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News - May 2009

Please send items for the News to Brian Pitkin

April 2009
June 2009
News Archive

European Maritime Day Exhibition
Website of the Week - Gary Roberts
Focus On - People - Results

Epson Red Sea Monthly Competition - Voting
British Underwater Image Festival - The Awards
Website of the Week - Trevor Rees
BSoUP in the press
NextBSoUP meeting 2008 Competion results announced
Website of the Week - Dana and Mark Atwell
The British U/PChampionship 2009
X-Ray Magazine - latest issue

Aphrodite Shoot-out competition
Website of the week - Annette Price
David and Debi Henshaw's website updated
Fly diving in Australia by Jeremy and Amanda Cuff
UwP - Latest issue
Epson Red Sea - Monthly Competition - April
EMUP - Next meeting
Stoney Cove/DIVER Magazine Splash-in 2009
Celebrate the Sea
Website of the Week - Linda Pitkin

European Martime Day
European Maritime Day Exhibition

European Maritime Day Exhibition

The European Union exhibited a collection of underwater photographs by BSoUP member Alex Mustard as part of the European Maritime Day Conference in Rome, on the 19-20th May. 14 of his photographs were on display, printed on all weather A0 boards (left).

The European Maritime Day shows the importance of the sea and oceans to people's lives. The conference included keynote talks by the Italian Prime Minister and the President of the European Commission.

Further information at

Website of the Week - Gary Roberts

Each week we are highlighting a BSoUP members website.

This week's choice is the website of Gary Roberts, Gary is a Manchester based freelance photographer covering assignments throughout the UK and overseas.

Gary, trained at Speos ( Paris Photographic Institute ), has undertaken assignments in Macedonia, Bosnia, South Africa, Korea, USA , Romania, Tanzania and Ghana.

For further inforamtion about Gary and to view his work, please visit

Gary Roberts
Gary Roberts Home page

Ramsin Eyles
Winner © Tamsin Eyles

Focus On - People - Results

There were a total of 47 entries for this month's Focus On competition which were judged by the audience present at last night's BSoUP meeting held at our usual venue, the Holland Club, Imperial College.

Congratulations to Tamsin Eyles who came first with an image of a a snorkeller photographing Sting Rays (left).

How the top six scored:-

Position Photographer Points Firsts
1 Tamsin Eyles 40 8
2 Gareth Lock 30 7
3 Gareth Lock 25 5
4 Arthur Kingdon 23 5
5 Cathy Lewis 22 4
6 Anna James 22 2

The top six may be viewed in the Gallery.

Gareth Lock
Second © Gareth Lock

Gareth Lock
Third © Gareth Lock

Congratulations also to Gareth Lock (second and third, above and left) with diver shots, Arthur Kingdon (fourth) with a shark and diver shot, Cathy Lewis (fifth) with a diver and trees through the surface shot and Anna James (sixth) with a photographer under pier shot.

BSoUP members only may view all the entries in projected order in the Competition slideshow.

If you entered the competition and were not in the top six and would like to know how you scored or would like feedback on why your image didn't make the top six, please contact Brian Pitkin.

Epson Red Sea Monthly Competition

Voting for the May Competition

Deadline: Saturday 30th May 2009

It's time to vote for your favourite photographer.

You will need to register to vote and then visit the voting page to choose the best photographer. Please note that online voters can only vote once.

Results of the May Competition are scheduled to be announced in early June when a new competition starts for the next month.

The overall winner of the April, May, June, July and August monthly competitions will win an all-expenses paid trip to Eilat, Israel to represent the UK and Ireland in the Epson Red Sea 'World of Underwater Images' competition. The competition offers $US10,000 to the overall winner and lots of additional prizes. See Epson Red Sea for full details.

Epson Red Sea - Voting - May

Robert Bailey
Seal © Robert Bailey

British Underwater Image Festival - The Awards

BSoUP members excelled at this year's British Underwater Image Festival, scooping 11 of the 24 print and digital awards at last weekend's ceremony.

Congratulations to BSoUP member Robert Bailey who won the Apeks British Photographer award. Robert also won the Wide Angle award in the Splash-in.

Congratulations also to BSoUP member Jim Garland who won the DIVE magazine Hotshot of the Year which was voted for by the public.

Congratulations also to BSoUP members Trevor Rees, Malcolm Nobbs, Helen Parris, Anna James, Dave Peake, Jo Horrocks and Charles Erb who between them took second or third place in one or more categories

For full details please visit

Website of the Week - Trevor Rees

Each week we are highlighting a BSoUP Member's website. This week's choice is Trevor Rees.

