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BSoUP Meeting - July 2015

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Anthony Holley
Anthony Holley

BSoUP - Next Meeting

Tuesday 21 July 2015

The next BSoUP meeting takes place on Tuesday 21 July 2015 at 7.30 for 8.00 p.m. in Meeting Room 3, Union Building, Beit Quadrangle, Imperial College, South Kensington, London SW7. Entrance via Prince Consort Road. Directions. New and prospective new members will be welcomed from 7.30 p.m. See Welcome.

Anthony Holley: Lightroom - useful things you may not know. Most of us use Lightroom, but don't make full use of all its clever features. Anthony will show us how to use some handy things including import presets, smart previews, and various types of collections.

Anthony first picked up an underwater camera in 1984 on his 9th dive in Malta and hasn't dived without one since (well, rarely...).  From a basic Hanimex at the start, to a Nikon D7100 currently, he has worked with a wide range of cameras.  He started scanning slides and doing computer post production in the early days and has been using Lightroom since about 2008 (that was Lightroom 2).  HIs last appearance in front of a BSoUP audience was in March 2009 talking about Creating Photobooks. He has been a BSoUP committee member since 2001 and you will see him at most BSoUP meetings.

Focus On - Natural Light (An image lit only by natural light.) The competition is now closed. BSoUP Members may view the 35 entries in the Competition Slideshow.  You will be asked to log in if you have not done so this session. The competition has been judged by Nick Blake.  At the meeting all of the entries will be shown and Nick will present his winners with some feedback about how he chose them.

Focus On - Natural Light
Focus On - Natural Light

Jamie Watts
Jamie Watts

Jamie Watts & Malcolm Nobbs: From Crocs to Leopard Seals, publishing our favourite dives.  Jamie and Malcolm will talk about their favourite subjects and locations and the challenge of getting shots of dangerous marine life, whether they are highly venomous or simply have very nasty bites! Based upon a recent presentation they gave in Australia, this now updated presentation will show you exactly how, where and why they have sought out some of the worlds most dramatic underwater marine life. From Antarctic to Australia, Jamie and Malcolm will tell you about their successes and their mishaps.
Jamie is a marine ecologist, expedition leader and naturalist guide working in earth’s most spectacular marine ecosystems.  He writes for several magazines and presents on marine and polar wildlife, global-scale ecology, human ecological footprint and climate change.  Two years with the British Antarctic Survey on South Georgia, another nine southern summers shipboard in the Antarctic Peninsula area, and eight northern summers around the High Arctic and north Atlantic islands, including a transit of the Northwest Passage, have given him the opportunity to see and photograph things most of us can only dream about!  Recently more tropical trips have joined the mix.  He last spoke at BSoUP in May 2009 about his experiences with Leopard Seals in the Antarctic Peninsula.
Malcolm is now a regular contributor to an Australian dive magazine and occasional Australian Broadcasting Corporation underwater stills photographer. But some BSoUP members may recall that until 2009, no issue of our InFocus magazine was complete without Malcolm's summaries of the most recent Speakers talks. In 2009 Malcolm gave up this role, emigrated to Australia and now lives in Nelson Bay, NSW close to a Great White nursery.  With Bull and Tiger sharks and Blue Ringed Octopus as well, Malcolm's Australian shore dives certainly have more of an adrenaline hit than his "Tompot Blenny and Dogfish" UK shores used to. "Apparently up to 250 juvenile Great Whites live in the waters near my home. Encounters are supposed to be very rare but on a recent local solo shore dive I spotted a 3 metre Great White chasing Kingfish. I got a bit of a shock when it suddenly changed direction and inquisitively circled me before resuming its Kingfish hunt."  If that does not put you off diving Australian waters with him, Malcolm encourages BSoUP members to join him Downunder, diving his local Nelson Bay shore dives or boat dives at nearby Broughton Island. Information about both locations is on his website and you can contact Malcolm either via his website or at our July meeting.

Malcom Nobbs
Malcolm Nobbs

Focus On - Natural Light - Results

Congratulations to Alex Mustard who was the winner of this month's Focus competition - Natural Light - with an image of a tank taken at Aqaba, Jordan with a Nikon D4 and Sigma 15mm lens

Congratulations also to Alex Tattersall and Pash Baker who came second and third respectively.

Alex T's image was of a Whale shark and entourage taken in Mexio with a Nikon D 800, @ F11, 1/100 sec. in Decemeber 2013.

Pash's image was of Dolphins at play taken at Shaab Sataya, Egypt with a Nikon D 300S, 10-17mm Tokina FE lens, ISO 200, 1/250 sec @ f/8.0 last year.

Alex Mustard
Alex Mustard

Alex Tattersall
Alex Tattersall

There were a total of 35 entries and the competition was judged by Nick Blake.

The top six:-

Position Photographer Subject
1 Alex Mustard Tank
2 Alex Tattersall Whaleshark
3 Pash Baker Dolphins
4 Neil Rosewarn Diver in cenote
5 Cathy Lewis Carwash cenote
6 Dario Navaro Oeanic whitetip

The top six may be viewed on the Home Page and the top six in the Gallery.

BSoUP Members only may view all the entries enlarged in the Competition Slideshow Archive. BSoUP Members may also read a summary of Nick's feedback for more details. You will be prompted to login if you have not already done so this session.

Next month's competition is Focus On - Big animals - images that convey the scale of any BIG animal: sharks, rays, whales, etc. The competition will open shortly. Please note this competition is open to BSoUP members only. Submit your image as ONE sRGB jpg at a max. 1400 pixels wide, 1050 pixels high at 72 pixels/inch. Please read the Rules before entering.

Pash Baker
Pash Baker

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