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News - May 2011

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What to Shoot by Alex Mustard
British Underwater Photography Championship
Epson World ShootOut
British Wildlife Photography Awards 2011
Voting for May Epson Red Sea Competition
Website of the Week - Robert Bailey
BSoUP's magazine 'infocus' - Latest issue

BSoUP Chairman, JP Trenque in Sulawesi
Focus On - Patterns - Results
Alex Mustard in the Mail Online
Website of the Week - Mark Atwell and Dana Rayfield
Next BSoUP meeting
'Rolling in the deep'
EdgeDiveTech upgrades Ultra Series video lights
Website of the Week - Terry Arpino

Big Scuba Trial Splash-In - Anglesey
X-ray Magazine - Latest issue
ERS Photographer of the Year Competition
New UK photo friendly dive charter
UwP - Latest Issue
Britain's Secret Seas
Website of the Week - Paul Woodburn
BUPG - Next Meeting
Underwater Journal - Latest issue
Xposure Show - The Rag Factory
UK Government might scrap vital laws
Pocket Guide: Dive Thailand by Paul Lees
Website of the Week - Dive into Life - Lisa Gabrielle

What to Shoot

by Alex Mustard

An informal talk to fellow members of the society - with several digressions along the way.

For some time now the BSoUP Committee have been discussing the viability of videoing presentations given at monthly meetings. With Alex MUstard's agreement BSoUP Member Jo Horrocks of Cuttlefish productions videoed his presentation at last month's meeting. Jo has combined live footage and sound with Alex's original images and posted the results to YouTube in four parts.

What to Shoot - Part 1 (above). Icelandic Intermission. Before discusssing the subject of his presentation, Alex treated us to some of his fantastic images he had taken during the previous three weeks in Iceland. 13:17 mins.

What to Shoot - Part 2 (right). The second part of Alex's presentation. 11:12 mins

What to Shoot - Part 3 (below, left) The third part of Alex's presentation 12:27 mins

What to shoot - Part 4 (below, right) the final part of Alex's presentation. 16:29 mins

BSoUP is extremely grateful to Alex for giving the presentation and agreeing to make it available and to Jo Horrocks for videoing it and spending many hours editing the videos and digital images.

British Underwater Photography Championship

British Underwater Photography Championship

Judges Confirmed

BSoUP are delighted to confirm that the panel of judges for this year's British Underwater Photography Championship (Splash-in) to be held on 9th July at Mount Batten in Plymouth are Peter Rowlands, Alex Mustard and Neil Hope (see below).

This year the panel will judge all of the categories and choose the winner of the Grand Prize of a 7-day live-aboard holiday for two in the Maldives (exclusive of flights and taxes) courtesy of Maldives Scuba Tours.

For further details and to register for the event, please visit

Peter Rowlands is the editor of the FREE online magazine UwP. He is a former Chairman of BSoUP and a regular contributer to DIVE magazine.

Peter wrote the Underwater Photographers Handbook which was published in 1983. He has also produced DVD's of HMS Royal Oak, HMS Dasher and Magic Filters for digital underwater photograhers among others.

For further information please visit and

Peter Rowlands
Peter Rowlands
Alex Mustard
Alex Mustard

Alex Mustard is one of the world's foremost underwater photographers and a member of the BSoUP Committee as well as Associate Editor of Wetpixel. Alex is a regular contributer to DIVE magazine.

Alex is also the author of Reefs Revealed and the DVD Shooting magic - A guide to shooting with filters underwater. He also co-authored the Art of Diving - a long term collaboration with writer Nick Hanna.

To learn more about Alex please visit his website at

A former press agency photographer, Neil Hope is Picture Editor of the Western Morning News, Plymouth, and a regular contributer to diving publications. Since qualifying in 1989 in the North-East of England, Neil has lived and dived extensively throughout the UK eventually settling in Torpoint, Cornwall some seven years ago.
Well aware of the challenging conditions which the underwater photographer often faces along our shores he is looking forward to joining the panel of judges once more.

Neil Hope
Neil Hope

Epson Red Sea World Shoot Out

  Competition registration ends July 30th, 2011

Epson World ShootOut

August 1-8, 2011

Register Now!