Trevor specialises in underwater photography and has been a diver for nearly 30 years. His considerable diving experience, especially in the UK, leaves Trevor free to concentrate solely on obtaining the best possible image. Trevor's passion for underwater photography began 25 years ago and has resulted in a wide variety of work - from close up macro photography though to wide angle scenics.

To view Trevor's website please visit

Trevor Rees
Trevor Rees' Home page

Diver - June 2009

BSoUP in the press

The June issue of DIVER magazine carries a one-page account of the BSoUP/Diver Print Competition held at LIDS 2009. Featured are the winning prints by Mark Montocchio (Marlin - Grand prize), Simon Brown (Goose - Advanced British and Irish Prints), Alan Larsen (Sunlight in cave - Overseas Prints), Luke Atkinson (Kelp forest - British and Irish Prints) and Malcolm Nobbs (Shark - Advanced Oversea Prints). All the winners and runners-up may be viewed at results.

The same issue includes articles by BSoUP Members Gavin Parsons on Tenerife, Linda Pitkin on Wild Wonders of the Med and Bob Soames on his Photosub winning digital image of a whale shark and diver.

NextBSoUP meeting
The next BSoUP meeting takes place on Wednesday, 20th May 2009 at 7.30 for 8.00 p.m. at our usual venue the Holland Club, Imperial College, S. Kensington, London. Directions.

Photo techniques: 'Leopard Seals in the Antarctic Peninsula' by Jamie Watts

Jamie said 'my talk is about taking divers down to the Antarctic Peninsula, amongst penguins and whales, to see and photograph the remote, endemic flora and fauna.  For most, the trips are about encounters with probably the most agile, athletic, engaging and charismatic seal on earth.'

'A long-time diving instructor and a very average underwater photographer, I've studied, worked in and led trips to high-productivity marine environments all over the world.  After spending two years living with eleven other people as a marine biologist on the remote and wonderful island of South Georgia with the British Antarctic Survey, I've specialised in the Polar Regions, acting as an assistant expedition leader, zodiac driver, guide, naturalist and lecturer in the Arctic and the Antarctic.

Jamie Watts
Jamie Watts

Maria Munn
Maria Munn

'I recently launched a well-received marine biology course for divers.'

Focus On Competition: People (no pool shots). Members only: To enter please visit Focus on.

Main Event: Maria Munn - Accessories to make any compact get award-winning results

Maria has been taking underwater photographs with different compact camera models for over eight years and was awarded her Licentiateship from the RPS last year. She will show how using add-on lenses and strobes can help to take really creative shots with most makes of compacts.

Four of Maria's guests have won competitions or being featured over the past year in Sport Diver and BSAC's Travel Club Website. 2008 Competition results announced

Congratualtions to BSoUP member Mark Walker whose image of a fish against the surface won the 2008 Competition.

Second place went John Akar and the runners-up were Christine Hamilton, Melvin Lee, Giuseppe Piccoli, John Akar and Yvonne Akar.

Congratulations also to BSoUP member Ross Gudgeon who came third with an image of an angel fish being cleaned.

The full results are available at


Dana & Mark Atwell

Website of the Week - Dana and Mark Atwell

Each week we are highlighting a BSoUP Members website. This week's choice is the website of Dana and Mark Atwell.

To see more of Dana and Mark's images please visit Dana and Mark have further images on Facebook.

To view other BSoUP member's websites please visit Links/Member's websites. If you are a member and your website is not on the list please notify Mike Russell.

The British Underwater PhotographyChampionship 2009

The British Underwater PhotographyChampionship 2009, organised by the British Society of Underwater Photographers (BSoUP) in association with the National Marine Aquarium, will take place on Saturday 4 July at Mount Batten and the National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth, Devon.

All underwater photographers are invited to participate, whether they are members of BSoUP or not.

Prizes, trophies and individual awards will be presented for winning images in each category as judged by the audience present (see below for full details). In addition, a grand prize will be awarded by an independent panel of judges for the image selected as the best taken in local waters.

Cathy Lewis
Tompot blennies © Cathy Lewis
Close-up Winner 2008

Steve Lawes
Cuckoo wrasse in kelp © Steve Lawes
Winner of the Beginners Animal Portrait category
and Overall Best Beginner 2008

Viewing and judging of the images entered will take place at the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth on the Saturday night. If you want to participate in the
BBQ on Saturday evening please register your intention to attend by Wednesday 24 June latest (sooner if
possible). If you have not registered in advance we cannot guarantee BBQ tickets. If you want to take part in the Splash-In, but do not want the BBQ, you may register on 3 or 4 July, although we would prefer you to
register in advance.

