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NUPG/Great Northern Dive Show 2016

The 23rd & 24th April 2016 marked the inaugural Northern Underwater Photography Print Competition in association with The Great Northern Dive Show. Underwater photographers were asked to enter print images into 4 categories which were then mounted and displayed at the event for the general public to vote on.

Over 400 people voted in the competition over 2 days, and it was a tough job for all those that perused the display. Some fantastic images were on display, and the voting in some categories was very tight. Images from around the UK caught the eye, with shots from all around our amazing coastline, and our fresh water sites. Alongside these, images from around the world, from Australia to the Caribbean showed off the amazing marine life, wrecks and caverns that divers get to experience. 

The Results

British & Irish Macro:
Mark Thomas
Winner: Mark Thomas with his Mauve Stinger Jellyfish from Connemara
Mark Thomas
Runner-Up: Mark Thomas again with a Shanny portrait
Yo Han Cha
Highly Commended: Yo-Han Cha with a Squat Lobster shot from Loch Sunart in Scotland

British & Irish Wide Angle:

Yo Han Cha
Winner: Yo-Han Cha with a Grey Seal portrait from the Farne Islands
Kirtsty Andrews
Runner-Up: Kirsty Andrews with a shot of Blue Sharks from Cornwall
Kirsty Andrews
Highly Commended: Kirsty Andrews with a shot of a Fireworks anemone and crab from Loch Goil
Overseas Macro:
Caroline Robertson-Brown
Winner: Caroline Robertson-Brown with a shot of a Leafy Seadragon from South Australia
Jason Melton
Runner-Up: Jason Melton with Pigmy Seahorses from Anilao in the Philippines
Justin Beevor

Highly Commended: Justin Beevor with a Spiny Blenny from Bonaire

Overseas Wide Angle:

NIck Robertson-Brown
Winner: Nick Robertson-Brown with a shot of an Eagle Ray from Grand Cayman
Elaine White
Runner-Up: Elaine White with a shot of a diver and a snorkeler in Dos Ojos cenote in Mexico
Marcia Melton
Highly Commended: Marcia Melton with a shot of fighting morays from Anilao in the Philippines

The NUPG will be sponsoring the prize for each winner, which will be a shark sponsorship pack from The Shark Trust. Rather than material prizes, the NUPG thought it would be better to show our support for marine conservation with these prizes. The winners have selected to sponsor Basking Sharks and the No Limits Sharks (2 for each).

The competition was a huge success and we look forward to working with The Great Northern Dive Show again next year. The NUPG would like to thank all those that entered the competition, voted at the show and assisted us with all the preparation and running of the competition. Well done to all those that were placed.

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