The international underwater photography grand prix, World ShootOut, will take place worldwide in August 2011. During the week of the shoot out, the whole underwater world will be performing as one huge festival, hosting professional and amateur photographers competing with each other for some very worthy prizes.
Earlybird registration (no later than July 1st, 2011) entitles the participant to submit a free additional set of images in each category the participant has registered to. 
The 8 day World ShootOut will take place in August 1-8, 2011, in any natural water resource found around the world, including seas, oceans, lakes, rivers, under the ice and more.
Yes, you can take part in the competition by diving in your familiar or favorite destination during the days of the shoot out. This can be a wonderful opportunity for you to either take a few days off for the sake of some diving in your local area, or to finally book the holiday you've been dreaming of in an exotic dive destination, on a live aboard or in a dive resort.
Participants' chosen images will be submitted to the competition after the shoot out has concluded, throughout August 9-15.

All World ShootOut categories winners and nominees will be announced on the festive Epson Red Sea winning ceremony in Eilat, Israel, November 19th, 2011.
Underwater photographers from all over the world, both professional and amateurs, are invited to participate in  any of the  6  World ShootOut categories.
Click Here  for World ShootOut categories and prizes
Click Here  for World ShootOut rules and regulations
Click Here  for World ShootOut registration form
For further information, please visit


British Wildlife Photography Awards 2011

Deadline: 2 June, 2011

The competition opened on 1 February 2011, with a prize fund of up to £20,000. The British Wildlife Photography Awards in 2011 is your chance to win a prestigious photography award and cash prize of £5,000.

There are numerous categories including 'Coast and Marine' whch includes marine and maritime species near the sea, underwater, at the sea shore and coastal zone only.

If you haven't entered yet, then please do so by Thursday 2nd June if you want to stand a chance of winning.

For full details please visit

British Wildlife Photography Awards 2011
British Wildlife Photography Awards 2011

Epson Red Sea - May
Epson Red Sea - May Competition

Voting for May Epson Red Sea Competition

It's time to vote for your favorite photographer based
on all of their images.

Voting ends 31st May 2011 at 23:55:00

Votes will be divided accordingly:

30% of all points will be given by registered online voters.

70% of all points will be given by 5 Judges - 14% for each judge.

The 3 winners will be the photographers who receives the
highest combined score from the 5 Judges and the online voters.

To see all the May entries and vote for your favourite please visit

Website of the Week - Robert Bailey

BSoUP Member Robert Bailey is captivated by all things in nature.
He enjoys reportage style as well. He says, 'flirting with my subjects without being intrusive', is something he likes to try to do.

He's worked professionally on commercial television sets doing production photography, shot modern dance for the art department at the University of Calgary, and worked in a freelance capacity shooting a variety of subjects.
Rob also worked as a NAUI scuba instructor up to training director level at the University of Calgary from 1993-1999, and is still an avid diver. He never dives without his camera. From 2007-2009 he was chairman of the Leamington and Warwick BSAC Branch 217. The Telecommunications industry is his mainstay.
Photographer's work he enjoys include; David Doubilet, Michael Nichols, Bettina Rhiems, Ansel Adams, Helmut Newton, Jim Brandenburg, and Alex Mustard in no particular order. He's an active member of BSOUP, BUPG and EMUP and enjoys all things photographic.

Robert Bailey
Robert Bailey

in focus 95
in focus #95. Cover image: Alex Tattersall

BSoUP's magazine 'infocus' - Latest issue

The latest issue of the Society's magazine 'in focus' should be with UK members or on its way to overseas members - assuming they renewed. If you have changed your contact details since the last issue than please update them via the Members Forum.

Issue 95 includes an Edtorial by Joss Woolf, Under the spotlight - Alex Tattersall, Bolting to the top - Dan Bolt, Fresh outlook for Splash-in by Martin Davies, Out of Sight by Kathy White, Competition results, Pikin in a Pond by Linda Pitkin, Diving the Kittiwake by Kay Newman, Saving the Turkish Two by Gavin Parsons, Hilary Lee, a sad loss by Rachel Horsfield, Creative lighting using snoots by Keith Lyall and BSoUP Officers, 2011.

This latest issue was edited by Joss Woolf, with the assistance of Paul Morgan, produced by Gavin Parsons and mailed by Mike Russell. to whom BSoUP extends its sincere thanks.

Not a BSoUP Member? To get your copy why not join BSoUP.

Please send contributions for the next issue to josswoolf @

BSoUP Chairman, JP Trenque in Sulawesi

After a break of nearly one year, our Chairman JP Trenque tasted tropical water again in March-April 2011 with a trip to North Sulawesi, Indonesia. He spent a week in Lembeh, split between Divers Lodge and Lembeh Cottages, and then headed to Kima Bajo to dive in the Bunaken National Park with Eco Divers.

