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BSoUP / DIVER Annual Print Competition 2013
Organised by the British Society of Underwater Photographers
in association with DIVER Magazine

at the

DIVE SHOW, NEC Birmingham

26-27 October 2013

Results - The Panel's Choice


The annual BSoUP / DIVER Print Competition was held at Dive 2013 at the NEC, Birmingham over the weekend of 26th-27th October. Eighty of the best prints in four categories were mounted for display and judging by the visiting public, with a panel of three judges selecting the overall winner for the Grand Prize of a holiday in Tobago courtesy of Oonastours.

The best of show and winner of the Grand Prize was selected by an independent panel of judges comprising Alex Mustard, Martin Edge and Nigel Eaton.


Belgian underwater photographer Ellen Cuylarts was the overall winner with a stunning image of a tarpon hunting silversides taken in the Cayman Islands with a Nikon D800.

Ellen Cuylaerts
Overall Winner: Tarpon Hunting © Ellen Cuylaerts

Ellen studied history in Antwerp and got her master in modern history and education and relocated from Belgium to the Cayman Islands, Grand Cayman, in 2009. She home schools her 2 gifted teenagers and decided to take up scuba diving in June 2011.  Soon she became a Master Scuba Diver and took up her childhood dream photography and combined it with the wonders of the underwater world.
After diving a few months she signed up for a workshop on the island with renowned underwater photographer and marine biologist Dr. Alex Mustard and decided to use the skills she learned to spread the awareness and contribute to the conservation and preservation of the fragile marine environment.
Her basic concern is the decay of the oceans by pollution, overfishing, the brutal act of shark finning and dolphin and whale slaughtering. By showing to beauty of the underwater world she hopes people will start protecting what they love.

Said Ellen 'Every year tarpons, jacks, groupers, divers and snorkelers await a feast with the return of the silversides in summer. 

The mass movement of the school makes the silversides less vulnerable and their synchronized evasion tactics are a joy to the eye and a photographer's dream.
My picture was shot at Devil's Grotto (Eden Rock). The massive schooling behaviour of the little fishes in the grottoes inspired me to capture the symbiosis of all the elements. If elements don't work together,there is no balance and balance is what we need in life.

Ellen won the Grand Prize of a week in Tobago for one including flights from Gatwick, transfers, 7 nights B&B at Toucan Inn and 5 days diving/10 dives courtesy of OonasDivers and an individual BSoUP glass trophy.


The panel selected Belgian Dennis Vandermeerschs print of a manatee and her child in Florida taken with a Nikon D300, as overall runner-up.

Dennis Vandermeersch
Runner-up: Manatee mother and child © Dennis Vandermeersch

Said Dennis ˜I started diving in 1988 and nobody has been able to keep me out of the water since. I'm a 1* Diving Instructor CMAS/nelos. My interest in photography started under water. My father let me take some pictures with his Motor Marine II, and never got his camera back. After noticing that film rolls were too expensive and too small, I decided to go digital, against the advice of Belgium's top photographers (who all went digital afterwards). A new world opened itself. No more messing with film, no more waiting for results. Digital gave the advantage of quick results but a steep learning curve. ˜

˜I've been to Florida a couple of times now and although the rules for snorkelling with manatees have become very strict, at some hours of the day using a strobe is still allowed. Unfortunately, those are the hours where they dump truckload of tourist in there. Lucky for me I had one day where everything came together: a mother and baby manatee, not too many arm-waving, dust-kicking tourists and within the limited hours. I had been in the water for a few hours that day and decided to take a little rest on the sand to check the pictures I had taken that day. As I lay, breath holding in an empty corner of the spring, a manatee and her calf came looking at that weird creature laying on the sand. They got close, I set my camera and took the shot. Somehow the always sneak up on you. Done with my trusted 10.5 FE Nikon and a couple of sub-strobes (diffused of course, and not to bright, those are the rules). The thing is: it's getting harder every year to take a shot like that. You're basically not allowed to go too close to a manatee yourself. The manatee has to come to you. And that's a good thing. They are more relaxed and willing when they decide what to do in their own environment. but if you're there for a few weeks and stay all'll make friends that come to push against you every morning to say hello.

˜I'm glad the judges liked the shot and as usual I'm very delighted to hear of their great taste in photography (he he, couldn't resist). I'm sorry that I couldn't be there to accept the trophy in person because of my job. Maybe next year? Who knows. I'll be sure to join the competition next year!

Highly commended

The panel awarded Highly Commended to Alex Tattersalls print of ˜Duelling Tom pots taken under Swanage Pier this October using the Olympus OMD-EM5 in a Nauticam housing with the 12-50mm lens in macro mode. The battle went on for half an hour and was quite brutal.

Alex Tatersall
Highly Commended: Duelling blennies © Alex Tattersall

Also Highly Commended was Trevor Rees with a print of ˜Fireworks Anemone and Large-clawed lobster taken in Loch Goil in Scotland with a Nikon D90 in a Sea&Sea housing.

Trevor Rees
Highly Commended: Fireworks anenome and long-clawed lobster © Trevor Rees

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