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News - September 2005

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Visions in the Sea
Underwater Sardinia 2005
September BSoUP Meeting
BSoUP Newsletter

St Abbs and Eyemouth Voluntary Marine Reserve's Splash In 2005
Ocean Realm back in print


A quick plug for Ocean Optics excellent annual conference held in London in October. This year again sees an event which firmly focuses on providing the Visions delegates with real world skills they can apply immediately to their own photography. As always, Optics have brought together top underwater image makers with professional track records as over-achievers who are going to share their hard won experience with you on the day.

Headlining the event this year are no less than four of BSoUP's most successful and elite members namely Alex Mustard, Martin Edge, Charles Hood and Peter Rowlands. There is also a very popular photo-clinic where you can get advice from the experts on your own pictures. All information and booking form at


International Underwater Photography Competition

The Underwater Sardinia photography competition will be held over the weekend of Friday 7th October to Sunday 9th October 2005. This year there will be two categories of entrants : amateur and professional.

This year's site for the photo competition will once again be the island of Tavolara on the North East coast of Sardinia. The diving will be organized and run by Anthias Diving in conjunction with Location Sardinia Ltd /Sardinia Scuba Tours.

During the 3 days of the competition, various evening events will be taking place after the day's diving for the competitors such as slide shows, presentations and demonstrations of new technical equipment.

Location Sardinia in conjunction with Will Postlethwaite will be running a special Photo Workshop Week from Mon 3rd October to Mon 10th October. This will include 3 days of tuition prior to the event itself.

In addition, Alan James is working with Location Sardinia to promote the event. A four day package, including diving, has been agreed for £30 plus flights.


For further information please contact:

Alan James


Location Sardinia Ltd/Sardinia Scuba Tours
Victoria House,
Desborough Street,
High Wycombe
HP11 2NF
Tel: 01494 601012


The next BSoUP meeting takes place on Wednesday 21 September 2005 at 7.30 for 8.00 p.m.

The Holland Club, Imperial College, London SW7 5BD.

As the nights start to creep in, why not head to South Kensington for an underwater photography fix, a chat with fellow enthusiasts and to enjoy a cheap glassful at the subsidised union bar! We have loads of interesting stuff on the agenda this month.


During a trip to New Zealand, Simon learnt some unexpected lessons as he realised that too much emphasis can be placed on the camera and equipment, overlooking the techniques and skills required to take pleasing and successful images.

Simon will explore ways of really improving your pictures, without mentioning the camera.

Simon, a BSoUP member, has been published in many media including BBC Wildlife magazine and Dive magazine,he has also been a presenter at the annual Visions conference (see below) describing his journey to becoming more full time photographer and less 'real worker'.

Recent adventures include sharks in the Bahamas and split levels in a cavern and his next big endeavour is a week in Antarctica followed by a drive across the Namib desert!


Images from above or below the water showing the dangers and downsides of man's impact on the marine world. Digital and slide images can be brought along on the night.

Alternatively, please send your digital images in advance following the competition rules and guidelines on resizing to:

N. B. PLEASE DO NOT send images directly to Alex Mustard as he's currrently overseas.


Carole is an immensely enthusiastic u/w photographer who lives in Dubai with her husband Leon and her favourite dive destination is the Philippines. Carole will present shots from both there and Dubai. Her photography and passion for the undersea world have led her to co-publish a dive guide to Dubai called 'UAE Underwater Explorer' which includes details of the most dived locations, with all the colour photographs supplied by Carole. A well-known local environmental campaigner, Carole is passionately against shark-finning and drift-netting. Many of her pictures have appeared in UAE newspapers and magazines and she has a vast library of shots, reflecting the many different parts of the world in which she and Leon have dived. Carole also has her favourite subjects - nudibranchs, of which she has a photographic collection of 230 different kinds.

Enjoy, hope to see you at the meeting, but please remember to enter the competition even if you are unable to attend.

gill mcdonald
BSoUP Honorary secretary/ Membership secretary

BSoUP Newsletter

The Summer issue of the Society's newsletter 'in focus' is just off the press. Edited by Pat Morrisey and produced by Anthony Holley (well done boys), the 50-page full colour issue is jam-packed with articles and images by members and non-members.

Subjects covered range from diving with Whale Sharks at Ningaloo in Western Australia, social change, dust and pollen on your SLR digital camera's sensor and how to clean it, fish-cleaning stations, BSoUP meeting reports, photo-dive charter trips and, of course, this summer's Splash-in competition.

To get yours, why not join BSoUP? You can download an application form to join (as an Adobe Acrobat pdf file) here and now!

For further details of the latest and all previous issues of the Society's newsletter

BSoUP Newsletter

Scorpion fish by JP Trenque
Scorpion fish © JP Trenque

St Abbs and Eyemouth Voluntary Marine Reserve's Splash In 2005

This year's St Abbs and Eyemouth Splash-in took place on Saturday 27 August.

Congratulations to BSoUP members JP Trenque, who won the prize for the Best Digital Image and the Marine Life Portrait digital category with his shot of a Scorpion Fish; Ken Sullivan, runner-up in the same catgory with an image of a Ballen Wrasse and winner in the Most Humerous digital category, with a pink octopus; Samantha Bean who came second In the Reserve Atmospheric digital category.

Congratulations also to Peter Ladell just being pushed into second place in the Marine Life Portrait film category with his shot of a Lion's Mane Jellyfish and second prize in the Reserve Atmospheric film category for his wide-angle shot of a Diver; Len Deeley, who won first place in The Most Humorous Shot film category, with a portrait of a Diver encountering a Mermaid.

Full details of the competition can be found on the St Abbs and Eyemouth Voluntary Marine Reserve's website at

Ocean Realm Journal back in print

To say that Ocean Realm is a scuba magazine would be imprecise. Or to say it was an ecology, travel, education, adventure, scientific, antiquity, exploration or expedition magazine would also be inexact. In reality, Ocean Realm is the 'All Things Ocean' magazine of the world.

Ocean Realm brings a vast mix of ocean related information including scuba and snorkeling, kayaking, exploration, conservation, technology, antiquities, science, people and places and so much more.

Ocean Realm

With the publishing of the Ocean Realm Journal we bring together like-minded people, from all over the globe, who believe to play on and in the ocean's realm you must adhere to the concept of Respect and Protect!

Further details

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