Images from the trip are available in a new gallery.

Clown fish by JP Trenque
Clown fish © JP Trenque

Anthony Holley
2nd © Anthony Holley

Focus On - Patterns - Results

Congratulations to Anthony Holley who was the outright winner of the May Focus On Competition - 'Patterns'.

Second place went to Joss Woolf with an image of a Leather coral taken in Komodo, and third place to Sean Arrowsmith with an image of a Feather duster worm taken in Gozo.

Thee were a total of 18 entries.

How the top six scored:-

Position Photographer Points Firsts
1 Anthony Holley 54 9
2 Joss Woolf 37 7
3 Sean Arrowsmith 35 7
4 Pete Bullen 34 6
5 Ian Gotts 33 8
6 Rick Ayrton 32 5

The top six may be viewed in the Gallery.

Joss Woolf
3rd © Joss Woolf
Sean Arrowsmith
4th © Sean Arrowsmith

BSoUP Members only may view all of the entries in the Competition Slideshow, but you will need to login if you have not already done so this session.

If you were not in the top six and would like to know how you fared, please e-mail

Next month's Focus On Competition is 'Soft and squidgy'. Images should be of soft-bodied animals such as most jellyfish, comb jellies and anemones and some see slugs and sponges. The competition is for BSoUP Members only. The deadline for submission is Wednesday 8th June. Please read the Rules before entering via the online Entry form.

Alex Mustard in the Mail Online

The Mail Online, and many other newspapers, includes an article featuring BSoUP Member Alex Mustard, 36, diving 80ft into the crevice between the North American and Eurasian plates near Iceland to capture these spectacular photos.

Alex snapped away as he and his dive partners swam through fresh water canyons Silfra, Nes and Nikulasargja, which are up to 200ft deep.

He also took photos of the Arnarnes Strytur chimney, which forms a cloudy plume as 80C water is ejected from Earth's crust and hits the cool 4C seawater.

Read more:

Alex Mustard
Alex Mustard in the Mail Online

Mark Atwell & Dana Rayfield
Mark Atwell and Dana Rayfield

Website of the Week - Mark Atwell and Dana Rayfield

Each week we are highlighting a BSoUP Member's website.

This week's choice is Mark Atwell and Dana Rayfield. Their website, which has not been updated since 2009, includes 880 images in 18 galleries.

To see Mark and Dana's images please visit

All BSoUP members websites are listed on BSoUP Members Websites. If you are a BSoUP Member and your website is not on that list please contact Alan Larsen.

NextBSoUP meeting:
The next BSoUP meeting takes place on Wednesday, 18th May 2011 at 7.30 for 8.00 p.m. at our usual venue the Holland Club, Imperial College, South Kensington, London, SW7 5BD. New and prospective new members will be welcomed from 7.30 p.m. See Welcome

Photo techniques: Hasselblads for Underwater Photography by David Grover.

David is a 'Global Information and Training Officer for Hasselblad'. He has agreed to give presentation on 'Digital Hasselblads for underwater photography'.

Medium format image taken with a digital Hasselblad
Medium format image taken with a digital Hasselblad
© David Grover

Alex Mustard
Alex Mustard

Focus On Competition: Patterns. The competition is now closed. BSoUP Members only may view all the images in the Competition Slideshow.

Main Event: 'What to Shoot' by Alex Mustard.

Alex will talk about how he goes about selecting subjects and the thought process of what aspects of them he wants the image to emphasize to maximise the success of his images.

Alex hopes the talk will remind us all why we love underwater photography and will encourage members to get out there and take memorable images. Alex will also discuss how he manages his portfolio, deciding which trips to do and which to skip, to keep his portfolio fresh and to maximise the coverage of his image collection for the projects he is working on.

'Rolling in the deep'

Thursday 19th May at 7 p.m

Holy Cross School,  George Road, Kingston Hill, London, KT2 7NU

The Coombe Ridge Performing Arts Centre presents a lyrical recital 'Rolling in the Deep' by soprano Monica Luz and pianist Graham Rix with an audio-visual entitled 'Images in the Blue' and exhibition of lenticular prints by BSoUP Member Terry Arpino. The recital will be in two parts with a break for a buffet and refreshments.