Please register by one of the following methods:
registering online, emailing Martha Tressler
with a completed entry form or sending an entry form by post to Martha Tressler at the address on the
entry form. For further details please see Splash-In.


There are four categories; Close-Up, Wide-Angle, Animal Portrait and Humorous. A maximum of four images per entrant, two in any one category for the first three categories are allowed. In addition, each photographer may enter one image for the Humorous category. Images entered in the Close-Up, Wide-Angle and Animal Portrait categories will also be entered in the overall competition for the grand prize to be chosen by a panel of judges.

Charles Erb
Spider crab © Charles Erb
Wide-angle Winner 2008

X-Ray Magazine Issue 29
X-Ray Magazine Issue 29 - Cover: Torsten Repp

X-Ray Magazine - latest issue

The latest issue of the FREE X-Ray magazine is now available for download.

Issue 29 includes Bikini Atoll - Expedition to the wrecks of Operation Crossroads: Aftermath andmdash; at the nuclear playground: Journey to Bikini Atoll: Wrecks of Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands. Leatherback Turtle Report from Papua New Guinea : Profiling Odyssey Marine: Yoga and Dive: Tech Talk: Why Technical Diving: UW Photography: Illumination: Portfolio Ana Bikic.

To download you copy please visit

Aphrodite Shoot-out competition

The competition is open to all photographers, amateurs and professionals alike. It is a shoot-out competition, meaning that photographs have to be taken in Cyprus during the 3 days of: June 2-4 2009. Categories and Prizes:
5,000 euros For the best 5 images courtesy of Mayor of Larnaka

2,000 euros For the best Singular entry live in the Zenobia


3,000 euros
For the best 5 Images - Environmental Conservation Advertising Campaign

4,000 euros For the best 5 fashion and nudes images+ 3 weeks diving trip for two to Papua New Guinea with Walindi, Loloata Resorts and aboard Febrina + Round trip air tickets Singapore/Papua/Singapore Courtesy of Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority

2,000 euros For the best amateur and 4,000 euros For the best video clip.

Annette Price
Annette Price

Website of the week - Annette Price

Each week we are highlighting a BSoUP members website. This week's choice is Annette Price.

Annette is a professional freelance photographer, photographing aquatic locations from a unique and often dramatic perspective by using diving and kayaking skills. She works with Nikon DSLR cameras in an Ikelite underwater housing to photograph underwater portrature and sports in swimming pools to split level and underwater photography in UK rivers, lakes and seas. Annette also produces illustrated features for magazine publication and work any where required worldwide.

To learn more about Annette please visit

David and Debi Henshaw's website updated

David and Debi have just returned from a trip to Manado, 'seeing new creatures, seeing old friends and making new ones ..... a great experience once again'.

They have recently updated some of the pages on their website including Links, Equipment for sale, Competition work, Alamy Stock Photography and Villa and Boat For Sale.

Please visit for further details.

David & Debi Henshaw
David and Debi Henshaw

Fly diving in Australia by Jeremy and Amanda Cuff

Fly diving in Australia by Jeremy and Amanda Cuff

Photographers, photojournalists and BSOUP members Jeremy and Amanda Cuff have published a new PDF feature about "Fly Diving" on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, which describes in words and images the experiences of diving this unique area in a unique way.

Jeremy said, "Fly Diving is a great way of seeing two aspects of the Great Barrier Reef from one trip and is ideal for divers who for reasons of personal preference, time limitations or cost considerations are unable to do a week long liveaboard itinerary.  The feature provides a comprehensive overview of the trip, which we'd recommend for any diver visiting the Cairns area. "

The "Fly Diving" feature can be viewed and/or downloaded from Jeremy and Amanda's website at . Go to the "text" section, choose "Australia". For the PDF version, scroll to the bottom of the page to find the link.

The website features a wide selection of photography and articles with particular emphasis on scuba diving and travel, although other topics such as abstracts and black and white photography are also included.

New work is regularly added to the JA-Universe website in the form of new galleries and articles, and also news items and an image of the month.

Underwater Photography magazine - Latest issue

The latest issue of the FREE Underwater Photography magazine is now available to download.

Issue 48 includes News and Travel, New Products, the Panasonic LX3 and UK Germany DL4, the Epoque EOS50. the UK Germany 50D, the Sanyo VPC-HD2000, the Patima Canon G10, Compact Course 2, Composition, Whale Kingdom, Amateur adventure, Lake Pandauml;ijandauml;nne, the Maluku Sea, For muck's sake and Parting Shots.

