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Linda Pitkin launches her own website
Cheap slides from digital files

BSoUP Meeting Wednesday 18 February

Linda Pitkin launches her own website

BSoUP member Linda Pitkin has just launched her own website.

Links to other member's websites can be found on the Links page.

Any BSoUP member who has a website not linked from the Links page who would like to include a link please contact Brian Pitkin.

In return we would ask that you provide a link from your site to

Cheap slides from digital files

Jean Philippe Trenque writes:

A company called Micro-Quiz ( based in Notts offers to convert TIFF or even JPG images into 35mm slides at an incredibly low price.

They charge £1.00 for unmounted slides, £1.25 for plastic-mounted and £2.00 for glass-mounted. There is no minimum set-up cost or anything and they are incredibly quick.

They also offer a slide scanning service for 35p per slide, but I haven't tried that.

JP originally found them by doing a Google search. He sent them a CD with 10 slides and got the mounted slides back within 5 days. The quality was excellent. One of them even won the Photosub Blue Water slide competition last Saturday !

That could be a bargain for the digital photographers among us !

BSoUP Meeting WednesdayFebruary 18th at 7.30 for 8.00 p.m.

This month we explore some specialised areas - monochrome black and white, and deep shipwreck photography.


Colin, our long-suffering and esteemed Chairman, will describe the lesser exploited possibilities available with monochrome imagery. As one of the founding members of BSoUP back in 1967, along with Peter Scoones, Colin was the original Chairman. Since then, he has continued to pursue the art with passion and commitment with long standing involvement in countless competitions, articles, magazines, books, conferences and meetings, all far too numerous to itemise here. Take is as read, the guy knows what he's talking about!


Your very best images of the last year, any subject, up to 2 x 35mm slides per entry. No sticky labels please.



Leigh will describe his fascinating work with time exposure photography of shipwrecks. Though he specialises in deep wrecks, the

techniques he uses can also be applied to shallow subjects. He will describe working with a tripod underwater, including the problems encountered managing a housing together with the advantages, also a comparison of black and white and colour.

Leigh will be displaying some images from the recent Britannic expedition shot in 120m of water and which have never been seen before. He will end with some land based time exposure work which can be related directly to the
underwater environment, and will explain what can be achieved in this area.

Leigh welcomes interaction and will be happy to discuss any questions from the audience during his talk. Specialising in the field of deep shipwreck exploration, Leigh is regarded by many as Britain's foremost deep wreck
photographer. In this capacity, he has been involved over many years in pioneering wreck expeditions from famous Ocean liners to sensitive War losses as well as deep, historically important sites of archaeological
interest. His research into the archives has led to the identification of dozens of previously unknown shipwrecks around the British Isles. With scant imagery available at the time, he originally took to photography specifically for the Britannic '98 expedition. Interestingly, Leigh does not make his living through his writing, research and rare photographic material but has a career as a full time fire fighter in Hertfordshire.

Gill McDonald

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