Ticket reservations in advance for this spectacular evening are Adults £10.00 and Children £7.00. Please contact Sara May De Sarmiento, e-mail or tel. 07970 6050 5055.

Rolling in the Deep

The brightest video lights in the world
from Dan WartFilms) on Vimeo.

EdgeDiveTech upgrades Ultra Series video lights

Originally introduced at DEMA 2010, the Ultra Series video lights have been further enhanced. In an ongoing effort to push the envelope in light design EdgeDive Tech are proud to announce the option of a second dimmer knob on the canister. This will allow the user to control the brightness of each light head independently.

The Ultra Series lights possess an advanced feature set including: 18,000 total lumens, dimming capabilities, and a sophisticated battery gauge, all in a sleek design.

Website of the Week - Terry Arpino

Each week we are highlighting a BSoUP Members website.

This week's choice is Aquaphotos, the website of Terry Arpino.

Terry sells and hires photographic equipment, runs photographic courses and sells prints of his work.

For further details and to see some of Terry's images please visit

Terry Arpino
Terry Arpino

Big Scuba Trial SPlash-in
Big Scuba Trial Splash-In
Underwater Photography Competition

Big Scuba Trial Splash-In Underwater Photography Competition

May 14th-15th, 2011

Frogfish Photography, in association with the Big Scuba Trial, have organised a Splash-In underwater photography competition for Saturday 14th May in Anglesey.

Registration will take place in Treaadur Bay on the Big Scuba Trial Apeks stand in the morning, or by email, and each participant will be able to enter 2 images into the competition which will have 2 categories: Compact (including bridge) cameras and SLR cameras. Images must be taken on the day at any sea based dive site in North Wales.

Prizes have kindly been donated by Apeks (Egress Octopus), Fourth Element (Thermocline Vest and Shorts), Frogfish Photography (training voucher), Light and Motion UK (500P light) and Nauticam UK (product voucher), and judges will announce the winners on Saturday evening with 1st and 2nd place from each category receiving a prize. Entries must be submitted in person at the Apeks stand before 4pm on Saturday. Image manipulation is allowed, but please be aware that this is a photography competition and will be judged on photographic merit and not photoshop skills! Copyright of the winning images remains with the photographer, however the event organiser reserve the right to publish the winning images in articles about the event and on the facebook site (with photographers copyright details embeded)
If you would like to register for this event then you can email and you will be sent a file to photograph on the morning before you dive. Please ensure you have a blank memory card to start the day - the winners will be asked to provide their memory cards as proof that the image was taken on the day - so make sure you date and time are set correctly on your camera. You can also register on the day at the Apeks stand - but please register your interest by email so that we know how many to expect, and can send out more details to you.
To find out more about the event then please also join the Big Scuba Trial Facebook page: The competition is free to enter, and there will be plenty of other events and stalls over the weekend for your enjoyment.

X-ray Magazine - Latest issue

The latest issue of the FREE X-ray magazine is now avaiolable for download.

Nuno Sanda on diving the awesome Azores; Kelly LaClaire and Kate Clark team up to take us on a terrific dive trip to Grenada; Rïmi Masson on freshwater diving in the River Rhandocirc;ne; Scott Johnson on Humpback Whales in the Dominican Republic; Lawson Wood on False Killer Whales in Dominica; Christian Skauge on space diving in Germany; High-tech diving in the days of AquaCorps; Matt Weiss and Joseph Tepper on composition in underwater photography; Underwater hockey at the Coast Guard Academy; Bonnie McKenna on the sea turtle hospital in the Florida Keys; American textile artist Betty Busby shares her intriquite quilts of underwater scenes and marine life; plus current news about recent discoveries in marine ecology and shipwrecks, new equipment, industry and training events, travel tips, sharks, whales, dolphins, sea turtles, and more...

To get your copy please visit

x-ray magazine
X-ray Magazine

Marcello di Francesco
1/3 Images © Marcello di Francesca

Epson Red Sea Photographer of the Year Competition

The results of the Epson Red Sea Photographer of the Year April Competition have been announced.

