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BSoUP / DIVER Annual Print Competition 2013
Organised by the British Society of Underwater Photographers
in association with DIVER Magazine

at the

DIVE SHOW, NEC Birmingham

26-27 October 2013

Results - The Public Vote - Non Advanced Categories

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Thousands of visitors to Dive 2013 admired the impressive display of prints entered in the competition and hundreds voted for their favourite prints.

The British & Irish category

This category was for underwater photographers who had never won a national or international competition.


The British & Irish category was won by Caroline Robertson-Brown with a print of ˜Waving seal taken in Anglesey, North Wales with a Nikon D200 with Tokina 10-17mm lens in a Subal housing and twin INON Z-240 strobes.

Caroline Robertson-Brown
British and Irish Winner: Caroline Robertson-Brown

Caroline is an Environmental Consultant, who is also very lucky to be able to travel with Frogfish Photography to dive destinations all over the world. She is a PADI Master Instructor who loves diving, underwater photography and anything to do with marine conservation. Increasingly, I prefer diving cooler waters, and as my love for diving more challenging photographic conditions increases, so has my love for wide angle photography! In the many dives I have done in the last 12 months, I have not put on a macro lens at all! I am secretary of the Northern Underwater Photography Group (NUPG) and a member of BSoUP, and both these groups, along with a very patient husband and teacher - Nick, have inspired me to improve my photography on each dive I do. ˜

"As soon as I pressed the shutter button for this image of a seal, I knew it would be my entry for the BSoUP / Diver competition. Seals appeal the general public and with this young seal looking right at the camera and raising a flipper in a wave, I knew the cute factor would help my cause. The visibility on the day was actually very poor indeed, so me and my buddy stayed shallow and just waited for the seals to come to us. This seal fell is love with my buddy, Tom, so I was lucky that it wanted to come close and stay around for the whole dive. The image was taken off Puffin Island, Anglesey, North Wales."

Caroline won the Calumet Photographic Trophy, a voucher for £100, courtesy of Calumet Photographic plus a year's membership of The Wildlife Trusts and a copy of Paul Naylor's book 'Great British Marine Animals' courtesy of The Wildlife Trusts and an individual glass BSoUP Trophy.


Runner-up in the British category was Christian Van der Nest with a print of a Hermit Crab taken at Selsey Lifeboat Station pier with a Nikon D300 in a Sea&Sea MDX housing. Christian won an individual glass BSoUP Trophy.

Christian Van der Nest
British and Irish Runner-up: Hermit Crab © Christian Van der Nest

Said Christian ˜I have been diving for seven years and am a BSAC Dive Leader and Open Water Instructor. I am the Chairman of Surrey Aquanauts based in Woking. Since I started diving I've always been inspired by underwater photography, but with varying levels of success. I started out with DSLR topside photography about 2 years ago, at which point I quickly got used to the level of control you have over your camera. It was therefore only a matter of time before I converted to underwater DSLR photography, and at the beginning of 2013, got myself kitted out with all the necessary equipment. For my shot of the hermit crab, I was using a Nikon 60mm macro lens and an Inon Z240 strobe. My camera settings were ISO 200, f20 and 1/250. This was actually only my second time out with the camera since I bought it, and the shot displayed at the competition was my very last shot of the day for me before I surfaced. I am now a BSoUP member and hope to meet other members at the London meetings as well as submit many more images for future competitions.


This category was for underwater photographers who had never won a national or international competition.


The winner of the Overseas category was Nicholas More with a print of a turtle and divers taken at Jackson Reef, Egyptian Red Sea taken with an Olympus OMD EM5 Micro 4/3rds camera with 8mm Fisheye lens in Nauticam Housing & F. I. T 4.33" glass dome port and dual Sea&Sea YS-D1 strobes.

Nicholas More
Overseas Winner: Turtle and divers © Nicholas More

Nicholas, from Peckleton, Leicestershire, is a Dental Surgeon. He has been diving since 1998 after a family holiday to the Maldives and has made over 800 dives. He has been taking underwater pics now for approx 3 years but only got really interested after doing a photo live aboard trip last year with Paul Duxfield. He is a new member of BSoUP and travels mainly with other DuxSoUP members. He is also a keen skier and a retired international (Scotland) lacrosse player. He hopes to become much more involved with BSoUP and plan on attending as many meetings as possible form December. 
His shot was taken at the end of a drift dive in January this year. The turtle was very friendly and 'posed' for a number of pictures. The divers were part of our group just about to do their safety stop and were in an ideal position to add interest to the background.

Nicholas won the Cameras Underwater Overseas Print Trophy and a voucher for £250 courtesy of Cameras Underwater and an individual glass BSoUP Trophy.


The runner-up in the Overseas category was Terry Steeley with a print of Sea lions taken in The Inside Passage, Alaska with a Canon 5D Mk II with EF8-15mm f/4L fisheye lens. Terry won an individual glass BSoUP Trophy.

Terry Steeley
Overseas Runner-up: Sealions © Terry Steeley

Since graduating from DeMontfort University in 1992 with an Upper Second BA(hons) Design degree, Terry S has worked energetically within the design and photographic industries both in the UK and overseas.

In 1999, he established Iridius, a full-service design and training company based in Oxfordshire, UK, delivering award-winning creative solutions and bespoke customer focussed training.

A digital imaging expert, Terry has worked alongside Adobe, Apple, Wacom, X-Rite and Hewlett Packard as a presenter at seminars worldwide. He is also the creator of the highly-acclaimed seminars: Capture Edit Print, Creative Suite Essentials, Totally Colour Managed and Photoshop for Photographers.

An active and passionate diver since 1997, it was not until the Spring of 2012 that Terry first took a DSLR camera into the water. Immediately hooked, he describes himself as 'no longer a diver. I am now an observer, and the oceans, rivers and lakes are my studio.' 

His love for underwater photography led him to take a work sabbatical in 2013, choosing to challenge himself to shoot in many different environments to further his knowledge and experience. During this time Terry travelled to the Bahamas, Maldives, Philippines, Egypt, South Africa, Alaska, Thailand and Wakatobi. 

Although his sabbatical is, sadly, not permanent, and mouse, monitor and keyboard must replace fins, mask and camera as his work tools, Terry will continue to take time each year to return to the water and further expand his portfolio and his knowledge of the fascinating underwater world which will always hold new discoveries for him.

Said Terry ˜Over the summer, I travelled to Alaska to trek from Ketchikan to Juneau on the vessel Nautilus Swell. The diving was challenging, visibility often poor and water temperature 4Ëš at best. However, when the elements came together, the opportunities were rewarding. This particular dive saw us mobbed by a gang of playful Steller Sea lions, their curiosity and energy will stay with me forever.

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