

Full details at

Shark Trust Photography Competition

Deadline: 28th August

The Shark Trust is delighted to announce the launch of Sharks in Focus 2013 - the photography competition that aims to change attitudes about sharks through imagery.

The Trust has spent over 15 years raising public awareness about the issues facing sharks and challenging the common Jaws stereotype. After the huge success of previous competitions the Shark Trust will be launching their third shark photography competition, in association with Diver Magazine, on the 1st May.

Judging the images will be three renowned experts in the field of underwater photography - Alex Mustard, whose distinctive style has gained international recognition, Michael Aw, a multi-award winning nature photographer, and Andy Murch, a freelance photojournalist specialising in sharks and rays. Supporters will also have the opportunity to vote for their favourite image via Facebook to champion the publics choice.

To find out more, or to enter the competition, visit

Shark Trust Photography Competition
Shark Trust Photography Competition

ScubaFest 2013
ScubaFest 2013

ScubaFest - Splash-in

Saturday 4th May, 2013

The popular Splash-in underwater photography competition will take place on Saturday 4th May at this year's ScubaFest. Entry is free and open to all

There will be some great prizes on offer with sponsorship from Suunto, BSAC and Oonas Divers.

The registration desk will be open between 6pm and 10pm on the Friday evening in the Pentewan Sands Holiday Park clubhouse. Please bring your camera and memory card with you as you will need to take a photograph at registration.

Please bring your images for the competition back to the registration desk on Saturday between 15.30 and 17.30. The prize giving presentation will be held at 19.00 in the clubhouse and will be compered by our competition judge, Charles Hood.

Beneath the Waves Film Festival

The Poly, Falmouth

Thursday, 6th June 2013

Competition Deadline: 14th May

The Festival Beneath the Waves Film Festival is a US-based international film festival in its fourth consecutive year, showcasing the talent of marine film-makers worldwide, highlighting conservation issues across the globe. Selected films will shown at mini-festivals all over the world, and for the first time in the UK The Poly, Falmouth is hosting it's own mini-festival.

The competition we invite submissions of both short films and still images which highlight local conservation issues. Underwater footage is not required but imagery must focus on ocean/marine/aquatic themes or issues, and must be your own original work. A research and/or conservation angle is encouraged but not essential. We welcome films and stills with all types of messages and subject matter, but we also want to highlight ocean success stories!

Beneath the Waves Festival
Beneath the Waves Festival

The winning film will be shown alongside international films, presented by Canon photographer Fergus Kennedy. Winning images will be exhibited in The Poly Gallery for one week prior to the festival. If you are a diver, photographer, scientist, conservationist, or just passionate about the ocean then this is for you if you have a good story which needs to be told, we want to hear from you!.

PRIZES £200 for the winning documentary / £50 for the winning photograph

Further information:

2020VISION Street Gallery
2020 VISION Street Gallery Exhibition

2020 VISION Street Gallery Exhibition

Throughout May

On Wednesday 1 May, the 2020VISION outdoor street gallery opens at More London, situated between London Bridge and Tower Bridge on the south bank of the Thames. The free exhibition, in partnership with Friends of the Earth and their new inspirational project Picture the Earth, will remain in place until the end of the month.  Go on, grab one of those over-priced cappuccinos and enjoy some if the most inspiring photography of the UK's wildlife and natural landscapes!

Further details about 2020VISION

HP Red Sea Online Competition 2013

Your FREE RIDE to the Eilat Red Sea Shoot-Out in Eilat!

General InformationPhotographer of the Month
Between the months of January and May, the Eilat Red Sea 2013 Online Competition will take place. Each month during the competition, amateur and professional photographers from all over the world are invited to submit a portfolio of 3 digital photos. By the end of each month, 3 photographers will be announced as the winners of that particular month, chosen both by the public and by a panel of five international judges. Photographer of the Year
An online competition among all the monthly winners (15 photographers) will then begin on June 1st, 2013. Online voters and a panel of 5 internatioal judges will eventually select one of the competitors as the Photographer of the Year.

HP Red Sea Online Competition
HP Red Sea Online Competition

Flights, accommodation and diving expenses will all be covered for the Photographer of the Year, in order to enable this winner to participate at the Eilat Red Sea 2013 shoot-out in Eilat. The 9th annual Eilat Red Sea competition will be held on October 20-26, 2013, in Eilat. Innovative categories and some very worthy prizes are planned for this year, making it very much worthwhile to be elected as the Photographer of the Year.

For further information please visit

2020VISION Roadshow at the RGS
2020VISION Roadshow at the RGS

2020VISION Roadshow

Royal Geographical Society, London SW7

Friday 17th May, 2013

Some of the UK's top nature photographers, Andy Rouse, Alex Mustard, Mark Hamblin and Peter Cairns, will gather in London on 17 May to present an evening of spell-binding imagery and personal anecdotes from 2020VISION, the most ambitious nature photography project ever staged in the UK. Taking place at the stunning Royal Geographical Society in Kensington, THE VISION theatre show, part of the 2020VISION Roadshow, will provide a fascinating insight into the ethos behind the project, reveal inspiring stories from throughout the country where our natural ecosystems are being repaired and re-connected, and showcase some of the very best wildlife and landscapes the UK has to offer.

Tickets £12.00. Further details at

The British Wildlife Photography Awards

Deadline 4th May, 2012

The British Wildlife Photography Awards recognise the talents of photographers practising in Britain, whilst at the same time highlight the great wealth and diversity of Britain's natural history.

Now in its fifth year, this highly acclaimed and prestigious competition has captivated the nation with outstanding and beautiful imagery. It is a celebration of British wildlife as well as a showcase for photographers.

The competition is open to professional photographers, amateurs, young and old, and any nationality. Everyone is eligible. All images must have been taken in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands.

British Wildlife Photography Awards 2013
British Wildlife Photography Awards 201

In addition to still photography there is a great opportunity to capture wildlife in action and win an amazing prize. Wildlife in HD Video sponsored by Sky+HD.

Young photographers aged 18 and under may enter the Young People's Awards - up to 4 images FREE.

With a prize fund of £20,000, and £5,000 cash for the overall winner, winners and commended entrants will have their work showcased in a national touring exhibition and'stunning book.

British Underwater Photography Championship 2013
British Underwater Photography Championship 2013

Image: Charles Erb Runner-up in the
Mankind in the Sea Category, 2012

British Underwater Underwater Championship

Mount Batten Centre, Plymouth, Saturday 6th July

Win a one-week liveaboard holiday to the Maldives (excl. flights) for two people courtesy of Maldives Scuba Tours

The 2013 British Underwater Photography Championships, organised by the British Society of Underwater Photographers (BSoUP), will take place on Saturday 6th July at Mount Batten, Plymouth, Devon. All underwater photographers are invited to participate, whether they are members of BSoUP or not.

BSoUP are delighted to announce that the judges for the best overall image are Underwater Photojournalists Charles Hood and Jane Morgan.

Further details at Splash/2013/intro.php

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