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BSoUP's Best of British Portfolio Competition 2003

Winner - Anita Marshall



Aircraft wreck

Ballan wrasse


Hermit crab

My winning British Portfolio

by Anita Marshall

Anita receiving the BSoUP Trophy from
Colin Doeg, BSoUP's Chaiman

I learnt to dive 10 years ago and often took a disposable camera in an Ikelite housing on my dives. But all that changed when 3 years ago on a trip to the Red Sea I found out that the dive guide was an underwater photographer and after questioning him for many hours about photography he very kindly loaned me his Nikonos V for the rest of my holiday. As a result I caught the Underwater Photography Bug and soon purchased a Nikon F90x, 2 lenses (20mm and 60mm) and a Sea and Sea Housing with a YS120 Strobe - all to the detriment of my bank balance. I have since gone on to purchase various lenses and recently bought an INON Quad Flash for my macro photography.

I work full time as an IT Consultant so can't go abroad as much as I would like but I love diving in the UK and make regular trips to the South Coast or the Farne Islands. The winter months are a good time to experiment at places like Stoney Cove and the three wide angle shots in my British Portfolio are from one such winter outing. The macro shots were all taken on my trips to the Farnes Islands which I find are wonderful for both macro and wide angle photographic opportunities.

Shot 1: Diver swimming over submarine, Stoney Cove
Taken using a 18-35mm Lens and Sea and Sea YS120 Stobe at 1/80th @ f11 on Kodak Extra Colour
Wreck Shot 2: Propeller of submarine, Stoney Cove
Taken using a 18-35mm Lens and Sea and Sea YS120 Stobe at 1/60th @ f11 on Kodak Extra Colour
Aircraft wreck Shot 3: Cockpit, Stoney Cove
Taken using a 18-35mm Lens and Sea and Sea YS120 Stobe at 1/25th @ f8 on Kodak Extra Colour
Ballan wrasse Shot 4: Wrasse, Farne Islands
Taken using a 60mm Lens and Sea and Sea YS120 Stobe at 1/60th @ f8 on Fuji Velvia
Nudibranch Shot 5: Nudibranch, Farne Islands
Taken using a 105mm Lens and Inon Quad Flash at 1/60th @ f11 on Fuji Velvia
Hermit crab Shot 6: Hermit Crab, Farne Islands
Taken using a 60mm Lens and Inon Quad Flash at 1/60th @ f22 on Fuji Velvia

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