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BSoUP's Best of British Portfolio Competition 2002

Winner - Cathy Lewis

Cathys' winning portfolio

Left: Cathy Lewis

Cathy was the winner of the Best Beginners Portfolio last year.

'I have been diving for over 16 years and doing underwater photography for about six. It took an Alan James photographic workshop in the Red Sea to produce anything worth keeping, but since then my photography has improved steadily, helped also by a weekend course with Martin Edge.'

Shot 1. Compass jellyfish - Lundy Island. There seem to have been a lot of jellyfish around in 2002. Some of the compass ones were particularly beautiful with the vivid markings and long, lacy tentacles. I was keen to photograph one with weed in the background and I found this one in the shallow harbour area. Nikon F90X in a Sea and Sea NX90Z housing, 20mm lens, single SeaandSea YS350 strobe, Fuji Provia film. Probably f5.6 or f8 @ 125/sec

Shot 2. Long-clawed squat lobster - Sound of Mull. I wanted to add some red to the portfolio and the triangular shape of this squat lobster helps draw your eye up and into the centre of the slides. Camera details as above, 60mm lens, f16 @ 80/sec

Shot 3. Bootlace weed - Plymouth Sound. I couldn't resist taking a few shots of this bootlace weed during a lunch stop in a small rocky bay near Hilsea Point. The slide seems a natural partner to the jellyfish shot in the portfolio, both
for its colour and content. Camera details as above. 20mm lens, probably at f8

Shot 4. Seal - Maharees, Ireland. This young seal had great fun creeping up on unwary photographers, and was bit of a poser too. The simple side-on portait balances out the cuckoo wrasse shot in the portfolio. Camera details as above. 60mm lens

Shot 5. Peacock worm, Sound of Mull. These tartan-patterned peacock worms decorate the hulls of some of the wrecks in the Sound of Mull (this one was taken on the Shauna). The worms usually retract when you shine a light on them so you have to be quick, but some are braver (or slower) than others. Camera details as above. 105 mm lens, f22 @ 80/sec

Shot 6. Male cuckoo wrasse, Plymouth Sound. I quite like simple, unfussy shots in portfolios. This one balances out the seal shot, and works quite well with the peacock worm for colour. Camera details as above. 105 mm lens, f16 @ 80/sec

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