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Basic Techniques    




How to print our photos Atanas Petrov Atanas Petrov BSoUP meeting talk Aug 2019

U/W Photography Guide 2010

Scott Gietler

DPG Online Comprehensive Underwater Photography Tutorials

Jason Heller and Matt Weiss with contributions from David Doubilet and BSoUP Members Martin Edge and Alex Mustard

Wex Photographic Guide

Rob Spray

Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Video Tutorials


Photoshop Video Tutorials


Top tips for underwater photography

Linda Pitkin

BSoUP Basic Techniques March 2008

Digital Underwater Photography for Dummies

Jean Philippe Trenque

in focus 78 Spring 2004

Going digital?

Charles Hood

in focus 78 Spring 2004

How to take blurred pictures with zoom

Alex Mustard

in focus 73 February, 2002

Maintaining Underwater Camera Systems

Mark Webster

in focus 69 October 2000

Digital imaging - Getting to grips with the concepts

Gordon Beddis

in focus 66 October 1999

Digital imaging - Fine tuning

Gordon Beddis

in focus 65 June 1999

Digital imaging - Scanners and printers

Gordon Beddis

in focus 64 February 1999

Hints for the innocent

Bob Halstead

in focus 64 February 1999

Digital imaging - Computers

Gordon Beddis

in focus 63 October, 1998

Shooting small

Peter Tatton

in focus 60 June, 1997

Close-up photography - why is it so easy?

Peter Rowlands

in focus 58 September, 1996

Focus and Exposure

Peter Rowlands

in focus 57 September, 1996

Are your buoyancy skills good enough?

Colin Doeg

in focus 56 January, 1996

Solo Diving - Let's have an end to this buddy hypocrisy

Colin Doeg

in focus 56 January, 1996

Near miss

Mike Maloney

in focus 54 March 1995

SLR Viewfinder Optics

Peter Scoones and Peter Rowlands

in focus 52. August 1994

Ergonomics - the invisible factor to success

Peter Rowlands

in focus 50 January, 1994

Autofocus or manual?

Benny Sutton

in focus 50 January, 1994

Underwater techniques

Brian Pitkin

in focus 51 March, 1994

Night and Day

Alan James

in focus 48 June, 1993

Multiple exposures - art or trickery?

Bill Bunting

in focus 39. December 1990

Underwater Photography in the Cayman Islands

Brian Pitkin

in focus 36 February, 1990

Title slides

Brian Pitkin

in focus 34 September, 1989

Video - Madeira - Pearl of the Atlantic

Tom Dragecevic

in focus 33. July, 1989

Wreck photography

Peter Rowlands

in focus 32. May, 1989

Close-up and macro photography

Brian Pitkin

in focus 32. Apr.-May 1989

Underwater photography - an overview

Peter Rowlands

in focus 31. March 1989

Club diving - one way forward

Peter Tatton

in focus 30. January, 1989


Linda Pitkin

in focus 29. November, 1988

Expedition photography

Edward Childs

in focus 27 May, 1988

Is equipment the solution?

Peter Rowlands

in focus 26. March, 1988


Linda Pitkin

in focus 25. December, 1987

Basic maintenance

Brian Pitkin

in focus 24. October, 1987

Artificial light

Brian Pitkin

in focus 22. June 1987

Underwater Photography and Diving Safety

Benny Sutton

in focus 21. April, 1987

Macro and close-up photography

Brian Pitkin

in focus 17. August, 1986

Taking close-up and macro photographs

Linda Pitkin

in focus 17. August, 1986

Getting it wrong sometimes works! [Black and White developing]

Colin Doeg

in focus 12. October, 1985

Close-up and Macro

Mia Buehr

in focus 12. October, 1985


David George

in focus 11. August, 1985


Peter Scoones

in focus 10. June 1985

Cameras - Amphibious or not?

Peter Rowlands

in focus 9. April, 1985

Problems and Solutions

Peter Rowlands

in focus 9. April, 1985

The art of underwater photography - composition and form

David George

in focus 8. February, 1985

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