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News - October 2005

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Wildlife Photographer of the Year
Another World
October BSoUP meeting

Linda Pitkin's Exhibition
BSoUP website attracts 6,000 visits in a month

Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Congratulations to BSoUP members Alex Mustard, Charles Hood and Malcolm Hey on their success in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2005 competition organised by The Natural History Museum and BBC Wildlife Magazine.

An exhibition of all winning, specially and higly commended entries is now open at the Natural Hisotory Museum, South Kensington Lonodon until Sunday 23 April.

Animal Portraits
Snapper shoal

Alexander Mustard (UK)

The Bohar snapper is as fearsome as it looks, being one of the larger reef predators in the Red Sea (this one was about 70 centimetres - 27 inches). Alexander travelled to Ras Mohamed National Park at the tip of the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt, in June, specifically to photograph snappers and other fish during their spawning season. Snappers are normally solitary, but when spawning, they are found in huge aggregations. Alexander wanted to illuminate the strange face of the fish, while at the same time give an impression of the menacing scale of the gathering. But it's snappers themselves that are in danger, as outside the safety of the park, fishermen will target shoals, catching them before the fish have had a chance to spawn.

Snapper shoal
Nikon D100 with Nikon 105mm f2.8 lens
1/45 sec at f13; 200 ISO; Subal underwater housing,
Cobra head and Subtronic flash.

Shy hamlet romance
Nikon D100 with Sigma 28-70mm lens; 1/180 sec at f16; 200 ISO; Subal underwater housing; Subtronic underwater flash.
Animal Behaviour: All Other Animals
Runner-up - Shy hamlet romance

Alexander Mustard (UK)

While diving in Grand Cayman, Alexander spent many evenings watching hamlets spawning. Like a lot of reef fish, they mate at dusk. Of the 10 species in the Caribbean, the one Alexander really hoped to see was the shy hamlet. Finally, he came across this pair. Floating motionless so as not to disturb their natural behaviour, he watched them. Here the two embrace as the female (head down) starts to produce eggs for the male to fertilise. Hamlets are among the few higher animals that are hermaphrodites, and within a couple of minutes, the pair had swapped sexual roles, and the spawning caresses started again. Over about 20 minutes, they exchanged sexual roles six times.


The Underwater World
Highly commended -Reclining emperor shrimp

Malcolm Hey (UK)

Twirling and whirling in a crimson leotard and white tutu, the Spanish dancer (a large nudibranch, or seaslug) emerges to feed at night. Sometimes it has a passive partner, an emperor shrimp, tucked in the frilly folds of its gills. The tiny shrimp (about a centimetre - 0.4 inches long) turns red to blend in with its host's costume. Malcolm's sharp eye picked it out during a night-dive on the coral reef at Mandado Bay, at the northeastern tip of Sulawesi, Indonesia. But he had to wait for the right choreographic moment. 'A slack current gave me ample opportunity to photograph the Spanish dancer when it was resting,' he says. 'But it was a while before the shrimp moved into the best position.'

Reclining emperor shrimp
Nikon F90X with Nikon 60mm macro lens; 1/125 sec at f22; Fujichrome Velvia; underwater housing, two strobes.

Great hammerhead
Nikon D100 with 28mm Nikkor lens; 1/90 sec at f8; 200 ISO; Sea and Sea housing.

The Underwater World

Specially commended - Great hammerhead

Charles Hood (UK)

Charles Hood went to the north Bahamas specifically to photograph sharks, his favourite subject being the fearsome great hammerhead - even other sharks keep out of its way. On this day, he had no luck until, just before sunset, one big individual turned up to investigate a tuna head attached to a rope (pulled up immediately so as not to feed the shark and make it associate food with boats). Noticing that the crashing of the boat's stern into the water was creating a mass of white foam, Charles manoeuvred into position so that the bubbles provided a backdrop as the shark passed between him and the boat. 'After several runs, the boat crashed down just as the shark swam into frame, producing this dramatic silhouette. I only noticed the pilot fish when I downloaded the files.'

ANOTHER WORLD Colours, textures and patterns of the reef by Dos Winkel

The photographs in this book focus on the incredible colours, patterns and textures to be found - but more often missed - on coral reefs. Technical information about the tools and techniques used in capturing the images are provided and each image is captioned. The accompanying text includes information on the formation of reefs, the huge variety of organisims that make their lives on, and often give life to the reefs, and how crucial the reefs are to the well- being, not only the islands protected by them, but also the World as a whole.

Available now! For further information please contact Juliet Henney - Publicity Manager, ACC Books.

Another World by Dos Winkel

October BSoUP meeting

The next BSoUP meeting takes place on Wednesday 19th October 2005 at 7.30 for 8.00 p.m.

The Holland Club, Imperial College, London SW7 5BD.

Kicking off the evening is committee member and Anglicised Frenchman JP TRENQUE talking about BLACK AND WHITE PHOTOGRAPHY. JP has been diving most of his life and taking pictures for the last few years - with welcome success at Antibes last year and a win at the St. Abbs splash-in this August, JP has progressed quickly and will offer his tips on monochrome.


If you have qualified for the Focus On Final (1st or 2nd place in a monthly competition) with a digital image, we already have your images ready to enter.

If you have qualified with a slide you will have received an email reminding you - so please don't forget to bring your slide or arrange for it to be delivered to the meeting!


The first of the season of our prestigious annual portfolio competitions, the Best of British is open to paid-up members only. Each member can submit a portfolio of six 35 mm slides or digital images arranged in two rows of three. Send digital entries to in advance, or bring your portfolios along on the night - n.b. digital entries MUST already be stored as a portfolio, we are sorry but if you bring six separate digital images on the night they will not be accepted.

All portfolios, slide or digital, will be judged in a single category by the audience present at the meeting. The winner will receive the BSoUP Best of British Trophy and a cheque for £100 donated by Sport Diver Magazine, who reserve the right to publish the winning portfolio. Please check the rules for details


Matthew, among other things, heads up the image library Oceans-Image His most recent, very exciting deal was an image on
the front cover of Time magazine, taken by none other than our own Charles Hood. Matthew is a professional land photographer and will discuss shooting for image libraries including protocols and copyrights.

Linda Pitkin's Exhibition moves to Cuckfield

Linda Pitkin's Exhibition of prints has moved from the London Aquarium to The Gallery Dental Practice in Cuckfield, Sussex until Christmas.

The exhibition features a selection of her stunning images of marine animals and scenes from tropical and temperate waters around the world.

The Gallery is open Monday through Thursday between 9.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. and from 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. on Friday.

Further details

Whale shark by Linda Pitkin
Whale shark © Linda Pitkin

BSoUP website attracts 6,000 visits in a month

Over the last month and a half the BSoUP site has been modified by Brian Pitkin and JP Trenque to enable the number of visiitor's to be tracked. During the month of September, the first complete month for which statisitics are available, 6,000 visit's were recorded.

The top nine pages visited, after the Home page, last month in order of popularity were Gallery, International Focus on, News, Photosites, Competitions, Basic Techniques, Courses, Links and Focus on. The Courses page is out of date, so if you are running a course please send details to Brian Pitkin. If you have a link from the Member's page and have not renewed your subscriiption for 2005, please renew now or the link will be removed.

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