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BSoUP Beginners Portfolio Competition 2004

For the DIVER Trophy

Winner - Judy Winterman





Anemone fish

Frog fish

© Judy Winterman

My winning portfolio 2004

by Judy Winterman

Samamtha Bean

I took up diving nearly 30 years ago in Scotland. I am an Advanced Diver with the British Sub Aqua Club. My first dive was 24 metres under ice in February in a Scottish Loch before I had done any pool training. I finally qualified as a second class diver in the Scottish Sub Aqua and became Training Officer for the Ayr Branch transferring to the Brighton British Sub Aqua Club in 1987. Joining BSoUP in the last few years has meant that I can now be in the company of like minded underwater camera fanatics which I enjoy tremendously.

I started photography with a Motormarine Sea and Sea Mark 1 camera in 1986 taking photos in Scapa Flow and moved onto a Nikonos V from about 1990. I became fairly frustrated in the composition of subjects with this fixed focus camera and finally in 1996 took out a mortgage to purchase a housed Nikon F90X SLR which I adore!

Regular trips abroad over the last few years have given me the opportunity to take more photographs and see some wonderful countries.

I was extremely pleased to hear over the telephone that I had won the beginners portfolio and am still bubbling with excitement.


No.1 Diver (Pat) swimming around Shark Reef, Ras Mohammed June 2003. Taken with the Nikon F90X and 16mm fisheye lens with Fuji Provia 100 film.

Anemone fish

No. 2. Anemone, Great Barrier Reef, June 2004. Taken with Nikon F90X and 60 mm macro lens with Fuji Velvia 50 film

Spotted moray eel

No. 3. Shoal, Great Barrier Reef, June 2004. Taken with Nikon F90X and 60 mm macro lens with Fuji Velvia 50 film

Basket star

No. 4. Tubastrea, Town Pier, Bonaire, November 2000. Taken with Nikon F90X and 105 mm macro lens with Fuji Velvia 50 film

Manta ray

No. 5. Anemone fish, Great Barrier Reef, June 2004. Taken with Nikon F90X and 60 mm macro lens with Fuji Velvia 50


No. 6. Frogfish, Town Pier, Bonaire, December 2002. Taken with Nikon F90X and 105

BSoUP Beginners Portfolio Competition

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