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Gallery - 243 Focus On - Anemonefish
June 2012

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Trevor Rees

Robert White

Arthur Kingdon

1st - Pash Baker
Clownfish with Dreadlocks. Philippines
ISO 200, f /6.3 - 1/100th

2nd - Alex Tattersall
Anemonefish and Porcelain crab

3rd - Len Deeley
Saddlefish anemonefish & cleaner shrimp
105mm lens f22 - 1/125th


Tom Forwood

Martyn Guess

Rico Besserdich

4th - Anthony Holley
Palawan, Philippines
Nikon D200, 60 mm

5th - Geogette Douwma
Pink anemonefish. Raja Ampat
Nikon D2s, f22 - 1/60th

6th - Trevor Rees
Red Sea clownfish. Nuweiba
Nikon D50

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