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BSoUP Beginners Portfolio Competition 2007

For the DIVER Trophy

Third - Jason Spafford

Jason Spafford - Beginners Portfolio - Third
Beginners Portfolio Competition 2006 - Third © Jason Spafford

My portfolio

by Jason Spafford

My portfolio by Jason Spafford

  I live in Nottingham and have been taking photographs underwater for about 6 years. I started off with a Nikon f80 in a Hugyfot housing and a huge single Ikelite 400 strobe. I then moved to digital with a Nikon D70 in a subal housing with Inon Z220 strobes. The kit I have now is a Nikon D200 in a Sea and Sea housing and 2 Inon strobes. I travel abroad as often as possible to take underwater images.

1. This images was taken at Elphinstone Reef, in the egyptian Red sea. It was one of 6 under our boat, but this one was the most popular because it had lots of mates! ISO 100 f5.6 S160 Nikon D200 with Nikon 12-24mm zoom lens.

Goby 2. This is a image of a Goby. It was taken in the Maldives. ISO 100 f 16 S100 Nikon D200 with Nikon 60mm macro lens, 2xinon z220 strobes.
Manta rays 3. This image is of 2 manta rays feeding at night on plankton, that was attracted by the powerful lights from our boat. They stayed feeding under the boat for hours. The grainy area in the image is a plankton cloud. This image was taken in the Maldives. ISO 200 f8 S250 Nikon D200 with Nikon 10.5mm fisheye lens and 2x Z220 strobes.
Shoal of goatfish 4. This image is of a shoal of goatfish taken in Mozambique. It took a lot of patients to coax them into this diamond shape. Nikon f80 with Nikon 20mm lens with a single ikelite 400 strobe. ISO 100 f8 S160
Snorkeller and whale shark 5. This image was taken in the Maldives in 2004. its of a snorkeller and whale shark. Nikon D70 with a 12-24mm nikon zoom lens. ISO 100 f11 S250
Napoleon wrasse 6. This is an image of a Napoleon wrasse, which took all my cunning to get this head shot. Taken in the Maldives 2007 Nikon D200 with 10.5mm fisheye lens and 2 inon Z220 strobes. ISO 100 F5.6 S200.

1st Anna James

3rd Jason Spafford

5th Martin Bailey

2nd Duncan Robins

4th Tamsin Eyles

6th Eleonora Manca

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