The First place went to Luis Miguel Del Olmo from Spain,
Luis won the votes of 7.2% of the surfers and 14% of the judges votes. Total votes 21.2%
The Second place went to Marcello Di Francesco from Italy. Marcello won 2.4% votes of the surfers and 18.66% of the judges votes. Total votes 21.06%
The Third place went to Esteban Tore from Spain Esteban won 0.6% votes of the surfers and 14% of the judges votes. Total votes 14.06%

For further details please visit

To compete for the title "Photographer of the Year" by entering the May to August monthly competitions please visit

The overall winner of the title will get their flights, accommodation (BandB) and diving costs covered to participate at the Epson Red Sea 2011 Shoot-out in Eilat, November 13-19, 2011

New UK photo friendly dive charter

UwP editor Peter Rowlands is now offering uw photo friendly dive charters out of Plymouth in Devon.

MV Magic is an 8.2 metre Botnia Targa which has a cruising speed of 20 knots and a very soft riding, planing hull. She has a walkaround design so there's lots of working space both fore and aft as well as comfortable seating.

Magic Charters limits the number of places available to five so that everyone will have plenty of space and there are tables available to work on equipment in between dives. With work spaces both fore and aft, kitting up needn't be a scramble

MV Magic

MV Magic

Magic Charters is hoping to appeal to small groups of underwater photographers who appreciate being able to concentrate on their hobby without a boatful of other divers. Being able to cruise at 20 knots gives quick access to offshore sites such as the Eddystone and Hand Deeps reefs as well as wrecks like the James Egan Layne and the Scylla. The style of diving is obviously the choice of the group but Peter has several shallow sites where it is possible to anchor up and dive as much as you like. This gives you maximum time underwater with the freedom to return to the boat whenever you want to change lenses. The central cabin is heated and there is plenty of solar gain through the 360anddeg; windows so you'll be able to get out of the wind and warm up in between dives (once you've taken your dry suit off outside!).

A 240 volt power supply is available in the cabin for powering battery chargers and laptops so you can check the results from your first dive before going in again or top up your strobe batteries.

MV Magic is based at Dry Stack Marina on the east side of Plymouth and there's plenty of free parking all day.

For further details please visit

MV Magic

UwP 60
UwP 60
Cover shot : Tim Rock

UwP - Latest Issue

The latest issue of the FREE UwP Magazine is now available to download.

Issue 60 includes Editorial, News and Events, New Products, Fantasea FP 7000 by Peter Rowlands, Sigma 8 -16mm by Tim Rock, Born Free by Tim Rock, Selective lighting by Daniel Stassenj, Talking Teck by Damien Siviero, Alternate views by Mark Webster, Raja Ampat by Carlos Virgili, Antarctica by Chris Steritt, Amazon by Oliver Lucanus, Blue Heron Bridge by Mark Sagovac, Visaya Island by Massimo Mazzitelli, Guga Hunters by George Stoyle and Richard Shucksmith, Book Review and Parting Shot by Chris Sterrit.

To get your copy please visit

Britain's Secret Seas

A new series on British Diving starts on BBC Two and BBC HD this Sunday 8th May.

Episode 1/4 is entitled Giants of the West where the team uncover the world of the giants that reside in and on our Western seas.

A few metres off the Cornish shore, the team study Britain's largest fish, the basking shark. Despite the fact that they grow up to ten metres long, little is known about them, which makes effective conservation very difficult. In an exceptional encounter, the team are surrounded by up to twelve sharks as they feed on microscopic plankton.

Secret Seas
Briitain's Secret Seas

Their shark expedition then takes them north to the Isle of Man. Working alongside local scientists, they take shark DNA samples using a kitchen scourer in order to assess the genetic health and long-term fitness of these great leviathans. The team also run into a giant swarm of jellyfish.

In the waters of South Wales, Tooni encounters an invading army of giant spiny spider crabs. These creatures boast a leg span of over a metre across, and Tooni reveals that they come into the shallow waters every year to find a mate.

On Lundy Island off the Devon coast, Frank assesses whether the island's protected underwater No Take Zone could be used as a template to establish a nationwide network of marine nature reserves right around our island.

Frank also reveals how Great Britain still relies on the sea to import goods. He boards one of the biggest transatlantic container ships in the world, The Atlantic Companion, as the vast ship brings its cargo into Liverpool Docks.

In treacherous waters off the Isles of Scilly, Paul dives the largest shipwreck in British waters to assess the legacy of the worst ecological disaster to affect our shores so far; the ill-fated Torrey Canyon oil tanker.

For a list of broadcast dates and times please visit please visit

Paul Woodburn
ScubySnaps - Paul Woodburn

Website of the Week - Paul Woodburn

Paul, an architectural engineer, started diving in 1998 with his wife Lisa, and in 2002 he bought his first digital camera and housing. he has dived in several locations in the Caribbean, Red Sea, Thailand, Maldives, Indonesia, and of course the UK. He is currently training as a PADI Divemaster and BSAC Dive Leader.

