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BSoUP Meeting - June 2012

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BSoUP June Meeting

Wednesday 20th June

The next BSoUP meeting takes place on Wednesday, 20 June 2012at 7.30 for 8.00 p.m. at our usual venue the Holland Club, Imperial College, South Kensington, London, SW7 5BD.  New and prospective new members will be welcomed from 7.30 p.m. See Welcome.

Show and Tell

Six members - Keith Lyall, David Allan, Sheilah Openshaw, Paul Colley, Richard Smith and Jo Horrocks - have volunteered to show us one of their images and tell us something about it - the techniques used to capture it, or the behaviour it shows, or how the subject was found. 

Show and Tell
Show and Tell

Workshops / Demos
Workshops/ Demos

Focus On - Anemonefish with a difference

The Competition is now closed. There were a total of 32 entries. 20 of the 32 images submitted have been pre-selected for projection and judging at this month-s meeting and the Focus On Competition Slideshow is now available to BSoUP Members only to view. You will be prompted to login if you have not already done so this session.

Workshops/ Demos

As you may already know, the second half of the evening will consist of four mini workshops/ demonstrations:  

  • Constructing a 6 image portfolio (selecting and positioning the images) - Pete Ladell
  • Basic post-production (the first 5-6 things to consider doing with an image) - Alan Larsen
  • On the day workflow (advance preparation, and when you first come back from a dive) - Martha Tressler
  • Reading/ using a histogram - Keith Lyall

Each session will be about 30 minutes and will be run twice so you can participate in two of them.

Pash Baker
1st © Pash Baker
Clownfish with Dreadlocks. Philippines
ISO 200, f /6.3 @ 1/100th

Focus On - Anemonefish - Results

Congratulations to Pash Baker who was the winner of this month's Focus On competition with an image of a Clownfish with Dreadlocks taken in the Philippines.

Congratulations also to Alex Tattersall who came second with and image of a Anemonefish and Porcelain crab and to Len Deeley who came third with an image of a Saddlefish anemonefish & cleaner shrimp.

A total of 20 out of the 32 images submitted were pre-selected for projection and judged by the audeince present.

How the top six scored:-

Position Photographer Points Firsts
1 Pash Baker 39 9
2 Alex Tattersall 37 7
3 Len Deeley 31 2
4 Anthony Holley 21 6
5 Georgette Douwma 16 2
6 Trevor Rees 15 3

The top six may be viewed in the Gallery


Alex Tattersall
2nd © Alex Tattersall
Anemonefish and Porcelain crab

Len Deeley
3rd © Len Deeley
Saddlefish anemonefish & cleaner shrimp
105mm lens f22 @ 1/125th

BSoUP Members only may view all of the entries in the Competition slideshow, but you will be asked to login if you haven't already done so this session.

If you were not one of the top six and would like to know how your scored, please contact Brian Pitkin.

Next month's Focus On competition, which is open to BSoUP Members only, is Wide-angle reef scene (show the beauty of the overall reef). The competition will open shortly. Please read the Rules before entering Online.

Note: landscape format images must be 1400 pixels wide and portrait images must be 1050 high. Any smaller and images will look less sharp when projected.

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