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News - March 2004

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Theme Portfolio Competition 2004
Michael Portelly - a retrospective
BSoUP at the London International Dive Show
Antibes 31st Festival of Underwater Pictures

Next BSoUP Meeting
Challenge for Digital Photographers - BSoUP Splash-in 2004

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BSoUP website down 21-Mar-2004 until 2-Apr-2004

Apologies to all for the absence of the BSoUP website for the past two weeks. BSoUP changed web hosts and unfortunately the new one screwed up their settings!

Theme Portfolio Competition 2004

Congratulations to Jane Morgan, who won this year's Theme Portfolio competition.

Jane has recently joined the BSoUP Committee.

Jane Morgan receiving the BSoUP Trophy from Colin Doeg
Jane Morgan receiving the BSoUP Trophy
from Colin Doeg

Michael Portelly discussing one of his superb prints at the March Meeting of BSoUP
Michael Portelly

Michael Portelly Underwater - A retrospective

At this month's BSoUP meeting Michael Portelly wowed the audience with some of the stunning photographs he took nearly 20 years ago (see below for further details). Michael has recently had a selection of his favourite prints digitised and printed on giclé paper, which he will be offering for sale on his website.

In addition to prints, Michael also showed his film 'Ocean's Daughter', which was projected using BSoUP's new digital projector.

BSoUP at LIDS 2004

Meet us at the London International Dive Show, ExCel - Docklands, London
Saturday 27th March 2004 - 9:30am-6:00pm
Sunday 28th March 2004 - 9:30am-5:00pm

Meet us on the BSoUP stand!

London International Dive Show

Antibes 31st World Festival of Underwater Pictures
Antibes 31st World Festival of Underwater Pictures

Antibes 31st World Festival of Underwater Pictures

This year's festival takes place during the week of 27-31 October at the usual venue, the Palais du Congres, Antibes.

This year's theme is Polynesia.

Deadline for regsitration is 15 September.

Further details:

or e-mail

NEXT BSoUP MEETING - Wednesday 17th March at 7.30 for 8.00 p.m.

The Holland Club, Imperial College, London SW7 5BD.

Not wishing to sit on our laurels after our hugely successful schedule last year, we are extremely proud to present another highly respected and accomplished name in the underwater photography world:


Michael began his career as an underwater stills photographer in 1976 and his style quickly earned him a reputation that landed him his first
assignment, shooting underwater fashion for the Sunday Telegraph Colour Magazine. In his ensuing exciting and distinguished career, Michael has worked as both cinematographer and director, creating award winning commercials and documentaries.

In his own words: 'It is my hope that I can share something of my own approach to the creative process and underwater photography with BSoUP members, many of whom will not have seen this early work. BSoUP was an exciting place to be between 1976 and 1980, when a veritable explosion of ideas and techniques became the source of a lot of excitement as, together, we set out to explore new ways of portraying the underwater world!'


Michael is currently developing a website to promote a collection of underwater photographs, taken between 1976 and 1980. 'A revolution has occurred in printing technology that makes it possible to create prints unsurpassed in colour intensity and luminosity, producing images with an impact that compares favourably with seeing the original transparencies projected on a screen.' Michael will show a selection of prints and describe this new technology. It is very affordable, and he hopes it could do much to maximise the presentation impact of BSoUP members' work at home, for exhibitions, in competitions and perhaps also for sale!


This annual competition must comprise six 35mm slides on a theme selected by the photographer. The images may be taken anywhere in the world, but not in an aquarium or swimming pool. The winner will be rewarded with the BSoUP Theme Portfolio Trophy.


The Ocean's Daughter is a film Michael created in 1980. It was intended to explore new underwater photographic techniques and present a different vision of the underwater world. The DVD box describes the film: 'A diver is taken on an undersea odyssey into the heart of the ocean, where mysterious forces are at work that give rise to the Ocean's Daughter, born to deliver a stark warning....'

The film carried a strong environmental message at a time when growing environmental problems were neither in the public eye nor yet a mainstream concern. 'I recently discovered that since this film was made, copies have been circulating in underwater film festivals around the world and despite its' flaws, many have requested it be made available. It has not been shown to BSoUP for more than twenty years!'

'BSoUP was the cradle where my career was nurtured, thanks to the generous advice and support I received at the beginning from founders Colin Doeg and Peter Scoones, not to forget Steve Greenaway, all of whom showed considerable patience with my constant questions - a great way to learn the basics... fast....'.

I am sure you will join me in welcoming back a BSoUP 'veteran' who has carved a very successful career in our shared passion. Due to the meeting being on March 17th, please be aware Michael will make every endeavour to leave you enough time at the end of the evening to indulge in a time honoured St. Patrick's Day celebration, and buy him a Guinness!

Gill Mcdonald


A digital category has been added to the format of the British Society of Underwater Photographers (BSoUP) popular annual 'Splash-in' at Plymouth on July 3, 2004.

It is anticipated the new digital category will be an attractive challenge for the large number of divers who have bought entry level digital cameras and is in addition to the long-established categories for slides.

The competition is open to all photographers. Venue for the event is the Mountbatten Centre which overlooks Plymouth Sound in Devon.

An unusual method is used to decide the winners. Entries are judged by the audience at a social and prize-giving in the evening attended by the competitors, other divers and members of the public.

They all vote for their favourite images in each of the categories to find the most popular photographs.

First held in the early 1970's, the format for this on-the-day contest has been adopted throughout the world for other similar shoot-outs. It challenges entrants to find winning images in one particular area on one specific day of the year so everyone has an equal opportunity.

Contestants with conventional cameras draw a 36 exposure slide film to expose in Plymouth waters during the day. They have to return it for processing in the afternoon.

Once processed, they can select up to two of their slides to enter in each of the four on-the-day categories: wide-angle, macro, fish and humorous/creative.

Digital photographers face a similar challenge of finding winning images for the new category in the vicinity of Plymouth. Their two favourite shots will be downloaded later in the day for projection and judging to find the favourite three images.

There is also a competition for the best British and overseas prints. They too are judged by the audience.

The winners in each class receive a trophy which they hold for a year. Plaques are award to those who are first, second and third in each section with the exception of the creative/humorous class where only the winner receives a plaque.

Full details of the film competition, including entry fees and rules, may be downloaded from this website. Entry forms can also be obtained from Gill McDonald at

A digital entry form will be available shortly.
Last year's winning photographs can be viewed on the BSoUP website at Splash-in 2003.

For further information or explanation contact the organiser, BSoUP president Brian Pitkin: (020) 7942 5707 (work), (020) 8668 8168 (home) or

Colin Doeg

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