Paul's prime camera is a Nikon D90 with Aquatica housing and Inon Z240 strobes. He has also recently acquired the new Nikon D7000 which will soon be his prime underwater camera.

Bristol Underwater Photographers Group - Next Meeting

Tuesday May 10th

The Meeting (start time 2000hrs) will be at the normal venue - The Casson Centre, Rodway Road, Patchway, BS34 5DQ (map).

Monthly Competition - Patterns
Presentation - Shutter Speeds - Trevor Rees
Photoshop Techniques for Beginners - Levels using Layers - Cathy Lewis
Presentation - Snoot Developments - TBC

For further details about BUPG please visit

Bristol Underwater Photographers Group
Bristol Underwater Photographers Group

Underwater Journal
Underwater Journal
Cover Image: Alan Studley

Underwater Journal - Latest issue

The latest issue of the FREE Underwater Journal is now available to download.

Issue 20 includes Editor's Page, Guam, Gear Locker, God's Pocket, Kelpology, Iceland's Strytan, Wreck Quest, USS Massachusetts, Florida's Underwater Archaeology Preserves, DAN Corner and Parting Shot.

To get your copy please visit

Xposure Show - The Rag Factory

24th - 26th May

One of our newest BSoUP members, Josh Weller is exhibiting some of his latest work at the Xposure Show at The Rag Factory, 16 Heneage Street, Nr Shoreditch, E1 5LJ, London this May!

Josh is a student of the University of Gloucestershire and will be exhibiting his Sharks and Dolphins exhibition along with a portfolio of images taken throughout the Bahamas.  Along with Josh his colleagues will be exhibiting a diverse range of photography from fashion to still life showing a whole variety of exceptional talent.

Xposure Show - The Rag Factory
© Josh Weller

The exhibition is set to impress with moving images, prints and installations along with other creative media.  If you would be interested in attending the private view to meet Josh personally then contact him at


UK Government might scrap vital laws

On Monday, it was revealed that the UK government might scrap vital laws which protect wildlife and the countryside and help stop climate change. Hardliners have branded the rules 'red tape' and say they could be scrapped within months.
We need to work together to make sure our wildlife, our countryside and our planet are protected. In the past, David Cameron has made headlines promising to run 'the greenest government ever'. We need to convince him that scrapping these laws would be a disaster for his reputation. A huge petition will prove to Cameron that he can't afford to break his green promises.
Please take 30 seconds to speak up for legal protection for wildlife and the environment:

Pocket Guide: Dive Thailand by Paul Lees

The contents of Paul Lees' Pocket Guide: Dive Thailand start with a series of introductory sections: 'Introduction to Thailand', 'Travelling to and around Thailand', 'Diving and snorkelling in and around Thailand', 'Health and safety for divers and 'Learning to dive in Thailand'.

The book then covers the different diving regions, each with its own introduction and map, plus descriptions of featured dive sites. These are followed by detailed listings of featured dive operators and a regional directory of local services and travelling logistics. Each dive operator listing and directory has a uniform layout to maintain the high standard and profile that are the hallmarks of a Pocket Guide publication.

Download the full print version of Pocket Guide DIVE Thailand 2011 Edition FREE! (10MB).

Dive Thailand by Paul Rees
Pocket Guide: Dive Thailand by Paul Lees
Click the button above to purchase from Amazon via this website and earn a small commission for BSoUP

Lisa Gabrielle
Dive into Life - Lisa Gabrielle

Website of the Week - Dive into Life - Lisa Gabrielle

From my birth in Poole, a town on the south coast of the UK; to regularly staying with relatives in Cannes, France; to my brother's wedding in Dallas, Texas; to visiting my parents in school holidays when they worked in Southern Africa; I've always been a bit of a traveller.

New places, exotic places, capture the moment. My brothers and I could not help but be influenced by the different and beautiful locations that we were taken to by our parents. My mum took pictures all through our childhoods. It is no wonder that we all progressed to having some kind of affinity with the lens. We all take photos, one brother becoming a film cameraman, the other an antique camera dealer.

And me? After many years of taking photos for myself, while working a regular office job, I have re-found my passion. Leaving my old life behind, I have been travelling the world, taking pictures. To learn more about Lisa please visit

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