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BSoUP's Best of British Portfolio Competition 2007

Winner - Trevor Rees

Trevor Rees

© Trevor Rees

My portfolio

by Trevor Rees

I'm very excited to have won the 'Best of British' portfolio. I had hoped I could have a good showing in this category as I very rarely dive overseas.

I'm 46 and work for Severn Trent Water Ltd as a Commercial waste Advisor - a sort of pollution control/regulation job for large industrial sites.

I got my first camera - a Nikonos 111 about 22 years ago.

 Rock pool & jumping boy

1) Rock pool and jumping boy

For this portfolio I decided that after my winning image in this years Splash In -British UK prints, I would structure my images around a couple of split level images. This image is another one from a series of images I took of my son jumping over a rock pool in Cornwall in April 2007. I am standing up to my waist in a big pool and my son was happy just to keep non- stop jumping until I'd got the shot technically correct. A few have wondered if there was some manipulation but this is a straight shot and the RAW file looked great. I had hoped to shoot with available light but it just did not work and was forced to use strobes to illuminate the underwater scene

Nikon D80, 10.5mm lens, fisheye dome, dual Sea and Sea YS110s on low power. F10 1/200sec 200ISO

 Seal and Fins

2) Seal and Fins

I took this shot on Lundy island this September 2007. The visibility was
very poor. My buddy had long since run out of air leaving me alone with
this seal. The seal was doing what seals do best - creeping up behind you and nibbling your fins. I like the comical nature of my frog fins and thought it made a simple and slightly different take on a seal shot. It fitted nicely in the top centre of the portfolio.

Nikon D80, Sigma 18-50mm @18, compact dome, available light F8 1/50sec 400ISO

 Rock pool, Boy & Crab

3) Rock pool, Boy and Crab

This split image balanced the first one and is also from April 2007. The scene is the same and I'm trying to capture the many happy hours I've spent with my son messing about in rock pools. I often find myself on family holidays, frustrated and wondering how I can get another dive opportunity. A rock pool and no dive gear was my therapy. I'm standing up to my waist in my drysuit but with no dive kit. I was always struck by how gin clear the viz is in these rockpools is and why no one bothers to photograph in them. It's nice to be free from dive kit, although hiking with a housed SLR, two strobes plus my drysuit in a rucksack to find a suitable pool is quite hard work.

I have to come clean with this image though and admit that it's a
composite. The original edible crab we found in the pool was too small for any drama in the picture. My son was still fascinated by the crab he was looking at but I've added a bigger crab from a shore dive from up in
Scotland. The crab you see is just plonked on top of the original crab with some quite crude Photoshop. Please don't look at it for too long!

Nikon D80, 10.5mm lens, fisheye dome, dual Sea and Sea YS110s on low power. F16 1/100sec 200ISO


4) Nudibranch

With quite a busy top row in the portfolio and a lot to take in for the
viewer I though a couple of bright simple coloured images with a black
backgrounds was need to plug the bottom corners. This nudibranch which I think is Flabellina brownii, was from Salcombe in 2007. I thought the red matched the red on the boys sweat shirt which helped tie in the colours. Also, it's was a chance to include a macro image.

Nikon D80, 60mm lens, F22 1/200sec 100ISO

Diver Sunburst Silhouette

5) Diver Sunburst Silhouette

I was struggling to know what to put here and played with a couple of
images. In the end, two weeks before the competition I asked Rob Bailey for a dive in Stoney Cove and said I had an idea for an image that I could do with getting. I needed him as a model. We posed for each other against the sun, swopping places and just kept going until we both got something we were happy with. This is not the type of image I am used to taking but have seen so mny others execute this type of shot. I liked the idea of this in a British portfolio because it is more the sort of shot you see in overseas images. Rob's image of me appears in the same position in his runner-up portfolio. I am grateful to Rob for allowing him to swop fins for the shot.

I just could not stand his bright yellow fins and thought they would
compromise a nice silhouette. My D80 seemed to work well on aperture
priority automatic with no exposure compensation.

Nikon D80, 10.5mm lens, fisheye dome, available light, F8 1/640sec 200ISO

 Male cuckoo wrasse

6) Male cuckoo wrasse

Finally I picked a simple image of a male cuckoo wrasse from the Eddystone at Plymouth in July 2006. The blue colour seemed to compliment the blue sky in the top row and so tie in the colours. As with the nudibranch shot, the viewer does not need to think about this one. I can think of no other UK subject with this kind of colour impact.

Nikon D50, 60mm lens, F11 1/250sec 200ISO, YS90 and YS30 stobes

Results 2007
1st - 47 Pts - Trevor Rees
2nd - 47 Pts - Robert Bailey
3rd - 36 Pts - Len Deeley
4th - 34 Pts - Sally Sharrock
5th - 21 Pts - Dave Peake
6th - 20 Pts - Elaine Whiteford

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