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News - August 2003

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BSoUP Meeting Wednesday 20 August
Underwater Photography Magazine
Titanic at the Science Museum

Geographical Magazine Photographer of the Year
Underwater Photography by Paul Kay - Book
100 Best Dives in Cornwall by Charles Hood - Book

BSoUP Meeting Wednesday 20 August at 7.30 for 8.00 p.m.

Forget the heat for a couple of hours - this month we have an exceptional line-up presenting the old and the new in two fascinating topics - Medium
Format and Digital.


Alex often pursues different methods of achieving his highly accomplished art, and his experience in medium format is no exception. In the age of
mega-pixels and Velvia 100F, does medium format still have a place in underwater photography? Alex, a photographer of the TTL flash age, will describe reverting to a Hasselblad camera which is almost as old as BSoUP and certainly older than himself. He will explain the highs of those gorgeous two and a quarter inch square transparencies and the lows of toting a monster housing and a camera with no battery. Above all, this presentation is a rare chance to see some medium format images projected.

Alex is our 'resident' innovator, committee member and regular speaker. He works as a marine biologist at Southampton Oceanography Centre, founded the Young Underwater Photographers Group (YUP), has won numerous prestigious awards, published many articles and papers and presented many lectures.

Along with Mark Walker, Alex is also accomplished at, among other things, digital photography and will be participating in a dedicated digital evening
at BSoUP early next year.


Animals which have no backbones e.g. corals, jellyfish, starfish, crabs, sea-slugs, tube worms etc. NOT animals with backbones e.g. fish, mammals, turtles, sea snakes.


Mark has recently launched into the exciting new world of digital underwater photography after several years perfecting the film variety. He spent a week in the North and 2 weeks in the South Red Sea this year getting to grips with his new D100 camera in a SeaandSea housing, and familiarising himself with the pros, cons, frustrations and awesome delights of the digital revolution. Such is his commitment that he has been spotted between dives huddling beneath a towel in 32 degrees pouring over a laptop in a dark corner of the dive boat! Mark will present the results of his 3 week learning curve and introduce the digital underwater experience.

Mark is a self-confessed underwater photography obsessive and his enthusiasm
and perseverance have reaped prestigious rewards. Having entered several international photographic competitions over the last few years, he has achieved substantial recognition including 6 medals at the IMAGE 2001 International Festival of Underwater Photography plus a special award for the most promising underwater photographer of the festival. Sportdiver
magazine awarded Mark the runners-up prize in their 2001 Photographer of the Year competition and more recently Divequest selected one of Mark'simages for the front cover of their 2003 brochure. As chairman of the Northern Underwater Photographic Group he is involved in developing underwater photography interest in the north of England, and also gives presentations throughout the UK.

As ever, whilst we realise not all members have easy access to the London
meetings, we feel it is useful to keep you informed of the meeting contents
and competitions.


Underwater Photography Magazine

Underwater Photography is a web magazine edited by Peter Rowlands with articles by BSoUP members and others.

The August/September issue of Underwater Photography (no. 14) is now available for download free at Underwater Photography.

Underwater Photography Magazine
Cover photo: Demelza Postlethwaite


Titanic at the Science Museum

Titanic: The Artefact Exhibition takes visitors on a chronological journey from the design and construction to eventual discovery and salvage of the world's most famous ship.

The IMAXandreg; film Ghosts of the Abyss captures the awe and wonder of the crew as they see the Titanic for the first time and follows their story as they attempt to get closer to the wreck using the latest technology.

Titanic: The Artefact Exhibition
IMAXandreg; Ghosts of the Abyss

Geographical Magazine Photographer of the Year

Geographical Magazine Photographer of the Year competition is fast becoming one of the premier photographic events in Britain. This year the competition received over 1600 entries, the 21 short listed and winning images have been put on display in the Science Museum.

The phenomenal quality of the entries have produced a moving and fascinating exhibition encompassing many elements of the world around us. Featuring 7 categories - Science of Exploration, Miracles of Science, Wildlife, People and Culture, The Environment, Travel and Landscape, the presentation contains material that will inspire and interest all.

The exhibition runs from July to December 2003.

New book on Underwater Photography

Underwater Photography
by Paul Kay

ISBN: 1 86108 322 x
Publisher: GMC Publications
Publication date: September 2003
No. of pages: 192 pp
Photographs: 150
Dimensions: 254 x 254
Binding: Hardbacket/Jacket
Underwater Photography

100 Best Dives in Cornwall

New Dive Guide

100 Best Dives in Cornwall
by Charles Hood

ISBN 0-9538919-3-3
Publisher: Circle Publishing, 83-84 George Street, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 1HE. Availability:
Mail order via SDS 01273 494999
All good diving shops
Trade: Hinchcliff Books 01258 453334

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