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BSoUP Meeting - June 2009

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Simon Brown's website
Simon Brown's website

Next BSoUP meeting

The next BSoUP meeting takes place on Wednesday, 17th June 2009 at 7.30 for 8.00 p.m. at our usual venue the Holland Club, Imperial College, S. Kensington, London. Directions.

Photo techniques: Simon Brown - Dealing with copyright infringement

'Have you found one of your images used without consent? Has a website copied your image and used it to promote their company? Has an image been reproduced on a t-shirt and is now for sale? The internet has allowed anyone to search for and use images without permission and during this month's
technical talk Simon will share a 6 step approach to dealing with copyright infringement, covering how to gather evidence to what an infringer should pay and, if all else fails, when to call in the legal heavyweights and recover damages.'

Simon supplies the worldwide dive press with individual images and features, including the UK's DIVE magazine and Germany's Unterwasser magazine, Simon rarely enters photographic competitions, but last month his image of a feeding goose took top prize in the Advanced British and Irish section at the BSOUP prints contest. His eldest daughter has spent the winnings on a new set of Oceanic regulators.....he lives in Hampshire with Jane and two daughters.

To see some of Simon's work please visit

Focus On Competition: Macro - images taken with a primary macro lens or macro supplementary lens. Please note that the competitoin is limited to just ONE image per photographer in expectation on a large number of entries.

Wild Wonders of Europe
Wild Wonders of Europe
Linda Pitkin
Linda Pitkin

Main Event: Linda Pitkin - Wild Wonders of Europe.

Last year Linda undertook a mission for the Wild Wonders of Europe project diving out of Corsica to photograph large Dusky Groupers and other marine life. Linda and her husband Brian spent a week on a liveaboard 'MS Galiote' with a delightful group of mainly German divers exploring the Lavezzi Islands between Corsica and Sardinia. Linda will be talking about the Wild Wonders of Europe project and her own mission.

Linda is the author of four books on marine life and has contributed dozens of articles and thousands of images to magazines, other books and CD covers. She currently has an exhibition at the London Zoo and has previously exhibited at the Deep in Hull and the London Aquarium.

To see some of Linda's work please visit her website at

Rick Ayrton
Winner: Rick Ayrton

June's Focus On competition - 'Macro'.

The June competition attracted a total of 29 entries, which were limited to one image per photographer.

Congratulations to Rick Ayrton who came first with an image of Jewel anemones (left).

Congratulations also to Pedro Vieyra (second, below) with an image of a Mantis shrimp, Mark Atwell (third) with an image of Gobies on a whip coral, Kathy White (fourth) with a Trumpet fish trying to conceal itself alongside a whip coral, Debi Henshaw (fifth) with an image of a nudi branch and Simon Brown (sixth) with an image of a squid.

The top six - how they scored

Position Photographer Points Firsts
1 Rick Ayrton 42 10
2 Pedro Vieyra 32 6
3 Mark Atwell 28 5
4 Kathy White 21 2
5 Debi Henshaw 18 3
6 Simon Brown 11 3
Pedro Vieyra
Second: Pedro Vieyra
Mark Atwell
Third: Mark Atwell

The top six may be viewed in the Gallery.

BSoUP members only may view all the entries in projected order in the Competition slideshow.

If any entrant not in the top six would like to know how their image fared, please contact Brian Pitkin.

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