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BSoUP Meeting - March 2007

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March BSoUP meeting

Wednesday 21st March 2007 at 7.30 for 8.00 p.m. in The Holland Club, Imperial College, South Kensington, London SW7.

JP Trenque

Technical - Digital Assett Management Part 2 by JP Trenque

Our publicity officer JP Trenque completes his hugely valuable advice on digital image management, begun in January. If you have been using a digital camera for more than two weeks, you will probably already have quite a collection of images. JP has recently discovered a new method of cataloguing and storing your photos. He will share his tips on naming, ranking and keywording your picture files to allow easy storage, access and retrieval.

JP has enjoyed increasing success in recent years not least of which was being voted BBC News Photographer of the Year 2005 and recently his 'Life beneath the waves' portfolio was featured prominently on the BBC News website.

Annual Competition - Theme Portfolio

Try your hand at this popular annual competition combining skills of underwater photography and constructing a cohesive portfolio. Advice and rules. Open to members only. Along with the BSoUP Theme Portfolio Trophy, Ultimate Sports, publishers of definitive guides for sports and adventure travel enthusiasts, is generously donating £100 to the winner

Main Event - Composition, Communication and Commercialisation by Alex Mustard

The technical aspects of underwater photography are crucial to master, but once we have achieved a certain level of competence, where do we go? How do we make our images stand out? Composition is the answer. It is easy to think of composition in terms of rules: diagonals, thirds etc. But, this is just the beginning. Composition is actually about making an image communicate. Ideally compositional choices should work synergistically with image content, both with the subject matter and the lighting to create a strong message. The composition should reinforce the story of the image created by its content.

Alex Mustard with his housed Nikon D2X

The intended use of an image also influences how we compose it. Some images can be jacks of all trades, but more often photos are most powerful when created bespoke for their purpose. Different attributes are required for underwater photos that are intended to please ourselves, to win competitions, to hang as prints, to sell to advertisers and for editorial content and magazine covers. Other images are required to work together, in portfolios, print galleries and for extensive collections in books. These require different considerations.

In essence, Alex's talk will help you to get more from your viewfinder.


JP Trenque's Theme Portfolio
JP Trenque's Theme Portfolio - The great escape

Shannon Conway's Theme Portfolio
Shannon Conway's Theme Portfolio - Western Australian rainbow

BSoUP Theme Portfolio Competition

Congratulations to JP Trenque winner of this year's Theme Portfolio Competition. Martha Tressler, BSoUP's Chairman, presented JP with the BSoUP Theme Portfolio Trophy and a cheque for £100 kindly donated by Ultimate Sports.

A total of 16 portfolios were entered in the competition.

The top six portfolios:

1. JP Trenque
74 Pts
2. Shannon Conway 46 pts
3. Alex Mustard 43 Pts
4. Martyn Guess 40 Pts
5= Sam Bean 37 Pts
5= Jane Morgan 37 Pts

Click on a name (above) or either image (left) for an enlargement of each portfolio.

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