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In Focus
BSoUP Meeting - Wednesday 17 June

Underwater Photography web Magazine

In Focus

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in focus 74
in focus

Ken Sullivan, our newsletter editor

Ken Sullivan, our newsletter editor
and June Photo Techniques presenter.

Alex Mustard

Alex Mustard, Focus On winner
and Main Event speaker

Tony White
Tony White, before the bite

BSoUP Meeting - Wednesday 17 June

Last night's meeting of the Society kicked off with a presentation by Ken Sullivan on 'A different kind of light'. Ken explored different lighting techiques, including ring flash, illustrating his talk with some excellent examples of the same subject matter using different types of flash.

The Focus On competition 'Macro' attracted 34 entries. The winner was Alex Mustard with a balanced light shot of a flamingo toungue mollusc viewed through the adjacent whips of its coral host. Runner-up was Anita Marshall's macro shot of a goby taken in Bonaire using a 105 macro lens. Ken Sullivan took third place with his ring-flash balanced light shot of a lion fish from below and in front, with the blue surface as a background.

The Main Event was presentation by Alex Mustard entitled 'Capturing coral reefs on their best behaviour - taking images that illustrate the workings of the reef'. Alex, a marine biologist, prefers to take images that illustrate aspects of coral reefs that show movement and interactions between the reef and its inhabitants. Starting with herbivores, Alex took us up the food chain to the larger predators, illustrating his approach to photography with some beautiful images.

Thanks to Gill and Leslie (our mystery Committee member) for standing in for John Langford.


Tony White apparently got seriously bitten by a shark whilst taking photographs of a bait ball in South Africa recently and is now sporting some impressive bite marks on his arm!

Our beloved Hon. Sec. has had the collar removed from his neck and is off to watch other BSoUP members dive in the Red Sea next week. Sadly, Pat can't dive for another six weeks, although he 'may snorkel'.

Underwater Photography web Magazine

Underwater Photography is a web magazine edited by Peter Rowlands with articles by BSoUP members and others.

The June/July issue of Underwater Photography (no. 7) is now available for download free at Underwater Photography.

Underwater Photography
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