To download your copy please visit

Underwater Photography Magazine - Issue 48
Cover photo: Michael Gallagher

Shark by Robert Bailey
Shark by Robert Bailey

Epson Red Sea - Monthly Competition - April

Congratulations to BSoUP member Robert Bailey whose images submitted for the April Competition were judged the best. Robert received 64.5% of all votes cast.

Second place went to BSoUP members Malcolm Nobbs with 14% of vote and third place to Martyn Guess with 10.2% of the vote.

British and Irish underwater photographers click here to enter the May competition. Deadline is 18th May 2009.

East Midlands Underwater Photographers - May Meeting

Tuesday 5th May 2009

The next meeting of the East Midlands Underwater Photographers will be the third and final guest speakers of our second season. Probably the most talented guest to EMUP, we are excited to welcome Linda Pitkin to Nemos at Stoney Cove.

Technical talk: no technical talk this month

Competition: Best of Blue water

East Midlands Underwtaer Photographers
East Midlands Underwater Photographers (EMUP)

Linda Pitkin
Linda Pitkin

Main event: Linda Pitkin - My approach to underwater photography

'Underwater photography has been my passion for the last 29 years. As a biologist, I am driven by a fascination with nature and so I focus mainly on marine life, but regardless of the subject, I have always viewed it in terms of composition and light. My approach has been more instinctive than technical or theoretical, and rather than plan a specific picture in advance, I am constantly on the lookout while underwater for eyecatching angles and viewpoints, moments and opportunities. I take so much time working with subjects that I used to struggle to finish a film on a dive, even in the tropics. As a late convert to digital, I find my eye for a picture is still far more important than the equipment I have used - from Nikonos to DSLR'.

To learn more about Linda and view some of her images please visit

Stoney Cove/DIVER Magazine Digital Photo Splash-In

Following the success of the Digital Photo Splash-In at Stoney Cove last year, the next event will take place on Saturday, 9th May 2009, starting off from the quayside at 8am. Competitors are welcome to turn up later but many of the best results in previous years have been from early starters. You can pre-register or simply turn up on the day.

The formation in October 2007 of the East Midlands Underwater Photographers group, whose monthly meetings at Stoney Cove attract 50-70 attendees, has helped to increase interest in the annual Digital Splash-In.

Wide-angle - 1st by Steve Bateman
Stoney Cove/DIVER Magazine Digital Photo Splash-In
2008 Wide-angle - 1st by Steve Bateman

There will be three categories: close-up, wide-angle and aquatic life, and the £5 entry fee covers all. Up to 3 pictures can be entered in each category. The competition is digital only and computers will be available to download images and select entries.

There will be prizes for the winners, and free hot drinks and magazines from the DIVER Magazine marquee (near the shower-block) for competitors, supporters and other divers enjoying a dip in Stoney Cove.

Every picture entered for the competition must be shot at Stoney Cove on 9th May 2009, using jpeg format and a digital multi-media card with no previously recorded images. Post-shooting adjustment or manipulation will not be allowed. For a copy of the rules, visit

This is an opportunity for everyone to stake their claim to fame. All levels of ability are welcome and even the most seasoned photographers will be only as good as they are on the day. It's also a great chance to gain experience in time for the British Splash-In Championship to be held in Plymouth on July 11th, organised by the British Society of Underwater Photographers in association with the National Marine Aquarium, and also aimed at all levels of ability with special categories for beginners (visit:

A selection of winners' entries will appear in DIVER Magazine for all to see. Further coverage will be given on, so you could be published both in print and on line.



Saturday and Sunday 15th-17th May 209
Pentewan Sands Holiday Camp, St Austell, Cornwall

Dive Fest combines a weekend of diving and partying with kit manufacturer stands, the British Underwater Image Festival winning images exhibition, a Splash-in, Try dives, Films, Beach games, Beachcoming, a Treasure hunt and hog and lamb roasts.

To learn more and book your tickets please visit

8th Celebrate the Sea

Philippines 12-14 June Manila Ocean Park 2009

Deadline: 1st May 2009

Celebrate the Sea Festival is comprised of an international underwater film and photographic competitions, workshops on underwater photography, seminars of our ocean environment, children painting competitions and Shoot Out competition.

For further details please visit

Celebrate the Sea
Celebrate the Sea

Linda Pitkin

Website of the Week - Linda Pitkin

Each week we are highlighting a BSoUP Members website. This weeks choice is Linda Pitkin.

Linda is an award-winning photographer specialising in underwater subjects as well as British wild flowers. She is the author of four books featuring underwater images and has written numerous magazine articles.

To learn more about Linda and see some of her spectacular images please visit her website at

To view other member's websites please visit Links / Members

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