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BSoUP's Best of British Portfolio Competition 2005

Joint Winner - Alex Mustard

© Alex Mustard

My winning British Portfolio

by Alex Mustard

'I am particularly pleased to be the joint winner, with Sam, of the Best of British Portfolio as it means I am currently the holder of all of BSoUP's Portfolio trophies (not including the Beginners
Portfolio, for which I am ineligible). Sam's portfolio is all warm colours and macro and mine is all all cool colours and wide angle - I think together they give a real taste of the variety of underwater
photography that is possible in the UK.

'All of my photos were taken while snorkelling in Dorset on a couple of mornings in August. The images feature my friends Jo and Anna who were modelling for me. All the pictures were all taken in ambient
light only, using a Nikon D2x in a Subal housing with a Nikon 10.5mm fisheye lens.

1) Nikon D2x + 10.5mm. 1/125th @ f7.1. This shot was taken in the lee of the rocks that encircle Man-O-War Bay, where I knew the water would be calm enough to create a good split level shot. Then I hunted around to find a light coloured rock for the foreground to get a more balanced exposure above and below the surface.
2) Nikon D2x + 10.5mm. 1/750th @ f8. This second image was taken to demonstrate how well digital cameras can do with sunbursts. To create the angelic look - I wanted a more monochrome images and so I desaturated the colours by about 80% so it looks almost black and white. I also asked the model to take off her weight belt so that you could see the shape of her hips, which I think really helps this
silhouette. This image was also taken in the calm waters of Man-O-War Bay.
3) Nikon D2x + 10.5mm. 1/40th @ f7.1. For this shot of the girls exploring the rocks around Durdle Door, I selected a downward camera angle to ensure that the availble light produced an even illumination on the scene.
4) Nikon D2x + 10.5mm. 1/1500th @ f5.6. This image came about through necessity rather than planning. The Viz in Kimmerage was less than 5ft (in fact when we got in I could not see then end of my arm). The only way I could get any images at all was to shoot the most contrasty scene I could find - a simple silhouette of the girls in front of the sun.
5) Nikon D2x + 10.5mm. 1/30th @ f8. This shot is a simple one of a snorkeller exploring the seaweeds in Man-O-War Bay. To ensure even illumination I positioned myself with the sun behind me so it
illuminated the scene. Given that the BSoUP audience only gets to view each portfolio for about 10 seconds simple images are well suited to portfolios.

6) Nikon D2x + 10.5mm. 1/350th @ f5.6. The final image, of the snorkeller surfacing beneath Durdle Door, was one I had in my mind, but did not think I would be able to execute. This was the last shot
taken in this series as we had waited (getting colder and colder in our wetsuits) until later in the day to ensure that the sun was shining directly on the arch. I took about 40 shots of this set-up to
get this final result - with most attempts ruined by the open sea slopping to wrong position on my domeport to create a pleasing split shot.

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