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In August 2012
The World ShootOut Introduces the Underwater World
with a

This is the second year in a row that the World ShootOut universal underwater photo competition takes place worldwide. Introducing new categories and glorious prizes, we are proud to invite all divers, underwater photographers, diving centers, live aboards and media partners to take part in one of the most innovative, creative, international and festive events ever produced!

During the month of August 2012, the whole underwater world will be performing as a huge underwater festival, hosting young, amateur and professional photographers from all over the world, competing with each other for some very worthy prizes, including cash prizes, luxurious diving trips, diving equipment, photo gear and more.

Producer David Pilosof initiated the first World ShootOut competition in 2011, breaking all boundaries and introducing an international competition as never featured before. Hundreds of photographers from 27 countries around the world took part in the first World ShootOut competition and over 1,500 images were submitted, ranging from those that captured the calm lakes of the Nordic countries and Canada to others that showcase the exotic secrets hidden in Alaska and dramatic images of the great white shark in the Gulf of Mexico.

Up until now, the competitions have awarded underwater photographers with over half a million dollars of prizes!

World Shoot Out 2012

This year the World ShootOut underwater photo competition consists of two main sections:

Real-Time ShootOut

A global real-time underwater photo shootout takes place during the whole month of August, 2012. Photographers enjoy complete freedom of choosing their own diving destination and can take part in the competition by diving in any natural water resource found around the world, including seas, oceans, lakes, rivers, under the ice and more.

This is a wonderful opportunity for underwater photographers all around the world to either take a few days off for the sake of some diving in their local area, or to finally book the holiday they've been dreaming of in an exotic dive destination.

Upon returning from their diving vacation, photographers can submit their best images to the 5 real-time shootout categories and win some very worthy prizes, including a $5,000 cash prize awarded to the winner of the Diving Destination category!

Images of the World

Photographers can stay at home and still take part in the competition!

Each photographer is invited to submit his best and most impressive underwater images and video clips, taken anytime and anywhere in the world, to the 3 creative Images of the World categories.

Important Information

Competition Registration

Competition registration is open and can be carried out until August 31st, 2012.

SPECIAL INTRO BONUS for participants who register by July 31st, 2012 - a free additional set of images in each category the participant has registered for.

Images Submission

Participants chosen images can be submitted to the Real-Time ShootOut and Images of the World categories throughout the whole month of August. Deadline for submitting images is September 3rd, 2012.

Registration must be completed prior to uploading images to the website.

Online Access

Photographers are requested to make sure they have access to their e-mail account or to the competition website before heading out to the shoot-out, for the purpose of receiving last and essential guidelines, such as the date their camera should be set on.

In addition, photographers should verify that they have internet access prior to September 3rd in order to be able to submit their images to the competition. Images submitted later than September 3rd will not be accepted.

Winning Ceremony

All World ShootOut categories winners and nominees will be announced on the festive Epson Red Sea winning ceremony in Eilat, Israel, November 9th, 2012.

Photographers are all invited to the Epson Red Sea Eilat Shoot-Out as well, which takes place in Eilat on November 4-10, and to take part in the winning ceremony at the end of this event. However, World ShootOut participants who do not make it to the Eilat Shoot-Out and the winning ceremony will simply receive their prizes by mail.

CLICK HERE for World ShootOut categories, regulations and further information.

World ShootOut Categories and Prizes

Photographers are invited to review all categories rules and guidelines prior to taking and submitting images or videos to the World ShootOut competition. Note that images and videos submitted to any of the categories should comply with all category requirements, as described below.

Real-Time ShootOut Categories

Main Category Dive Destination - 5 Best Images

A set of 5 best images should be submitted to this category, introducing the destination you've been diving in during the month of August 2012.

These can be either 5 standalone impressive images with respect to composition, subject, idea, creativity and photography techniques, or 5 images that produce an impressive portfolio when integrated together.

Images should be capable of capturing the attention of divers and tourists and should introduce your chosen dive destination as appealing as possible.

The portfolio should feature diversity, creativity, attractive subjects and unique, fine photography techniques

Wide Angle Category

A single image featuring a wide angle composition or taken with a wide angle lens should be submitted to this category.

Macro & Super-Macro Category
A single image featuring a macro/super macro composition and taken with a macro/super macro lens should be submitted to this category.

Fresh Water Category

A set of 3 images taken in any natural fresh water resource should be submitted to this category. Natural fresh water resources include lakes, rivers, wells and more.

These can be either 3 standalone impressive images with respect to composition, subject, idea, creativity and photography techniques, or 3 images that produce an impressive portfolio when integrated together.

Amateurs Category

Since the Amateurs category was especially created for beginners, only compact digital camera system owners can participate in this category. Images taken with DSLR systems cannot be submitted to this category.

A single image should be submitted to this category.

Children of World ShootOut

Each child participating in this category should submit his/her 5 best underwater images.

Only images captured by the child himself/herself during the month of August 2012 can be submitted to this category.

During the judging process, the jury panel selects the best image out of the 5 images submitted by each participant, so that final judgment is based on the best single image of each participant.


Each of the 5 winners will be awarded with a:

Sealife Reefmaster Mini 2 camera, courtesy of Sealife

Full snorkeling set, including shorty, mask, fins and snorkel, courtesy of Subgear

Images of the World Categories

Best Wrecks of the World Black & White

A single black & white image should be submitted to this category, featuring a shipwreck, plane wreck or any other underwater wreck.

The image should introduce the photographer's perception of the wreck within its natural surroundings, such as featuring elements which represent the interaction of the wreck with its new underwater environment.

There must be a substantial visual presence of the wreck in the image submitted.

Sharks Category

A set of 3 shark images should be submitted to this category.

These can be either 3 standalone impressive shark images or 3 shark images that when integrated into one series, produce an impressive portfolio.

Images should refer to the environmental context of the shark, emphasizing its powerful visual appearance, as well as its independency and tendency to control.

Video Clip Category

A video clip up to 240 seconds taken anytime and anywhere in the world should be submitted to this category.

The theme of the video clip is open and can be set according to the videographer's choice.

60% of the video clip must be shot underwater. Photographers may be assisted by a film crew that takes part in editing, filming and directing the video.

Video clips submitted may include a soundtrack, headings, credits, textual elements and other features. All elements will be accounted as part of the maximum video duration.

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