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BSoUP's Best of British Competition 1995

Winner - Warren Williams

by Brian Pitkin

Reproduced from in focus 56 (January 1996)

The annual Best of British Competititon is open to all members of BSoUP. Each member is invited to submit a portfolio of six slides taken underwater in British waters. This year 20 portfolios were submitted, and these were projected onto a large screen using six projectors. The audience present were invited to vote for their favourite three portfolios in order of preference.

The winner, with 57 points was WARREN WILLIAMS from north London, who has previously won the Best of British Competition twice since its inception.

Warren's portfolio comprised comprised three shots taken with a Pentax LX in a housing Warren built himself; two shots taken with a Nikon 801S in a Subal housing; and one shot taken with a Nikonos II with a close-up lens and a flashgun in a housing Warren built. The Pentax shots included an in-camera double exposure of a perch taken at Gildenburgh Water exposed at 1/60th @ f11 and 1160th @ 5.6 using fish-eye and macro Ienses (see below); backlit rushes, taken in a gravel pit using a fish-eye lens, exposed at 1160th @ f8; an in-camera double exposure exposure of a pike taken in a gravel at 1160th @ fl, 1 and 1160th @ 5.6 with fish-eye and macro lenses. The Nikon shots included a shot of a diver with an underwater scooter in a cave mouth, taken with a fish-eye lens off the west coast of Ireland at 1/125th @ f8 and a seal silhouette, also taken with a with a fish-eye lens off the west coast of Ireland at 11/125th @ f8. The Nikonos shot of an angler fish was taken off the west coast of Irleand at 1/60th @ f1l.

Wrren's entry 'was somewhat different from previous years in that one of the pictures had a time differential of six years between the two exposed elements. The image was, of course, a in-camera double exposure composite. The first element of the image had been exposed, but due to onset of M.E. (myalgic encephalomyelitis) I was unable to dive again until this year, so the second element was exposed six years after the first. In the intervening period, the film had been refrigerated, together with some rough notes on what had been taken.'

'Whilst exposing the second element of the image at Gildenburgh Water this year, because I was diving without a buddy - being in shallow water - I was subjected to considerable hassle before being forcibly ejected. My outrage did not subside for 5 days! Whilst washing and checking my diving gear after the dive, I noticed that the maximum depth indicator showed only 12 feet. I had undergone unneccessary aggrevation as a lone diver on a photographic shoot. We underwater photographers have to put up with a lot to produce our masterpieces! The unfinished film was duly processed, producing a few useful images'.

Warren was presented with the BSoUP Best of British Trophy by BSoUP's Chairman, Brian Pitkin.











Warren Williams

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