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News Archive

Michael Portelly launches his website
BSoUP website down

Next BSoUP meeting
BSoUP Clothing

Next BSoUP meeting:Wednesday 21 April at 7.30 for 8.00 p.m.

The Holland Club, Imperial College, London SW7 5BD.

Spring is upon us and the prospect of plunging into local waters becomes more attractive as the sun begins to feel warm again (this is a personal comment for all you intrepid Winter UK divers out there!!). So, this month we look at UK diving best and worst with Peter Tatton. We also have Colin Doeg searching for flambo, together with our first digital competition.


Colin was involved in the production of the video 'Searching for Flambo'. In drafting the outline script and then writing the final version, he was drawing on some 35 years in public relations during which time he was responsible for the production of sales promotional, corporate and employee relations films and videos. He was also involved in the publicising of the famous chimp commercials for PG Tips tea and, to a much lesser extent, the Oxo commercials. Some members have begun making their own videos so Colin's involvement in this particular video might be of interest to any budding videographers out there.

I am sure Colin needs no introduction for most of us, but for any new members - as one of the
founding members of BSoUP back in 1967, along with Peter Scoones, Colin was the original Chairman and has continued to pursue the art with passion and commitment with long standing involvement in countless competitions,
articles, magazines, books and conferences.

Our first digital competition, entries will have been submitted in advance for showing on our digital projector. The voting process by the audience will be as usual.


Peter will discuss what limits us when it comes to diving in this country - some of the problems which we create for ourselves, some others which just happen. It's a look at the diving scene in the UK and how we as underwater
photographers can benefit from it.

Peter has been diving since his early teens and taking underwater images for more than 20 years. During this time, he has built up a wealth of knowledge about underwater photography and the world below the waves. He regularly
gives illustrated general and technique talks on underwater photography, writes as a photojournalist and helps divers learn and improve their underwater photographic skills.

On a regional and national level Peter's images have won him many competitions. He has represented Great Britain in three CMAS underwater photographic championships, in Norway (Alesund), Egypt (Soma Bay Resort Red
Sea) and Marseilles. Peter is also the Sub-Aqua Association ( underwater photographic coordinator.

Gill McDonald

Michael Portelly discussing one of his superb prints at the March Meeting of BSoUP

Michael Portelly launches his website

Director and Cinematographer Michael Portelly, who was guest speaker at last month's BSoUP meeting, has just launched his own website.

Links to member's websites can be found on the Links page. Any BSoUP member who has a website not linked from the Links page who would like to include a link please contact Brian Pitkin. In return we would ask that you provide a link from your site to

BSoUP website down 21-Mar-2004 until 2-Apr-2004

Apologies to all for the absence of the BSoUP website for the past two weeks. BSoUP changed web hosts and unfortunately the new one screwed up their settings!

BSoUP Logo

BSoUP T-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts and jackets.

Martha Tressler, our Hon. Treasurer, has a selection of BSoUP branded items of clothing for members to purchase. T-shirts will be available in navy blue or white with a white or blue BSoUP logo and the full name of the Society. Other items, sweatshirts and polo shirts, in navy blue with white BSoUP logo and name. Caps by special order!

Prices from £10 for T-shirts to £24.00 for jackets. You can buy yours at any of the monthly meetings of the Society or contact Martha Tressler

To order please contact

Martha Tressler

109 Lisbon Ave, Twickenham, Middlesex TW2 5HL

Tel : 0776 460 3657 (days)

Tel : 0208 255 4765 (eve, wknd)

E-mail :

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